Starting this year, I run a Facebook advertising campaign that gives the best return ever, compared to all the previous marketing I did in the past. It is closely related to how we perceive “VALUE”.

I have been giving away my money tips digital book for free, for many years. I updated the ebook multiple times. We ran many different types of digital campaign, with different pictures, testing different videos, various headlines, numerous buttons of call-to-action, etc.

Sometimes my ads attract some keyboard warriors who keep posting nasty comments like “liar”, “scam”, “fake”, “joker”, etc. Obviously, these people didn’t read my ebooks. I don’t blame them because when something is advertised as “FREE”, I would be sceptical too.

Three Types of People who See “Value” differently

Generally, there are three types of people who look at “VALUE” differently. Therefore, there are always mixed responses to my campaign. The first type doesn’t take productive action. They don’t understand the meaning of “value”. And to push up their self-esteem, they post negative comments on my ads so when others “like” their comment, they get the satisfaction. If I respond to their negative comment, I would have just sent them to “heaven” because that’s what they demand — attention!

The second group of people is what I am targeting. They remain doubtful. But since there is nothing to lose, they download the ebook and give it a try. If someone spends the time to read my books, I know that they will undoubtedly find value in it. Ultimately, they will get even more value by attending my webinars, and the online classes, and will even pay a premium for the convenience of learning easily through the platform I put up online. They could be my lifelong customers.

The purpose of my marketing budget spending is to convert as many as possible the people in the second group. So I was thinking how could I get more people to read the ebook as a head start? Finally, we came up with the campaign that we executed since 1st Jan 2019.

It is just a little tweak of all the previous campaign we ran – adding a guarantee of paying RM5. If you download my ebook, read it for 15 minutes and find no value in it, you can send me an email to request for RM5. I would pay you cash for your trouble of spending 15 minutes reading. So there is no way for you to lose. (Find the guarantee here:

How many people ask for the RM5?

So far after running the campaign for two months and thousands of downloads, there is NONE! Yet.

This helps me realised how important it is to provide VALUE in what we do, whether you are employed in a big organisation or an entrepreneur. The value we provide will correlate closely to the pay we can demand.

Strive to be the 3rd kind!

Mentioned above are two groups of people. The first group are those who don’t see the value and keep complaining about their job, their lives, their unjust boss, their poor parents, the corrupted government, etc. All faults are on others. The second group are those who sit on the fence, and with some guidance, they will achieve something. What about the third group? These are the people with an entrepreneurial mindset. They know how to add tremendous value to others.

To quote an example, I have a friend who understands the more value you create, the more valuable you become. He volunteered to contribute to my business mission – writing for my blog, hosting webinars, connecting experts to our platform. In return, I give him free advice, business coaching and eventually he is one of my business partners. For the past 3 years, he 10x his income! I guess you know who he is… because his name keeps popping up on my site 🙂

When you can do something other cannot do, or don’t know how to do it, or are unwilling to do it by themselves, that is called VALUE.

When that happens, money changes hands!

Want a raise? Bet on yourself, increase the value you create!


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    7 replies to "Value Creation is Wealth Creation"

    • pt tan

      entrepreneurial mindset … feel so much responsibility,

    • Ee Leen Yong

      I enjoy reading your blog;)

      • KCLau

        Thanks for letting me know!


      I agree ,i have done numerous free offers with my business to the value of r800 and the response was absolutely dissapointing . I think advertising on the socal media is a waste and we need to target specific groups .TO FIND WHERE IS THE CHALLENGE

      • KCLau

        It is always a challenge to accomplish something worth talking about. If not, everyone will be successful.

    • Ian Brown

      I know how to add value to your work.

      I can edit your written language so that you are seen to be fluent in English, something that will help you to promote yourself as educated, proficient and professional. Less than perfect English can lead to hilarious (and dangerous) misunderstandings; I know because I have lived in Hong Kong for the past 29 years.

      Or maybe your particular use of English is intentional as it promotes you as Malaysian, human and personal.

      I have offered you this service before; you took up the offer, said ‘Thank you’ and nothing further ever happened. Although you said you would pass my contact details to others, three of whom contacted me to help them edit their theses. In return I offered them a trial run and a quote for the complete job.

      I never heard back from any of them. Maybe I should have made them a RM5 introductory offer!

      My conclusion has to be that there is no value in the writing of correct English.

      • KCLau

        Hi Ian, I really appreciate the value you created for me, with the editing of my ebook. It has been downloaded thousands of times and your name and contact is in there. I think it will be in there for many years to come. You had created a marketing funnel for your service, which has no ongoing cost from your end.
        Now you just need to convert the leads you get to become your paying customers.

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