Ian Tai
Ian Tai

Webinar Date: 6th September 2016
Time: 10.00am – 11.30am
Expert: Ian Tai,Founder of Bursaking.com.my
POPULAR & MPH Bestselling Author of ‘Gold’ & ‘Silver:Updated’

1. Discover 5 Simple Tools to Start Looking for Quality Stocks at Bargain Prices
2. How Anyone Can Reduce Costly Investment Mistakes by avoiding Overpriced Stocks?
3. How to estimate your ROI & Dividend Yield for every RM 1,000 invested in a stock?
4. Live Demo (1): How Ian pick bargains from 3 fundamentally solid stocks
5. Live Demo (2): How to Estimate Intrinsic Value of a Stock?


    6 replies to "How to Buy Good Stocks Cheap? … and sell when they become Expensive"

    • Choon Ling Low

      Can provide the intrinsic value calculation spread sheet? Thx

      • KCLau

        You can contact Ian at BursaKing.com.my website directly to request for that.

    • Lee Cheng Teh

      Hi KC,

      I can’t open the presentation slides, the link is not working. May I know where is the link that you have fixed the problem? Thanks

    • Soon Huei Wong

      Very good webinar for stocks investing beginner 😉

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