Doesn’t it suck if you apply for:
– a credit card and you got rejected?
– a car loan and you got rejected?
– a mortgage for your dream house and you got denied?

If you’ve been said ‘No’ by banks in the past, do not worry. Let me bring you some good news.

A majority of your personal situation can be reversed if you know a few useful things about credit application.

In the following training video, we have Justin Leong from RAM Credit Information (Now Experian) teaching us about credit score and what you can do to improve it.

Here are some of the highlights of Justin’s sharing:
– 9 Reasons Why You Should Maintain a Good Credit Score
– How to Interpret Your Credit Report Line-by-Line
– 9 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score
– How to Monitor Your Credit Score Automatically

Sooner or later, financial institutions will be offering different interest rate tiers based on your credit score. For example, in the USA, banks charge a much higher mortgage rate to customers who have a low credit score. The best time to prepare for it is to start now because it takes time and historical information to determine your score.

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Financial educator, author and trainer

    2 replies to "9 Tips to Maintain or Improve Your Credit Score"

    • M Fariz Y 

      Hi KC

      Is the reports from CTOSID similar to JagamyID ? Which one will teach and assist me how to improve my credit score? Today’s date is the 8 June 2021 and i am sure there has been much improvements from these two services since your last webinar above?

      • KCLau 

        I used both, and found they are equally good.
        The reports are slightly different. You can go with the cheaper service if cost is a concern.
        Improving your credit score is not their responsibility.
        But in their report, they will suggest ways to improve your score. Those suggestions are general, not specific though.

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