The nasi lemak I used to eat on Monday morning now cost RM1.00 (used to be RM0.60).
Starting in July, the part time maid service will cost RM12/hour (used to be RM8/hour).
A full tank of petrol pumped into my Honda Civic costs about RM120 (used to be RM80).

Despite the rise of unavoidable expenses, I am giving away a free book. It is a book based on a 10-year study of 200,000 managers and employees. It shows you how the best managers use recognition to engage their people, retain talent and accelerate performance. You will get this great book written by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton – THE CARROT PRINCIPLE.

The book is still brand new. I bought it from Borders Queensbay Mall, Penang few months ago with RM59.90. I read it once and there are a lot of gems discovered. I love the book and I think you will love it too.

In order to get this book, all you need to do is to write a comment on this post about how the recent fuel hike and inflation affects your life. You can write about:

  • Tips to remedy inflation
  • What you have done to minimize the fuel hike impact?
  • Anything about inflation that affects your everyday life.

Let us hear your story.

The book will be given to one of the participants I choose randomly. Result will be announced on July 20th.


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    29 replies to "How inflation affects your life?"

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    • Ginette

      Hi everyone,

      I think another good tip is to help each other out and save online when we shop. Big Crumbs let's us do that by shopping through Ebay and other retailers and earning cash back. It is a free program. Check it out! Especially beneficial during holidays!

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    • Voyager8

      I am among the lucky one, thanks a lot to my boss who announced a special living allowance to all staff, and a revise in mileage claim rate, a few days right after the recent petrol hike.

      There are 2 ways to remedy the inflation, namely:
      1. save cost
      2. increase revenue

      Sometimes, you can save cost without sacrifying anything. Here is now I did it.

      I applied to a petrol rebate credit card, to get the 2% rebate for petrol consumption, and 0.5% rebate on other consumptions with the card. The platinum credit card is free for life, so I don't need to pay anything for annual fee too.

      Currently, there is a promotion event ongoing with that credit card. I purchased a book in MPH with it, and immediately got RM10 worth of MPH voucher, at the same time got a KFC voucher from Mid-Valley. By now, I think you should able to figure out that is a CIMB Petronas Platinum Mastercard. I have blogged something about free for life platinum credit card recently, please visit to read the article.

      After buying the book, I took my dinner in Secret Recipe, where there is a RM10 set promotion ongoing now. Normal price is about RM16++ to get the same thing.

      Before this, I also applied for an auto-paybill service, which provides a rebate of RM4 per month for my telephone bill and Streamyx bill. I have enjoyed this rebate for about 2 years already.

      So you've learnt from me some ways on how to save cost without sacrifying anything. If KC give me the book, then I also save the cost on the book, without sacrifying anything too. Now, talking about increase revenue.

      To increase some pocket money, I signed up SociakSpark, a social networking community which brings both the bloggers and advertisers into the same place. Then, I made some US$20++ for posting a sponsored article in my blog.

      The book I bought from MPH is for preparation to a professional exam. Once I pass the exam in the near future, I believe I'll be at a better ground for increment and promotion.

      To learn more from me, feel free to visit my blog. I have shared my experience to save fuel and save electricity bill legally with some inexpensive gadgets. I have shared about great software which are free to use. I have shared about value-for-money products that I've bought and use. I have shared about latest promotion events in town. And many more… which consist the idea on how you can save cost but without sacrifying anything.

      To be honest, your visits there might help me to gain a few cents from Google and Advertlet. That is a win-win condition, as you won't lose anything, and able to learn something from me, at the same time helping me to gain some revenue.

      Thank you.

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    • nk

      I have tried all the cost cutting methods and it really help.
      But no matter how hard we cut, there will be a limit on the amount you can save, unless you donot eat/wear/travel which I donot think is possible nowadays.

      Instead of focus on the cost cutting, I am looking at other other area like improve my productivy, increase personal market value and knowledge. I believe all this self upgrade will become very useful when opportunities arrived.

      How to achieve that?
      Well.. The simple way is reading more books, documents.. NO neccessary you have to buy the book, you can borrow from friends or library. How about the Internet? full of resources. The beauty is it is FOC. :)
      Some good books to recommned are :-
      – The Four Agreements
      – Secret
      – Secret of the Millionaire Mind

      Learn from boss, mentor, friends, rich people .. how they success in biz and life? There must be something unique about them that make them ahead from us.
      Show them what you can do so when there is an opportunies, they may seek yr advice which may come with some tangible reward.

      Last but not least, think positively.

      Thks and good luck.

    • Livingalmostlarge

      My DH goes part-time at night to get an MBA. When he started two years ago the cost per credit was $1030/credit. So one class was $4k. Now the cost per credit is $1230/credit. So the price per credit has icreased about 20% in 2 years.

    • KCLau

      That's bad. I think we really need good economy to cope rising crime rate.

    • JC

      All the inflation and price hike is causing crime rates to increase too. Two weeks back a Honda CRV (less than a year old) was stolen from my house. The car was parked inside a locked gate. I hope to highlight this to other owners of such car to be careful. There is a syndicate going after these cars because the police told me on the same day itself, 3 other Honda CRVs were stolen from neighbouring areas in Kelana Jaya.

    • Muhammad Ooi

      Yes, im with Prudential. Sg Petani branch.

    • KCLau

      are you doing sales too?

    • KCLau

      SG, thanks for the insight!

    • SG

      Contrary to what people tend believe, only central banks create inflation.

      The classical economics definition of inflation is ' increase in the total stock of money'. Since we're using paper money and not gold and silver (like a century ago), there will always be inflation if there is more paper money being created. Actually, economic growth causes prices to FALL.

      So, what we are seeing is 'rising prices'. Rising prices are caused by inflation from the central banks. This distinction has to be made, because when central banks create money, this money doesn't only cause prices of goods to increase.

      During the 90's, this inflation pumped up the stock market–no one was complaining…In the housing bubble, it caused house prices to rise–again, if my house is worth more I don't complain.

      With the stock market and real estate becoming less attractive, money flows and pumps up commodities (like food and oil). Now, this impacts everyone, and of course people are complaining.

      How to solve inflation? Simple, reduce the money in circulation. In the early 80's Paul Volker raised the Fed funds rate to over 20%. The high interest rate took out the supply of dollars and placed in savings. Inflation dropped from 14% down to 1%. This caused a huge recession, but was necessary.

      The inflation was bad then because the earlier 70s fed was too loose with money supply, and to solve it they needed the huge interest rate. The needed to do that then to finance the Vietnam war, and I think what is happening is similar (Iraq war).

    • Muhammad Ooi

      Inflation is unavoidable. It is an ongoing progress. The diferrence is how we face this situation. How well we equip ourself with the right mindset to take it as a challenge.

      We have been asked to cut down our cost, and change our life style.

      For me, the most important is to change our mindset, the way we thinking.

      As a example, a worker with RM 3,000 salary. Maybe, after all the expenses..he can save RM 300. But after the fuel hike, im sure it is very hard to maintain the same amount of saving.

      – If we just change our 'lifestyle' by cutting down cost on travel, electricity,entertainment….for me this solution will useful for a temporary period.
      – As time going, foods and many stuff price will raised. and we will end up with deficit.

      Tips to remedy inflation

      Idea :

      – start from now, we must prepare ourself to venture into small business / part time career. Add another stream of income which can be accumulate on regular basis. ( i mean, if we stop to do the business for a short period, such as several month, the income is still coming )

      – By tomorrow, start bring your drinking water when go for lunch, any meals. If we bring our own drinking, a day we can save about RM 3 ( 2 kali minum ), a month later, we can save about RM 90..then put the money into our investment-linked policy ( saving portion only ). the snow ball effect will taking place…saving for retirement.

      What you have done to minimize the fuel hike impact?

      – for me, just do more sales. eat healthy, replace our daily teh tarik, milo ais with air kosong sendiri..

      – plan my journey properly, plan to combine several appointment in same day.

      – i produce my own product, sell it for RM 10 each. Just use the profits to cover my fuel and working hours meals cost. No need deduct the travel cost from my main income.

      Anything about inflation that affects your everyday life.

      – i used to fill full tank 36 liter..about RM 70 now RM 97

      – i will take this fuel hike as a lesson for myself. and use it as a good example to educate my propect the effect of inflation. everyone effected.

      Ok. thanks .


      How inflation affects your life? | Personal Finance Money Tips…

      An article on how inflation can affect your life. Also, a free giveaway: a book based on a 10-year study of 200,000 managers and employees. It shows you how the best managers use recognition to engage their people, retain talent and accelerate performa…

    • KCLau

      wow .. life is a lot tougher at Kota Kinabalu.

    • Vincent Lee

      With the boom of inflation and every item price is increased, those low income earners are really in doubt. Fyi, rice in Sabah has hike about 100% (RM48 per 10kgs) without pity from government, petrol hiked RM0.799 instead of RM0.78 compare to West M'sia, raw pork and chicken prices are hiked dramatically, restaurant can adjust the coffee price at their own, a milo ping can cost me up to RM2.50 in one of the non-aircon coffee shop in KK, the pay in Sabah is also a lot lower here. The low income earners in Sabah are struggling seriously, until SAPP party and Yong Teck Li came out to say something.

      To fight the inflation and expensive petrol price, apart from earning more and investment, the easiest alternative and 0% risk is to save. I do savings regularly, but apparently we need to save efficiently instead of save what we able to. After I did thorough study and experienced them, I have written 3 posts on my blog to counter the expensive petrol price,… and how to cut down our electricity bill,… a well as how to save on your existing bills,…. I hope it is useful for all Malaysians especially those are heavy spending in petrol and electricity.

      After the petrol price has significant hiked on early of last month, I starting to bring breakfast & lunch box to work, cut down tea time during office hours, going office/home late to avoid traffic jam, have dinner at home instead of enjoy outside, reduce suppers before sleep, going out for drinking session only at Friday or weekend evening, settle bills and entertainment online, text/voice chat with friends via messenger instead of call, record my daily expenses so I can keep track my daily spending.

      To further minimize the impact of the inflation, I also do start blogging for side income, do some part time PC servicing/support for friends & relatives, invest into unit trusts, and open fixed deposit account for temporary money.

    • KCLau

      I really hope to see more of your participation in this blog. More brains are certainly better than one.

    • lousai

      First of all even before Fuel hike etc, as an ordinary person depending on single source of wage, i 've started with expenses/income sheet tracking since year 2005. I found it not only tell how much your earn( most ppl do) and how much you spend your hard earn $$ to.

      As a result, i can do projectionon how much i need to save p.m for a particular event like holiday, getting a new gadet etc.

      So, i would say do not blame on the environment but looking at what we can do at our end, then you will be able to get out of a lot of unnecessary financial trouble(CC). KCLAU for helding up this sites. It really open up our eyes, i like the topic on Rules 72.

    • Jimmy

      The mother of all causes for the petrol price increase =

    • KCLau

      I am trying to cut down my electricity bill too. It used to be RM250++/month. I hope to maintain that after the new tariff starting on July.

    • KCLau

      My home town is Sungai Petani too. The food there are still very cheap.

    • angeline

      My husband and i have cut down on aircond usage. I try to save on food by going for cheaper food.

      I think the best thing i have done so far is changing my job to a higher paying one, and where the employer pays for my petrol (as it is quite a distance). The boss must have regretted it now as the fuel hike announcement was made after that LOL

    • Kenny Lau

      Truly speaking, I feel very lucky cuz my mom is taking care of my two little monster boys. And, I am living in northern- Sungai Petani. Nasi lemak still 60 cents. If you would like to order a large bowl noodle as your breakfast, it will cost you 2.5- 3.0 ringgit. My expenditure for meals (with my wife) in a month cost me 600-650. We are taking dinner at home… my mom is cooking for us…

      Thus, I felt I am a lucky guy actually at this moment… Travel to factory plus other journeys for lunch and return to home not more than 30 kms. I am now car pooling with my wife cuz her working place also not far from my office.

      This has proven a chinese phrase “An old folk is equal to treasure”. Anyway, we should learn how to save- changing the frosent light to energy saving light. On the air conditioner only until 4-5 in the morning, if you feel warm; just buy a fan will cost you only 100 ringgit. But you could save more than 500 ringgit a year..

      Use internet banking for your credit card payment as well as other utilities like electric bill and water bill. Change your vehicle spark plug to a better one like platinum and use a good grade engine oil..

      Crude oil price shooted sky high is a fact now… My friend is asking me to change of my spectra, cuz they said this car is a oil sucker. But, when I am calculated my monthly usage and told them ” I could not save 50k ringgit in ten years if I trade in my car and get a CVVT or VVTI vehicle like Vios and Civic. Some people even tell me just ride a motorcycle to work. I have thought it before, but will it be too risky if you fall down and lose your capabiltiy of work. If your cars is accident, at least your are safer than motor bike.

      There are many ways to save our money.. do not calculate is daily. Just take a calculator and multiply it by 365 days, you will see the different..

      I hope my comment would not annoying anyone of you….

    • KCLau

      I believe inflation is a ongoing process. But the recent fuel hike somehow make it very drastic at this moment.

    • Jimmy

      Truly speaking, has inflation actually started? Perhaps just a prelude?

    • Sam

      I used to keep my car engine running when I wait for my wife to pick up some medicine at the pharmacy. Normally it takes about 5-15 mins.

      Now, I turn off the engine whenever I need to wait for more than a minute.

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