This is a guest-post by Sayeed, a senior manager in a large MNC in Penang. He wrote an earlier blog titled From Credit Card Debt to Owning 6 Houses. His philosophy in life is sharing and learning, “the more you share, the more you learn”. Following his association with the world of investments focused in the past 5 years, both Sayeed and his wife are confidently leading to a financial successful lifestyle, his wife retired as an employee and today runs her own business, blessed with 2 kids, this couple have learnt through tough times about their financial literacy. Sayeed is currently focused in accumulating wealth and dreams of becoming a future speaker, author, trainer and coach to help others achieve financial success.

Have we come across people who have unfinished business in their personal lives and / or uncompleted a goal or target that they were working on? Every time, we encounter people and even ourselves, have been in situation where we set a goal but left it uncompleted. I have met people working on their business later called off, people working on career goals later gave up and the most famous people working on diet later forgot about it totally.

The biggest motivation factor that brings this to happen is due to not getting effective results or bored with the system. Well, many books like Normal Vincent Peale’s Think and Grow Rich, David J Schwartz’s Magic of Thinking Big, and even Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits..talks about the most important factor that is required to make things happen, begin with end in mind !!

Well here are some pointers on make a success in a goal setting process:

1. Begin with end in mind.

Knowing what do we want, where do we want to go. I will call this final destination stop with a imaginary word “DREAM”. We need to have a dream. All of us have dreams, we want to be someone, achieve, own, gain, nourish and make it in the real world.

When we were kids, we were open to these discussions and without hesitant we would pronounce of what we wanted, but as we grow old, the reality sunk in, we have more “NO” being told and we settle for the mediocrity.

So it is the time to relive our dreams, it is never too late to achieve dreams. If you have not, then you should watch The Secret Movie, it talks about how people in today’s world have achieve their dreams, and it is so true, when we see interviews of people who have achieved something in their lives, they have mentioned, “it was my dream” to achieve it.

So start dreaming, it is FREE.

2. (Re)Live the Dream.

Now, this is a strong recommendation, our mind work in very objective ways and would copy and do what the mind sees. So make pictures of the dreams that you have. Have a dream book or dream slides. I have dream slides on my laptop. Every morning, I’ll see these dream slides. I have slides divided to [l use the word my = my family and me]; my dream home, my dream car, my dream finances, my dream vacation, my dream business, my dream knowledge etc. It is in slide show, with a background music score (I just change recently the music score to “Note to God” sung by Charice.)

3. Visualizing it.

It is important to visualize it. Set a time of the day, for me, it is early in the morning when I set into my office. Visualizing that I have achieve the dreams and being there. It teaches my mind to be focus on those items. The mind works in very mysterious way and get to hunt for things that is seen. So be careful of what our eyes watches.

4. Being in the zone.

If you want to achieve something, you need to be in the “zone”, like the twilight zone :). Being in the zone, simply means, you read, write, talk about your dreams to yourself. Self talk is very important. Thank to God for giving your these opportunity in every prayers, HE who decides all this for us, all is his gifts and we understand without his blessings, there is nothing for us. Self talk as if you are in the future, blessed with all the good things that you have planned. Now self talk is not telling others, that is arrogance!!

5. Keep Track

Finally keep track of your progress, have a plan on how these dreams are to be achieved and when to be achieved. Keep a report card on how well you are doing, if you are not doing well, maybe there is an adjustment required, do it. Have a personal coach in certain of the goals. I have personal coach for my fitness, finances, business (even Tiger Woods have a coach).

It’s okay if you miss the goal, reset and re plan it.

Finally, all these are not easy actions, it requires a great amount of patience, persistence, courage and personal change. $ucce$$ is within us, between our 2 ears above our eyes, yes, in our head!!

If we think we can, we are right. If we think we can’t, we are right too. Doing the 5 top actions would not be a problem for us as all the above are activities. But what will keep us going throughout the activities are ourselves. That is the toughest.

But not to worry, there is a solution for that, reading books “ non fictional, on finance, personal growth, management, business etc. Most my friends have given up reading with simple answers like, (I don’t have the time), I don’t like reading, Reading no longer go into my head”, “enough studying my whole schooling and college days” and the best one “I hate books”.

So here is a suggestion, just get 15 minutes a day to read a book, best before going to bed. Develop the habit from there, do it for 21 – 30 days and a habit will be developed.

Happy Dreaming !!

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    • gopal

      wow!! i realy like ur dream slides..its good motivition to boost our self..after this i also going to do dream slides

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    • Avatar Lover

      this is really great post and give more motivate to us for dreaming..everyone can dreaming right…

      but how to make the dream comes to is up to our effort and how much the trust that we have for make it be a reality.

      one of the success businessman said the key to make our dream comes true is our trust in our heart.if we believe it will happen…then it will!

    • Waiyin

      Hi Sayeed,

      I am also on a similar journey as you now… to be able to move to coaching , mentoring and probably be able to write a book and more….I find coaching has given me a lot of satisfaction as I am able to share my experiences in my own journey to achieve financial freedom

      If you willing to share your experiences or exchange ideas here and there on speaking, coaching etc, please drop me a mail at

      Thank you

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      This is a guest-post by Sayeed, a senior manager in a large MNC in Penang. He wrote an earlier blog titled “From Credit Card Debt to Owning 6 Houses”….

    • Palie Massa Studio

      I’m really agree with Lai Seng Choy… must visualize what actually you needs..

    • Lai Seng Choy

      Yes, you must visualize you needs. Get the feeling of how wonderful when your needs are attained. Have action plans to move forward to these goals and you will attract all success. Of course, progress of these actions need to be followed-up to ensure they are on track.

      But don’t dream without action as this will attract nothing, for sure.

    • Mrcoolku

      Sayeed, thanks for sharing the implementation steps which make the dream comes more achievable.

      I like the first and second ideas. When we know where we will be in the end and visualize it everyday, the dream will come into our subconscious mind which is our ultimate weapon. These bring us big motivation to achieve our dream.

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