Last August, I wrote about Life Engineering and its mission to keep medical cost affordable to all of us through the power of crowd sharing. Personally, I believe the idea is noble and thus, have invited Gim, its co-founder and CEO on my 1-hour Live Webinar to share the concept of crowd sharing of medical bills to my audiences.

However, as much as I am for this cause, I had some doubts on whether Life Engineering would turn out to be a success in the future. After all, it is a new idea, a new concept, and a new brand to Malaysians. Nevertheless, as many of you may have recalled, I sponsored my son as a Sharer during the webinar walkthrough (shall elaborate more later). As I write, I also continue to make regular payments for medical insurance and observe this program further. Some of my followers have joined after my webinar.


Fortunately, there is a Breakthrough …

Life Engineering, founded by a team of kind-hearted visionaries, had realized their dream. They helped Rajini, one of its contributors known as ‘sharers’ to pay off her medical bills totaling RM 11,432.95 in February 2018, some seven or eight months after my Live Webinar with them. Thus, here’s her story:

Who’s Rajini?

Rajini, aged 25, is a receptionist working in a hospital. Last September, Rajini was first introduced to Life Engineering when she has visited its booth which was set up in the hospital that she is working in. Rajini simply believed in the concept, signed up as a ‘Sharer’, and had made a contribution of RM 100 into her Sharing Deposit (SD) account, which is administered by a trustee.

Since then, her SD account stayed flat at RM 100 as there were absolutely no medical bills to be shared. That is until …


An Unusual ‘Stomach Ache’  

On 21 February 2018, Rajini felt a sharp pain in her stomach and was rushed promptly to the hospital: Taman Desa Medical Centre (TDMC). It was when the medical team found her to have ovarian cysts. Therefore, the doctors had suggested her to have an ovarian cysts removal operation immediately. Rajini was admitted into the hospital on the same day itself. Now, before I move on, here are two interesting things that you need to know about Rajini:


  1. She has no medical insurance policy.
  2. She does not have sufficient money to pay for her medical bills.


Then, How did Rajini get herself admitted into TDMC?

Fortunately, she brought her smartphone.

Rajini explained to the staff at TDMC that she is a sharer of Life Engineering and had substantiated her identity with the Life Engineering app which is on her smartphone. The hospital staff contacted EMAS to verify Rajini’s identity and submitted her
Ultrasound Report for medical evaluation.


EMAS (Eximius Medical Administration Solutions Sdn Bhd) is an established Malaysian company that provides a comprehensive medical administration solutions and auditing of medical bills. It is administered by a team of experienced senior healthcare professionals. Presently, EMAS handles the entire hospitalization administration, bills evaluation, and verification processes for Life Engineering.

Soon after, EMAS has issued Rajini’s Guarantee Letter and has approved her admission into TDMC. Thankfully, Rajini’s operation is a successful one and she was given proper medical treatment for two days until 23 February 2018, the day when she was healthily discharged from TDMC.

Rajini’s total medical bills amounted as much as RM 11,432.95.


So, Who Settled Rajini’s Medical Bills?

On 23 February 2018, Life Engineering paid the full amount of RM 11,432.95. Rajini walked free as her medical bills were settled.

Subsequently, Life Engineering had submitted the relevant documents which include Rajini’s medical reports and TDMC’s invoice to Ong and Manecksha Law Firm (O&M), the trustee of SD accounts of all Life Engineering sharers.

As of 24 March 2018, there were as much as 206 Life Engineering sharers. 181 of them are non-smokers and thus, have capped their amount of sharing to a maximum of RM 50 a month. The remaining 25 sharers are smokers. Hence, their maximum amount of sharing are higher at RM 60 a month. As such, for March 2018, the amount that was released back to Life Engineering from the SD accounts of all Life Engineering sharers is calculated as followed:

Non-Smokers: RM 50 x 181 sharers = RM 9,050.00

Smokers: RM 60 x 25 sharers = RM 1,500.00

Total Reimbursements (March 2018) = RM 10,550.00


What about the Remaining RM 882.95?

Still, there is a balance of RM 882.95 which is to be reimbursed back to Life Engineering. The sum has been carried forward to the Month of April 2018 where it would be released from the SD accounts of all sharers. The balance to be deducted from each sharer is just below RM 5 per sharer. No big deal!

More than a Hundredfold Return

In summary, Rajini shared RM 53.59 as a sharer of Life Engineering. But, she received medical treatment billed as much as RM 11,432.95. Definitely, it is a sum beyond 100 times return on ‘her investment’ or… should I say, her act of kindness and willingness to participate in this cause.

To-date, Rajini is the first patient in Malaysia whose medical bills were paid effectively through crowd sharing. She is now a living testimony of how this noble initiative can work in our country. Here’s her testimonial:


Is Life Engineering a Substitute to Medical Insurance?

Nope, it is not.

First, Life Engineering is a platform where like-minded generous individuals are pooled together to share medical costs whenever these bills are incurred. It is more about contributing and making a difference in other people’s lives instead of focusing on your benefits as an individual or ‘What’s In It For Me?’.

Whereas, getting yourself a medical insurance policy is about having a peace of mind that your medical expenses are sufficiently covered by the insurer. It gives you an option to receive decent or the best-in-class medical treatments available without worrying about the costs attached to them.

I wrote 5 key differences between Life Engineering and a Medical Insurance Policy. You may read about it here.


I Sponsored My Son to be a Sharer

Personally, I am interested to join but… it’s available to individuals whose age is between 8 – 40. I am just slightly ‘over-aged’ for this one. But, it did not kill my charitable spirit. Fortunately, I am able to participate this programme via my son. In this case, my son is the ‘sharer’ and I would be his ‘sponsor’ where I will pay for the crowd shared medical bills to be incurred in the future.

My son would be entitled to the benefits of a sharer with Life Engineering as summarized below:


– Have Your Medical Bills Capped at RM 50 a month (Non-Smokers)

– Access to 200+ Panel Hospitals Nationwide

1st Year – RM 1 million in Crowd Shared Medical Bills (+ RM 200,000 for each subsequent year)

– Professional Second Opinion Services from EMAS

A Minimum of RM 5,000 in Bereavement Payments (+ RM 1,000 for each subsequent year)


The full details of its benefits are stated in this link.


I won’t be entitled to them as a sponsor. But, it is okay as I am in for a great cause. If you wish to participate directly, you may join via its website or you may download the Life Engineering App and Register:


– Website Registration –

– Android User –

– iOS User –


If you wish to find out more before participating, you may check out details at:

You can use the coupon code ‘KCLAU’ when you sign up as a sharer.
You will get a lifetime waiver of annual participation fee worth RM 100 a year.

– Office Website: Life Engineering

– FAQ: Questions on Life Engineering




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    • Jessica

      I think this is a very good program but you should have one for those 40 and above as some of them really can’t afford medical care.

    • Jasemine Tang

      Hi KC Lau,

      This article is very meaningful and helpful.
      I have helped out a friend and signed up as a sharer by using your promo code
      since he doesn’t have any medical card for himself and the insurance premium is high for age 40 (end of August 2018).
      Of course he is eligible healthy without any medical/ hospitalization record.
      Thank you for spreading hope for humanity.
      Love your articles.

      • KCLau

        Great to know that… I wish to make this program a sustainable one, so more people can benefit.

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