Xeo Lye, book author
Xeo Lye, book author

Expert: Xeo Lye. A veteran in the Singapore wealth management consultancy industry, Xeo Lye is best known for his speaking stint in Singapore’s national financial literacy program “Moneysense” and a series of financial talk shows with Singapore’s Mediacorp Radio. He is also the co-founder of Capitalgainsgroup.com, responsible for both regionally acclaimed “Capital Gains” and “Rollin Gold” financial games.

– The five element personality test
– The 23 winning habits
– The environment of being a successful investor


More about Xeo Lye

Xeo Lye is the co-founder of Capital Gains, a financial game design company that aims to help people understand the complex world of finance through gaming workshops, board games and mobile applications. In 2007, he designed a popular investment game L.O.R.E (Laws of Relative Economics).  In 2014, Xeo created a new economic card and digital game calledWongamania. Wongamania has been extremely regarded as a revolutionary education tool and has been featured in a reality TV show on Channel News Asia.

Xeo is also a veteran in the Singapore wealth management industry with more than 12 years of experience. He specializes in investment advisory and global macro strategy for high net worth individuals.

Xeo co-authored a best-selling book titled “Keep Investment Stupid and Simple: 5 Elements of Successful Investors”. The book explores the psychology of investors by combining behavioral finance and psychological horoscope, helping the average investors to understand the strength and weakness of each type of investors in a fun and lighthearted manner.

Xeo has been appointed as one of the speakers in the Singapore’s national financial literacy program “Moneysense” and has been invited to speak at events around Singapore and Malaysia. He has also been featured in multiple media such as Channel News Asia, TV 7, Mediacorp Radio FM 95.8, FM 93.8, FM 97.2 and Malaysia’s BFM 89.9, Straits Times, Lian He Zao Bao, MyPaper, AsiaOne, SharesInvestors, Dr Wealth and BigFatPurse.

After a near death experience due to a medical condition during 2010, Xeo has since embarked on a healthier lifestyle (No Alcohol! No Coffee!) and became an avid runner. He has started a health and lifestyle blog, detailing his medical experience and his runs around the world. SG Unfit Runner is a finalist and the winner of top 10 Popular Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards.

Xeo holds a Business Administration Degree from National University of Singapore and is an alumni of Hwa Chong Institution.


Financial educator, author and trainer

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