I brought back Derick Tan, Singapore-based investor, trader, and founder of ‘Timing & You’ Pte Ltd, to share his insights on today’s market situations and opportunities to profit from them. Here are the highlights of our discussions:

– Is the Bear Market here?
– Introducing T&Y’s Relative Risk Index (RRI) to assess risk-reward of US market
– Strategic Asset Allocation for 2019
– Short-Selling and how to perform it safely and profitably
– profit from the biggest wealth transfer since the Great Depression in 1929

    5 replies to "Is the Bear Market Here? Strategic Asset Allocation for 2019"

    • Daniel

      Hi KC/Ian,
      Can you re-upload the complete video “Is the Bear Market Here?…..”? At the moment we only can watch about 15 minutes of the video and then it “hangs” there.

      • KCLau

        Hi Daniel, the 15 minutes is for non-paid-members.
        To get the full replay, video download and notes summary, please consider joining the paid Premium Webinar Membership (PWM)

      • KCLau

        Hi Daniel, we found that you had just paid to join PWM.
        Please check your email for the link to complete your registration so you can login and access the paid content.

    • Zachary Chong

      Hi KC, May I know how to download the video?

      • KCLau

        Zachary, first make sure your status is login
        Then you will see the download link below the video.

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