Although a WILL is a legal document, but it is not an agreement. We might not necessarily seek a lawyer’s advice on writing a WILL. If we can get a compatible Estate Planner (EP) is more suitable to advice you on WILL writing. It will eventually save you a lot on the WILL writing
fees. Below is a few advantages:

1. Professional advice on estate planning,

EP can advice you on how to plan your will so that you will have the slightest chance to rewrite it again. ( this is already a big saving). I had a client who previously written his WILL withRockwills also. But because the previous will writer is only a “will-writer”, didn’t give proper advice, there are
many situations not solved in the WILL. So he actually rewrite his WILL with me and paid for extra charges. What a waste right?

2. Collaboration with your incentive trust for your child.

EP provide a total planning which will potentially solve all foreseeable problems. A professional EP are capable of using different tools (Trust, WILL, Insurance) as a comprehensive package to help his client for complete solutions.

3. Discount is automatically given

There are many professional EP who indeed give you a big discount already. Why I say so? Because they never charge consultancy fees. Many consultant charge a certain fees (RM1000-5000) just to advice their client on how to plan their estate, WILL and trust. For me, I give my advice for free, and only earn from the commission of the financial product my clients deal with.

4. Team of lawyers vs a normal lawyer (who might not specialised in will writing).
Professional EP help you plan the will and let a team of lawyers from WILL writing firms (such as ROCKWILLS) to draft the WILL for you.
FYI, they are professional legal advisors specialized in will writing and trust deed. It is just like bringing our ill child to a general doctor (cost RM30), vs Paediatrician (cost RM80). Sometimes when the normal doctor can’t diagnose the illness well, we have to spend extra (RM30+RM80) to see
the Paediatrician. Finally we might end up paying more than we should.

Thus, please get tee best professional estate planner to give you advice!


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    • Lee

      What’s the different we engage amanah raya / Rockwill to write our will / trusts?

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