Budgeting is never an easy job to do especially at the end of the year. Most people do budgeting at the beginning of a year. But I think that it is even better if you can do it in December to plan budget for next year. By simply doing budgeting, and keep track of all your earnings and expenses just to comply with the budget you set will definitely make you richer from time to time.

In order to help you with simple budgeting or even complex budgeting, here is a list of links to some free excel spreadsheets which is helpful to plan for your personal finance.

ExcelGeek – Monthly Spending Plan

Simple budget spreadsheet at Lifehacker

Free Spreadsheet provided at Office Online

Excel Spending Plan


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    12 replies to "Budgeting Personal Finance: List of Free Excel Spreadsheet that help"

    • Izwan Zakaria

      Which one do you like the best?

      • KCLau

        There is a lot of choice nowadays. I personally use a different system to track – mainly through credit cards.

    • Tarmel

      I use Money Manager Ex, which is free and open source portable software along the lines of Quicken but simpler in execution.

    • Chee Kong

      I use expensr, it’s convenient for me because it online tools. I always move around different pc, so easier to keep track online.

      • KCLau

        @Chee Kong

        I guess mobility is the main reason people use online app.
        Thanks for your input.

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    • LifeOfAbundance

      Judging from the screen shots, looks like a pretty nifty spreadsheet, Brian.

    • shydoc

      I use You Need A Budget (YNAB), its a true budget\cash management system. However, its unlike recording software like MS Money. Found it useful in controlling my expenses.


      Based on four rules
      #1 Stop Living Paycheck to paycheck
      #2 Give Every Dollar a Job
      #3 Prepare for a Rain
      #4 Roll with Punches

    • kclau

      Microsoft Money is definitely a great tool. I love the ability to synchronize with PDA, which offers a lot of convenience.

    • FILAM Finance

      Excel is a very good tool for budgeting. But most people sometimes want to use a ready made softwares like Microsoft Money because they can download information directly from their checking accounts, credit cards statements, etc.

    • kclau

      sometimes I got some emails attachment of excel games and stuff, really amazing. I got a friend who worked out a spreadsheet for feng shui calculation!

    • kuanhoong

      It is true that most people are not aware that there all plenty of good and ready made templates for Excel.

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