Gary Chua

Expert: Gary Chua, CEO of SMART Financing
Gary has more than 11 years of banking experience, both in local and international banks. He has creatively turn his extensive knowledge and experience in the banks into SMART financing that has given him an edge in his property investment journey. He regularly contributes his views, comments and insights to property magazines & conventions.
To add more, he shares his winning formula – SMART Financing to help his members master the skills on achieving Financial Freedom via responsible & smart leveraging.

– Is it for interest saving?
– Is it for cashing out to finance a new purchase?
– Is it for debt consolidation?
– What is the cost vs. benefits?
– Common misconceptions on cash out
– Top up loan Vs. Refinancing


    4 replies to "The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing Mortgage"

    • Yap Jin Yie

      very beneficial, learn something new

      • KCLau

        Glad to know that

    • tong Yun xian

      I finally understand what is mortgage refinance. Thanks.
      Is there any video on explaining the effective interest rate?
      I have trouble understand it.

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