Most people won’t be thinking about their death. But once in a blue moon, we somehow worry about the consequences of our premature death. That’s why we have a WILL, especially for those with more assets (or liabilities) or young children.

By writing a WILL, we have stored aside a golden key for our heirs to unlocked our assets in the future. The best benefit of all is the convenience and preservation we hope that a WILL can do for our family, when it needs to.

If you have engaged a professional will-writer to help you to plan your WILL, it is likely that you will receive a yearly reminder and asset inventory booklet. I had shared about the necessity to rewrite a will before. From that article, I got a response from Ina who asked for a template of my personal assets inventory spreadsheet.

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What is the function of a Personal Assets Inventory?

To provide even more convenience to your family.

Unless you think they will enjoy the game of treasures hunting, especially after your death, why don’t we provide them a list or a map that shows exactly where our treasures are located.

What should be included in a Personal Assest Inventory?

EVERYTHING, if possible.

The list should include but not limited to:


Full name:
IC No:
Passport No.:
Signature used in the WILL:
EPF Nominee(s):
Income Tax No.:
Location of important documents:
Location of the WILL:
My professional will-writer:


Safe Deposit Box:
Bank Accounts:
Real Estate Properties:
Insurance policies:
Unit Trusts:
Other Assets:

Email accounts:
Other important info:

Download my template: personal-asset-inventory

If you find this template useful, you can share it with your friends. If you make any changes or modification that makes the template a better one, please send me a copy and I will post it here.


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