– The Big Why to Your Purchase of a Piece of Real Estate: Keep or Flip?
– What is Home Staging and How it Benefits You as a Property Investor?
– Killer Tricks to Make Your Properties Desirable to Your Tenants and Buyers.
– Discover Why Tenants will Pay More Money to Buy or Rent Your Properties.
– How to Attract Property Agents to Work Hard to Promote Your Properties?


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    2 replies to "How to Get 20%-100% Higher Rents for Your Property than Your Next-Door Neighbours?"


      Hi KCLau team,

      Good day.
      I have a membership account with this kclau.com webinar. However, I encounter some issue to watch the webinar even though I have login. [I can watch some of the webinars, while some webinars required me to login in order to watch (even though I have already login). Please advise. Thank you so muc(.

      • KCLau

        Thanks for informing the issue. Recently there is an issue with our website cache. However, your account is still good.

        Please follow this procedure to see if your problem is solved:
        1. Login first at: https://KCLau.com/webinar/login (check “remember me”, so you don’t have to login again in the next 30 days)
        2. Visit the page with the training video.
        3. If it is still showing the short video, hit the “refresh” button, or “Control”+”R” button, or “CTRL”+”F5”. See if it works. If not, try step 4.
        4. Open Google Chrome a new Incognito Window, then repeat step 1-3 above.
        Please reply to inform whether it works for you.

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