Time management is undeniably one of the major challenges on your way to success. Time is non-renewable. You either make use of it, or you lose it forever. Time is much more than money.

Recently I attended a leadership training, which touches a bit about time management skill. Here is the A to Z of time management I learnt from the course:

Assign specific tasks to specific days

Break large tasks into small pieces and complete one piece at a time

Challenge your deadlines

Delegate as much as possible

Evaluate your time use on a regular basis

Form letters or paragraphs can help you streamline your paperwork

Get to the office an hour earlier

Handle each piece of paper only once

Invest an hour and a few dollars to prevent the hassle that occurs when you lose essential items

Jot down ideas and work you want to accomplish on a handy note pad

Keep a file of reading material for snack time, lunch breaks or waiting time

Leisure time is important and should be planned into your schedule

Meetings and memos are two of the greatest time waster of all

No” is probably the most effective word in managing your time

Obtain all necessary information and material from others before you begin a project

Prepare a contingency plan when things don’t work out

Quietness and privacy are required for certain projects

Refuse to take work home

Set specific goals

Travel less

Unclear instructions force you to repeat and elaborate

Take vacation intelligently

Worrying won’t help and it tends to get in the way of positive action

Xerox other people’s successful plans and use them as model

Your most important tasks should be taken care of first

Zero in your own personal time wasters and determine how you can make some changes

Are you practicing any of the above? Please share with us your biggest time waster and how you overcome it in the comment section.


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    • Richard

      Hi there KC,

      Well written~ and good read!

      been following your blog for quite a while


      P/s : Am a big fan on personal finance.

    • Martin Haworth


      Not saying ‘Yes’ enough, to the help that’s offered; to the people who thanked me for what I did for them; and to those folks who offered to listen when it would have helped…


      Martin Haworth

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