Public Relationships Manager from Lazada – online shopping site – Anna Nishaburi shared about the opportunity to make extra income by referring customer to one of the largest online shopping sites in Malaysia – Watch the video below:

Anna said:
Joining our affiliate program is a great way to earn money by working with us. It’s a great opportunity to be part of a big and expanding network. Right now, we have five thousand people on board our affiliate program.

Let’s get straight down to business. What’s in it for you? If you are a website owner, or a blog owner, or a shop owner, or anything, any platform – you can’t do this on Facebook, unfortunately – that you have the ownership over the ad space, you have the choice of putting up Lazada’s ad banners and earn money from them.

What happens is you earn commissions on sales through the Lazada Affiliate Program. There are no sign up fees, and the best part is you get training and support. So, you sign up and you have full accessibility over your account. You can view the amount of money you’re making every day with the payments coming in to your account after thirty days.

The best part of the program is we understand how advertising works. For example, if I’m a shopper and I see a Lazada ad, I might click on it, I might browse Lazada, but I might not buy anything because I don’t need a blender or a face cream right now.

In two weeks, though, I decide that I need a blender or I need to top up my face cream. I would then go back to Lazada and make a purchase. What happens is that since I’ve already clicked the banner on your website, the cookies will keep following me that when I make a transaction two weeks later, you are still going to earn a commission from it.

I run my mom’s blog, so I’m a blogger myself. So, what’s interesting for me, as a blogger, is that it motivates me to make my blog more popular because not only is my blog getting more readership, but I now also have the chance to earn an income from it. I find that a lot more instant and motivational for me to grow for myself.

You have to options in setting up for the affiliate program. The program works like this: You sign up for free, choose a rich, eye-catching creative from our online platform, and upload the link, and link them to Lazada.

If you want to increase your income, but you don’t want to just have an ad, you can write a blog post and put up the affiliate code. If people read it, and click on it, and eventually make a purchase, you’re still making money. If you’re the creative kind of person, but you’ve never written about online shopping or anything about Lazada, banners would be a great choice for you as most people find banners easy. So, it’s quite flexible as it can be done through content or through banners.

For Premium Webinar Members, you can watch the full session here:



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      Forget it just got my wife to test out buying an item from my link, got number of clicks shown but no sales recorded. Emailed support but no reply. Scam.

    • Vanessa ranara

      I want to sell your products and earn commission

    • CL

      Hi KC,

      Do you have Lazada referral link ?


    • Abdul Razak

      Hey kc lau. what happen if i promote mannequin on lazada, but my readers who click my link buy a laptop. Do I get any commission? Thanks for your reply.

      • KCLau

        Not sure. Have to ask Lazada.

    • eliada fornillos

      Being affiliate member..there’ll have a personalized tracking link and connecting authomatically in my lazada App. Could i use it and to make a sell directly to my customers?

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