I am doing a research on internet business recently. So I purchased 3 books about making money from the internet world from a local publisher – Millionaires Planet. I read them all within a few weeks. Those books are:

1. The Neatest Little Guide to MAKING MONEY ONLINE by Jason Kelly, 2006

2. Secrets of Internet Millionaires Revealed by Irfan Khairi, Jan 2006

3. Killer Internet Cashflow Strategies by Eugene Yeng, June 2006

3 internet books covers

I will do a short review about these books and you can decide which book is suitable for you incase you are thinking of getting one of them. Eugene Yeng and Irfan Khairi are Malaysian authors, who claim that they had made million ringgits through their several internet businesses. While Jason Kelly currently lives in Sano, Japan, northwest of Tokyo.

These books cover all these topics:

1. The advantages and benefits of having internet businesses

2. Making money from affiliate programs

3. Selling own products through website, online store and auction sites.

4. Online marketing or internet marketing

5. Domain and hosting

I can say that the contents are about the same. If you want to know which book I prefer, I like Jason Kelly’s book the most. Here are the reasons:

1. Jason is generous when pouring his ideas and information. He prepared a directory of websites recommended in his book at the appendix. He personally recommends some useful and informative websites for our references. He even clearly points out why those websites worth a visit. This information alone had saved me a lot of time in my internet business research.

2. Jason’s writing style is more mature compared to the other 2 writers. He explains most of his internet strategies in details. His book covers more technical knowledge.

3. Jason seldom lures his reader to visit his websites compared to the other 2 local writers. Irfan and Eugene ask the readers to refer to their personal business websites for further information many times. They do that almost in the entire book. This is a good marketing tactic but sometimes doing it too much will have the negative impression of over selling. At least this is how I felt. If I am trying to write a great book, I would give away all my information to you in the book. I won’t reserve some information somewhere in the internet and ask you to look for it there. What annoys me is there is nothing much when I visited their sites. It is very disappointing actually.

If you are new to the internet businesses world, I would recommend that you read Irfan’s and Eugene’s book before Jason’s. The former are most written in layman terms and easy to understand. But they only cover the surface. In order to have more in dept explanation and know-how, I would recommend Jason Kelly’s The Neatest Little Guide to MAKING MONEY ONLINE

Buy the book at Amazon.

For Malaysian, you can order these books online here.


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