I’m a big fan of badminton, our national sport.

If you are a fan too, would you agree that our national team has lost its edge at the world stage for years? How did it happen? Why? I believe, the answers to it are many and are debatable. Here, let me recall a match to illustrate just one of the many potential problems faced by our shuttlers.

It is a semi-final match between our top ranked mixed doubles pair with China’s at the Japan Open 2019. Ours were trashed 10-21 and 6-21 to China’s. So, what was the huge difference maker between ours and theirs? Is it their skills, speed, stamina, strength, willpower, coordination, …?

To me, ours had all of the above except for one – The Third-Eye (Coach).

China’s coach has helped theirs to read the game and spot weaknesses of ours. This helped them to execute their game plan perfectly and thus, giving our top pair no chance in playing their usual game. If you have noticed, top world-class sportsmen often have their reliable ‘Third-Eye’ to perfect their game.

Question: ‘What if you have a ‘Third-Eye’ over your financial life?’

Thus, it is my honor to have invited, Ms. Linnet Lee, CEO of FPAM who also has founded SmartFinance.my to advocate a healthier financial lifestyle in Malaysia onto my 1-Hour Live Webinar to talk about having a Third-Eye to help us better manage our finances. We would discuss the following:

– How to Lay a Strong Foundation to Your Financial Future?
– How to Manage Your Cash Flows Efficiently?
– The Benefits of Having Someone to be Accountable in Your Financial Journey
– How to Protect Your Wealth from 5 Major Financial Speed Bumps in Life?
– Live Discussion. FAQs. and many more … etc


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    • Louis Liew

      seems like incomplete upload KC.

      • KCLau

        Hi Louis, after login, reload (refresh or Control + ‘R’) this page to show the full video.

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