2 weeks ago, we did a Live Webinar Session with Funding Societies, where we’d discussed how P2P lending works where investors (like myself) can earn a much higher interest rates from lending money to local SMEs. But, with that said, this investment does carry some degree of risks as SMEs may default on their loans.

Question – “What if I tell you that … there is a P2P Financing platform that has managed to maintain a track record of 0% financing loss since their inception?”

Answer – Introducing CapBay, a P2P financing platform licenced by Securities Commission (SC) focusing on supply chain finance. They have successfully facilitated over 3,000 transactions worth RM 150 Million since 2016

Here, I have invited Mr. Ang Xing Xian, Co-Founder of CapBay to find out how they have achieved their amazing feat for the last 3-4 years and to discuss the following:

– P2P Supply Chain Financing Products Explained.
– Discover How You Can Invest Alongside with Banks & Institutional Investors.
– Attractive Returns Available for Retail Investors like Ourselves in P2P Lending.
– The Difference between CapBay and other local P2P financing platforms
– How CapBay maintains 0% financial loss up-to-date?

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Financial educator, author and trainer

    16 replies to "CapBay: How to Earn Attractive Returns via P2P Financing on Supply Chain"


      Hi KC,

      Is CapBay investment shariah compliance?

      • KCLau 

        Oh .. I am not sure about this though.
        You can contact CapBay customer support to verify.

      • Akmal 

        The nature of their investments are similar to bonds. I would say with a good level of certainty that its not halal. But you can continue looking for your own answer if you wish

        Yours truly,
        Sad investor who can’t invest in capbay

    • yeoh wai loon 

      Hi KC, i have deposited on Funding Societies but there is no available Investment Opportunities at all is this site still able to earn and profit from ? as i joined PWM yesterday now i saw you were introducing for this CAPBAY may i know which one should i go for this two platform?

      • KCLau 

        Funding Societies’ investment deal normally fully funded through the auto-invest. You will need to set up autoinvest to get on most of the deals.
        Capbay is slightly different – the minimum is RM1000 per investment, which is 10x much higher than the minimum RM100 required in Funding Societies.
        Please watch both training to understand the situation before investing.

    • Rei 

      hi mr kc, where do i find the part that state which company is listed in the sc? I can’t find capbay and wondering if I am looking in the wrong place

    • Perry 

      KC, do you have a referral code for CapBay? Would like to use it tyvm

      • KCLau 

        Hi Perry, thanks for asking. However, we don’t have a referral code for CapBay yet.

    • Pradeep 

      hi KC,
      I saw there is a option to enter the referel code. Do you have any code available?

      • KCLau 

        Too bad that I don’t have a referral code for you.

    • SP 

      where are the rest of the video ? it stopped hanging at 15:08.

      • KCLau 

        The full video are only for paid members. Check out https://kclau.com/webinar/join

    • John 

      is capbay a legal company ?? Is it safe?

      • KCLau 

        Hi John, Capbay is regulated and got the license to operate as a P2P financing platform.

    • Ganesan 

      Want to know more about capbay

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