This is a guest-post by Sayeed, a senior manager in a large MNC in Penang. He wrote an earlier blog titled From Credit Card Debt to Owning 6 Houses. His philosophy in life is sharing and learning, “the more you share, the more you learn”. Following his association with the world of investments focused in the past 5 years, both Sayeed and his wife are confidently leading to a financial successful lifestyle, his wife retired as an employee and today runs her own business, blessed with 2 kids, this couple have learnt through tough times about their financial literacy. Sayeed is currently focused in accumulating wealth and dreams of becoming a future speaker, author, trainer and coach to help others achieve financial success.

I was raised by my grandmother after I lost both my parents at the age of 4. She became the essence of my life while growing up and there were times of worries what would I do without her. She was married to a man, who was the richest man in town, but upon his death, the wealth was gone and her finals days of life, she was without a single cent in her bank. How did that happened?

One thing that was in my mind, study hard, get a good job, get married and live happily ever after, of course this was the preaching that came from my grandmother. She always wanted me to have a government job as well so that I will get the pension scheme when I grow old. She had the whole plan thought out for me, until I grow old. Call it responsibility or love, for me it was my grandmother, my only chance of survival, which for me was far greater than responsibility and love.

Now, what does happily ever after was she telling me about? Well I didn’t had much time to ask her, but was it about big house, big car, a lot of money, travelling around the world, buying things that I like and have the time for myself to do what I like without the need of going to work?

I followed exactly her advice, studied, not so hard though as I found a girl during my college, got married to the girl, had family, work, house, car, credit cards, mortgage and kids. I did it, exactly, happily ever after without a cent in the bank.

The saying goes in Malay, “kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang”. There were too much of a month left after the salary is gone. We were both husband and wife working hard, to settle all our bills and still had zero saving at the end of the month, with of course owing a lot of money to credit cards. Wow, that’s not a dream, it was a nightmare!!

We have had dreams; we planned to have a beautiful house, with a land that we can sit in the evenings having coffee or tea, which I prefer, having a dream car, travel to many countries like Europe, US, India, Africa. My wife, she just loves shopping, that’s her passion. She never ever wanted to go to work or work for someone, since day one she wanted her own business. Well my passion was into training, teaching, writing and coaching.

Actually to bounce back from a negative cash flow and the urge to get out of that rot, moving towards a better lifestyle was driven by our dreams and passion. It all fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle, the growing up experiences, the dreams that we had, the struggle that we faced and finally the strategy to success, was what I call as the “God’s Plan” for us.

We just believed and worked towards getting it done. I did write this in the earlier blog “From Credit Cards Debt to Owning 6 Houses“. Well, did I say “dreams and passion”? Yes, absolutely correct. This is where we want to start off on our journey to financial stability.

Without a dream or motivation or passion, this whole journey can be very difficult. For some, the dream could be a huge bungalow, car, travelling and status stuff, but for others, it may be doing what they love on their own time despite not having all the big bungalow or car. Someone may just want to be debt free, not wanting to go to a “job” or having enough money for retirement age etc.

These are few steps along the way; we have learnt and put into practice:

Find a dream of what you really want, break it down to health, wealth, faith, travelling, hobbies, career/business, etc.

Put them into picture form – have a DREAMBOOK, cut and paste on the book, or have a DREAMSLIDES on your computer –  even better you can add in your favourite music number on your DREAMSLIDES [of course doesn’t work on DREAMBOOK]

Read and/or view it daily once at least, visualize it, personalize it.

Keep adding to your dream collections. The sky is the limit. Don’t be logical whether you can or cannot, it’s what you want.

Tick off those that come through.

No matter what the dream or passion or motivation is, it is important to be identified now, put into writing and pictures, visualizing it and reviewing them periodically. In the book/VCD “The Secrets: Law of Attraction”, Jim Carrey the famous actor of Ace Ventura and many more, understood the law of attraction very early in his life. He wrote and carried around a million dollar cheque to himself well before he came to movies. When he was offered for the movie Ace Ventura, he received his million dollar cheque in real life.

Well I have some ticks that I off from my dream list, it is good to see it happening..wouldn’t you?

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    • […] presents DREAMS Do Come True!! – Our actions and visualizations set our Future posted at KCLau#8217;s Money Tips, saying, This is a guest-post by Sayeed, a senior manager […]

    • […] presents DREAMS Do Come True!! – Our actions and visualizations set our Future posted at KCLau#8217;s Money Tips, saying, This is a guest-post by Sayeed, a senior manager […]

    • […] presents DREAMS Do Come True!! – Our actions and visualizations set our Future posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “This is a guest-post by Sayeed, a senior manager […]


      How to fulfill your dreams?…

      Guest-post by Sayeed, a senior manager in a large MNC in Penang on wealth accumulation…

    • JrBanker

      Thanks for the tips on the law of attraction. Without realizing it, I have followed the law of attraction. I would never missed buying the motortrader magazine. The would just admire the photos of my dream-car and visualize that someday I would own it and drive the car in my dream-trip to nowhere. Perhaps time will tell whether this will turn to reality. Still working on it…..

    • Lai Seng Choy

      Yes, everyone has dreams. To made these dreams come true, you may first visualize them and feel them. Let your feeling knows that how wonderful they are. Signals will be send to your brain for action and action will lead to result. There is also another important factor to ensure the success. That is, your belief. In order words, you must be have self-confidence that these dreams will be the final destination, no matter what.

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