The EPF’s 10-Year average dividend yield is 6.1% per annum from 2012 to 2021. Thus, it has offered an avenue for local Malaysians to invest and build their own retirement nest egg for the future.

But, the question is, ‘Is EPF the only way to build your retirement funds?’

In this webinar, we have invited Mr. Ng Ka Hoe, a Licensed Financial Planner and founder of J Advisory, a personal finance academy to share the following:

  • Considerations to Keep or to Withdraw from Your EPF Account
  • How to Calculate Your Retirement Number?
  • Is EPF your only way to Retire?
  • How to Retire 5-10 Years Earlier by Buying G.O.O.D Assets?
  • 5-Step DYN Framework You Can Copy & Paste to Double Your Wealth


Financial educator, author and trainer

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