Malaysian can start claiming fuel subsidy at Post Office on 14th of June, 2008.

Wait a minute, it is only for road tax renewed between 1st of April until 31st of May, 2008. Those who renewed their LKM (Lesen Kenderaan Malaysia) in June will have to wait until July.

Where to claim?: Any Post Office (Pejabat Pos)

Who can claim?: Only the car owner. You must show up!

Cheque or cash?: CASH! I hope they will stock enough cash there.

What is the document needed?: Original Identity Card (IC) and your thumb.

How is the process?: You fill up an application form. The info will be verified with data recorded at JPJ. Once verification is completed, you will get the cash rebate.

How much can I get?: RM625 for car <2000cc, and jeep/truck <2500cc. RM150 for motorcycle <250cc. It looks like it is a one-off subsidy. You might not get the rebate next year.

How many times can I claim?: Only for 5 vehicles under your name. Can be any combination of motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Further inquiry?: Please contact Post Office Customer Service Hotline: 1300 300 300

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Petrol Subsidy Claim procedure


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    10 replies to "How to Claim Fuel Subsidy at Post Office"

    • Tong NK

      Fuel Subsidy
      I own a 1996 Proton Wira 1.5GL.In Oct 2008, I installed NGV kit in my car.When I went to post office to claim the fuel subsidy on 23.01.2009,i was shocked when the post office staff told me my car is not entitled to the subsidy as the JPJ record indicated the car is using NGV.Can u advise whether I can appeal and get the subsidy.

      • KCLau

        @Tong NK

        I never realize that NGV vehicle can’t claim the rebate. What do you plan to do?
        It seems to me that the only way is to appeal to the government. You can tell them your situation. You just installed the NGV kit not long ago, that’s after the rebate being announced.

    • Philip

      hi.. i just registered my car January 2009. Can i rebate too?


      • KCLau


        I don’t think new car is entitled. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Vincent Lee

      I believe the rebate system at Post Office must be poor and full of people queuing in the 1st few weeks.

    • michelle

      hi… for some info.. what if i just register my car on May? Can i rebate too?

      • KCLau

        Yes. You can claim the subsidy starting from 14th June

    • fathersez

      This is very useful news. What about cars registered under a company’s name? Do they also get the rebates?


      • KCLau

        @ Fathersez,

        I don’t know about vehicles registered under a company’s name. I guess it won’t be qualified for subsidy because the aid is for the citizens, not the businesses.

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