I bet that you have an income if you are reading my blog regularly.

Your money comes in regularly as long as you are earning money actively, or investing and getting money passively. That’s called inflow of money.

As many other people on planet earth in this capitalism world, we pay for something regularly in our life. Which one is your priority?

  • Your credit card debt?
  • Your mortgage?
  • Your car loan?
  • Your parents?
  • Your children?
  • Your meal?
  • Your insurance premium?
  • Your astro bill?
  • Your electricity bill?
  • Your phone bill?


The list goes on and on. Most people have a very long list. Mine is one of the longer one too.

But most people omit the most important payee of their entire lives!

The most important payee

Who is the most important payee? You as the payer, who should you pay first?

The answer is you! The future you! The retired you! The old you!

A more healthy list of payees should consist of and not limited the item below, as top priority:

  • Your regular investment
  • Your retirement accounts
  • Your saving accounts

Please by all means, keep as much as 30% of your total income for the future you.


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    7 replies to "The Most Important Payee of Your Entire Life"

    • KCLau

      This is very practical!

    • Esky

      I set up my credit card to automatically direct debt from my bank account of the same bank- less hassles, won't forget to pay on-time and get charged with late payment interest. ;)

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    • Jean

      I paid those with come with heavy interest – credit card. I make sure i paid my credit card in full every month before the due date (just before the due date)..

    • KCLau

      I found that my child is the biggest payee at this moment.

    • Sam

      Agree, as what most personal finance advisers are telling people, pay yourself first from your income.

      Fix My Personal Finance

    • Voyager8

      As a married person, I found my most important payee is my children…

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