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KCLau KCLau, financial educator

– How much capital is required for home hunter?
– What are the recurring expenses you need to cater for after owning a home?
– How much is required for the transaction cost?
– How to determine your specific “affordability”?
– How to calculate how much mortgage you can take up?
– What’s the magic formula to own a home without stress?

KCLau KCLau, financial educator

– Property investors VS. Non-property: Who win?
– Three different types of return calculation: ROA Vs. ROC Vs. ROE
– How many properties you can buy?
– How do you make more money from properties?

Dexter Lim Dexter Lim, Best-selling Author, Property Investor, Director & Founder of Property Fast Track Sdn Bhd

– The three principles of property investment success
– Examples of good property purchases
– Property selection criteria

Hong Tang Hong Tang, retired property investor

- The basic of the property cycle
- Some limitation of the property cycle
- Timing is KEY – Do you know WHEN is the right time to invest
- How 18 Years Property Clock can help you in your investment
- Where are we right now in the property cycle

Ishmael Ho Ishmael Ho, CEO of Ho Chin Soon Research

– Snapshot of the current situation: supply and demand
– Recent major news
– Hot spots and growth area

Chris Tan Chris Tan, legal expert and author

- Homebuyers’ protection over Investor’s protection
- Why Property Management is the Driver?
- How will property developer be affected?
- Will Collective Investment work better?
- Why Strata is the way of life? What kind of life style we will have?

Gary Chua Gary Chua, CEO of SMART Financing

– Is it for interest saving?
– Is it for cashing out to finance a new purchase?
– Is it for debt consolidation?
– What is the cost vs. benefits?
– Common misconceptions on cash out
– Top up loan Vs. Refinancing

Abu Zar Kalam Abu Zar Kalam, Invested in 50 properties at age 28

– What are the banks’ approval criteria?
– How to interpret your CCRIS report
– How to assess your loan-ability and Debt Service Ratio (DSR)
– How to improve your chances to get loan approval
– Strategies to overcome 70% LTV limit

TY Koon TY Koon, Full-time property investor

– Factors to consider in getting a good rental property
– How to attract tenants who will pay you high rental
– How to create more rental space?

Aldrin Tan Aldrin Tan, Veteran property investor

– Quick Facts of Shah Alam
– Development Trend in Shah Alam
– Why invest in Shah Alam
– Basis of a good investment area
– Where is the hot spot in Shah Alam for property investment

Andrew Tan Andrew Tan, founder of Luxury Boutique Accommodation

– How do you start an AirBnB business
– Five lessons I learnt in my first month as AirBnB Host
– 8 Key Important Factors in AirBnB Success


– How to invest some good businesses when they are selling cheap
– Investment Options: invest on your own, unit trusts, managed funds
– The super investors of Graham and Dodd
– How to avoid the pitfalls of investing: rumours, hot tips, hypes and fads
– What is value investing? Does it work? What are the evidences that it works?
– Opportunities in equity investment, at home and in regional markets.

Ian Tai Ian Tai, Founder of

- Discover 5 Simple Tools to Start Looking for Quality Stocks at Bargain Prices
- How Anyone Can Reduce Costly Investment Mistakes by avoiding Overpriced Stocks?
- How to estimate your ROI & Dividend Yield for every RM 1,000 invested in a stock?
- Live Demo (1): How Ian pick bargains from 3 fundamentally solid stocks
- Live Demo (2): How to Estimate Intrinsic Value of a Stock?

Ian Tai Ian Tai, Founder of

– 6 Ratios to Assess the Fundamental Strength of a Bank Stock
– How to Calculate Your Expected ROI & Dividend Yield before Investing in a Bank Stock
– How You Can Buy Bank Stocks at Reasonably Low Prices
– Establishing Your Selling Rules to Protect Your Capital when investing in bank stocks
– How to Measure Your Success in Investing into Bank Stocks.

Alex Lu Alex Lu, Fulltime Remisier and Blogger at NextTrade

- Fundamental Analysis in brief
- Buying UnderValue Stocks
- Buying Stocks with Rising Earnings
- Using Screener
- Tracking Stocks

Ian Tai Ian Tai, Founder of

– 5 Unrevealed Tips to Find Solid Property Stocks from Mediocre Ones.
– Calculate Your ROI and Dividend Yield before Investing in Property Stocks
– Buy Property Stocks @ Reasonably Low Prices
– Sell Property Stocks @ Reasonably High Prices
– How You Can Limit Losses through Portfolio Management

Xeo Lye Xeo Lye, Best-selling author and speaker

– What is an Economic Cycle
– How to recognize which part of the economic cycle your country is in
– How to invest profitably using the economic cycle using stock, property and bond
– China stock market crash: How the economic cycle predicted it.
– Wongamania: Banana Economy: How a board game teaches people about personal finance, economic cycle and predict market crashes.

Wealth Management

KCLau KCLau, financial educator

– How to evaluate the actual interest charged on your car loan?
– How to evaluate the actual return rate of an insurance saving plan?
– How to evaluate various installment plan for credit card purchase?

Linnet Lee Linnet Lee, Linnet Lee, CEO of FPAM

– How to evaluate the actual interest charged on your car loan?
– How to evaluate the actual return rate of an insurance saving plan?
– How to evaluate various installment plan for credit card purchase?

KCLau KCLau, financial educator

– What’s Your Current Investment Return?
– How to Calculate the Return on your Total Net Worth?
– The Power of Compounding Interest on your RONW
– How to Increase Your RONW?
– What Investment Can Achieve the Desired RONW?

Dean Arif Dean Arif, money historian

– Why education on monetary history?
– How did silver first become money?
– The origin of US dollar
– Debasement of US dollar
– The origin of Malaysian Ringgit

Loan, Insurance and Others

Miichael Yeoh Miichael Yeoh, CEO and founder of GM Training Academy

– How can the tightening policy by Bank Negara affects you?
– 3 mistakes most borrowers do.
– Why do banks reject a loan?
– What can you as a borrower do to ensure the banks approve your loan?
– How to choose the right loan package?

Iskandar Ezzahuddin, Iskandar Ezzahuddin,, Country Director of

– How to compare credit cards deals fast and easily
– How to compare personal loan deals safely

Alan Tan Alan Tan, Author

– Japan: 11 days with budget Net RM2,900 cover area Tokyo, Kawaguchi(Mt.Fuji), Takayama, Shirakawa, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka & Nara.(cover 8 main tourist attractions)
– Cost include Hotel, Meal, JR Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass,Willer Bus, Return Flight(AirAsiaX-RM600), DIY Tour etc.
– Is there a need to buy SIM card?
– How to get tourist pass and save a bunch!
– Travel tips you don’t want to miss

KCLau KCLau, financial educator

– What’s a Lifestyle Business that people dream of?
– The Simple Steps to Building a Lifestyle Business from Scratch.
– What are the perfect products to sell?
– What are the tools and capital required to start one?

KCLau KCLau, financial educator

- Five different MUST-HAVE insurance coverage
- Extra coverage that you don’t actually need
- How to determine how much protection you need? (single, married, retired)
- What are the suitable products in the market?