In this article, I will show you three charts consist of cash flow and asset vs. liability. Learn to hack the charts and you will be on your way to the road to riches. These charts are discussed and elaborated insightfully in the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money–That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

First, let’s look at the chart of the mediocre.

Hacking the Charts of the Mediocre

Financial situation:

  • always spend less than they earn
  • save a portion from their pay check every month
  • conservative passive investors who mostly keep their money in the bank
  • buy a house, buy a car, go to work and wait for retirement
  • net worth grow slowly.
  • they are very afraid of debt and try hard to pay it off as soon as possible

Being mediocre is definitely better than being poor.

Hacking the Charts of the Poor

Financial Situation:

  • at first, there is some tiny saving left at the end of the month
  • but they use the little surplus to acquire more debt – buying stuff they can’t afford
  • liability is greater than the amount of asset, resulted in negative net worth
  • excessive amount of liabilities put more load to the overall expenses because they need to pay interest charges – Negative cash flow
  • when they finally got a career promotion with higher income, they use the tiny surplus to acquire more liability — switch to a bigger house, a bigger car etc
  • frugal is a word that doesn’t exist in their dictionary

Hacking the Charts of the Rich

Financial Situation:

  • they are definitely the Millionaire Next Door
  • normally they work hard to increase their income
  • they earn better than the mediocre but still spend like the mediocre.
  • they save a lot from every paycheck which is normally invested, in the area they are familiar of, probably in their own businesses.
  • some ultra rich know how to use the leverage of good debt. They might get into deeper debt, but at the same time the debt is being used to acquire justifiably greater assets. Assets contributes more earning and improve their cash flow chart.
  • financially, they are independent.
  • They are the prodigious Accumulator of Wealth

How do your cash flow and net worth charts look like?


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