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I hope you can assist me on quite headache situation. First of all I have around RM 500K and i would to look into some capital guaranteed investment, where giving me a monthly return 3 -5% monthly return like salary.

You can get very low return with capital guaranteed

It is really a tough question to answer. There are a lot of capital guaranteed fund available in the market. Most of them is within the time frame of locking in your investment capital for at least 3-5 years. The concept is that the fund manager invest big portion (80-90%) of the capital in fixed and guaranteed deposit. This portion will so-called “guarantee” your capital if you keep the fund until maturity a few years later.

Meanwhile, the remaining 10-20% will be invested in riskier investment, normally in stock equity. This portion will provide the potential upside of getting a better return rate compared to Fixed Deposit and normal saving account.

As you can expect, it is really “capital guaranteed” if you are able to live with low return.

So, is there any way to get 3-5% MONTHLY return?

Yes and no.

I would say “no” if you are looking for some investment vehicles where you just put the money there, forget about it, and wait for the paycheck every month.

However, when there is a will, there is certainly a way. Not just a way, but many ways. It all comes down to having the best investment of all time. And YES, there are many people who are making that kind of high return monthly. Most of them are in businesses. They have total control over their investment. They know how to minimize the risk. They know how to keep their capital in tact. They also know how to invest with other people’s money. The main point – they are the best in what they do.

I write about it here in this blog, published some times ago. I’ve also written a bonus chapter that’s included in the updated version (2nd Edition) of Tip-tip Kewangan untuk Rakyat Malaysia.

What do you say? Do you have any recommendation to get 3-5% monthly return?


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    • simeon

      the response here shock me, i have seen investments of up to 15-16% p a like diamond bank and the rest

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    • John Tan

      Hi Sumita,
      Could u give the details as to the investment with the bank with 11% and bonuses.
      Thank You.

    • John Tan

      I would like to share with u the UK bond averaging you can get an income of 10% per annum, every 6 months payment. The bond with tenure 2yrs to 5 yrs , you will receive your full capital after maturity. Security will be 1st LEGAL charge over the company assets and funds looked after trustee. FCA regulated.
      The issue is you have to manage you currency exchange volatility as you switch from Ringgit to GBP and vice versa upon exist.
      I am open to explore other opportunities as well, as the one mentioned by SUMITA.
      Sumita, could you share in details or provide contacts in exchange.

    • Jack

      I personally think that 5% per annum from the bank is too low but I still keep large amount in FD, unit trust , mutual funds and any other that the bank have when they contact me. This is all my saving for future but in malaysia to have that high safely is impossible that’s why I trade in forex and I play safe by getting 20% per month also what currently I am doing is by putting some many in other country FD but I can’t put under my name so I put under my fiend, I just hope he don’t scam me in future even though business partner but we can’t say.

      The only way to make that much in malaysia safely if only they are some scheme cepat kaya ponzi cause I never cross any safe plan.

    • Mr Money

      To get 5% per month roi, you need to sell things to consumers. So find list of ‘things’ that people utilize daily. select one only and focus on it selling to people surround you and later go for interstate thru online.

    • sumita

      Hi there, yes you can get a return of 5 – 12% per month with guaranteed capital by an international bank but not guarantee 5 – 12% monthly returns. However, your savings need to be 100k usd .

      The safest investment is 11% a year + (2 to 4% non guarantee bonus) lock-in for 5 years. min savings of 10K per year (every year top up 10K for 5 years)
      or 50K one time for 5 years and you get 11% + (2 to 4% non guarantee bonus) with bank.

      • Nagesh

        Can i have more details please. I am interested.

      • SKD

        Sounds interesting, please send me the details

      • John Tan

        Hi Sumita,
        Could u give the details as to the investment with the bank with 11% and bonuses.
        Thank You.

    • Try negotiate with Bank Negara Malaysia for investment that give monthly income and i think that it is possible or even good enough u can break even in 1 year..They are the one who produce the money and if your negotiation is successful don’t forget to help others… I’m looking forward to do that.. 🙂

    • Faizal

      From my experience, i managed to generate a minimum of 10% monthly from my capital for the past 6 months by trading in Share market. Before that, i didnt do percentage based calculation due to limited capital, but one fine day, i manage to get sum amount of money, and i asked my self, what the heck, this is the time to proof my formula..
      And the rest are history… :))

    • Kevin

      im still a student and i wanted to get a return on every month. i planned to invest on share but im still fresh, afraid will lose money. any advise or any information on other investment?

    • vic

      I plan to save RM200 every month and invest it in mutual fund. With a compounding interest of 10% annually for the next 26 years, using a financial calculator, at the end of the 26 years I will get
      RM 356,714.23.

      My strategy is that at my retirement age, I will maintain that RM356,714.23 and live on the interest of 10% each year which is the total amount times with 10%. Every month I will have RM2,972 to spent, plus with my EPF money to spent on other things.

      Is my strategy ok?

      • KCLau

        it is workable. But within this long period of time, many circumstances will force you to make some changes.
        Wish you all the best!

        • app

          hahaha…. true

    • Chong Kong Hui

      Day dream! If such opportunity offered to you, don’t ever take it, must be a scam.

      If ever exist, legally, why so many people puts their money in bank for 2.75% per year.

      Get more education, get more experience and you may earn very very good return but not “consistently” 3~5% monthly. Good luck is a result of hardwork.

      Good luck to you.

    • Yap Ming Hui

      I know a good bond specialist manager who can invest the RM500,000 into a portfolio of 7-8 bonds. The track record for more than 10 years has been between 6-7%. Enough though the capital is not guaranteed, bond investment is relatively less volatile than shares. Careful selection of bond issuers will also help to minimise the default risk significantly.

    • Jeff

      Personally, I would say, a return of 3% to 5% per month can be achieved by dabbling in the share market. Of course, this is risky and is only for those who know the rules of the game well. I would make it a point to invest up to 20% of my savings in the share market, which had given me 5% to 30% return in a month or two, and the balance 80% in ASW, ASM, Unit Trust Funds, Farm Sharing Scheme and investment-linked insurance products, which offer a pretty decent yield betw 6% to 15% per annum.

      On the overall perspective, a guaranteed return of 3% per month is not impossible to achieve.

    • ronmahsih

      The micro financing arm of some banks charge more than 5% interest per month.
      So, there are still legal ways to do it.
      This is one bank that does it:-

    • headhunter

      like the saying goes “if it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true!” LOL…

      how many people had got conned by illegal forex trading?? plentiful….I was one in my younger days…

      About the promise of high return investment, there was an acquintance who recommended an oversea investment to my wife, something like 5% per month…the guy is in good standing, we know where he lives, etc…but I know it is too good to be true, so we were not interested. Few months later our friend kept very quiet..probably mourning his losses by following his own advices.

      Why are unit trust agents so eagle to get you signed up (no offense to them ya)? Well first they get the commissions, second it’s not their money that are put to risk. They will tell you so many good things as if you believe lah…I always thought, if it is so good, then why doesn’t the same guy who promotes unit trust becomes rich himself by investing his own money??

      Then you will meet a conman who flashes a fake rolex watch, driving latest model BMW 5 series (rented) and try to convince you to invest with a guaranted 5% return per month. When they have received your USD100k money the conman and his fake lawyer(s), a beautiful secretary (actually a karoake girl) all disappear…..and it is too late for you…you will go to Datuk Michael Chong’s office…too late lah…

      If it is too good to be true then it is….bitter lessons maketh a wiser man..

      • KCLau

        Hi Headhunter,

        I definitely agree with you. When someone tried to pitch to me that his investment scheme can reap a 5% return per month, I felt that it is a humiliation to Warren Buffett, the richest investor in the world who can only get 2-3% average monthly return for the pass 30 years or so.
        It is logical that someone can make 5% return per month, but illogical if he can do the same for 30 years.

      • Wallstreet Quant

        5% average return per month with small risk is available out there. Just it is too good until it is not share with anybody else. Unbelievable? Believe it…

        • BOB

          How can I believe it.Show me how..

    • ronmahsih

      Be an ah long. Of course the overheads are also high.
      Any other way is a scam. There will be many hidden costs that it will end up means nothing at all.
      Check with any investment guide/book, investments that give returns higher than FD is risky. The higher the return, the higher the risk. But, there is a way…
      Conduct business search in your area that you know has the potential on the upswing. Once you identify the company, approach the owner. Offer him/her additional funding of whatever RM you’re willing to give. Mention it straightaway that you can see that the business has a lot of potential and the additional funding will help much in realizing that. Mention also that you want 5% of return per month and be paid monthly (or yearly, whatever you desire). Should everything be agreed upon, get a lawyer and spell out everything on black & white.
      Venture capitalist are basically done in the same way but more complicated.


    • Neil

      Hi guys. Investment options for monthly return of even 10%, guaranteed, are available, its just that they are not available to just about everybody. For example, I know of an investment that can give 10% monthly return for a contract period of 1 year. Your investment capital is even guaranteed with a formal agreement to back it up. BUT, the minimum investment is USD100k, and as you know, not many people have that kind of money. If I have that kind of money I also would want to invest but unfortunately I only have the info and not the money hehe. BUT If any of you are interested and can afford, let me know and I’ll relate you to the company and you can check it out for yourself. You guys can sms me at 0169123419

      • Daniel Haché

        please send me the company address and contact information regarding your 10% a month return investment


        • Dean Alan Richards

          Please send me the company name and address and phone # to get 5-10% return per month

      • Thirusenthuran

        First of all the website starts with http that means its a scammers domain guys …https means secured. So first yrl also a atep to take back guys.


      KC Lau,

      I personally interested in forex trading and thinking of self-study and begin forex trading.
      Then , I came across this interesting website in FB which promise quite high return on monthly basis(5%/monthly). they offer robot managed account for forex trading which is quite tempting and some sort of multilevel brokership(which I have doubt on this scheme,and its reliabilty).Are there any other companies in market offer similar types of account/scheme? its seems like there is no drawback from this scheme which is abolutely a No-way for investment wise.

      please enlighten me .

      Thanks in advance.

      • KCLau


        I don’t any forex trading. Therefore, have no comment on this area of investment scheme.

      • dan

        could be a ponzi scheme?

        • KCLau

          Anything promised more than 10% a year, guaranteed – is most likely ponzi.

          • Vinod Dighe

            I want invest in your investment plan. Call me – 9673801717

      • Davaun Aquart

        Are you trading now? if so I would like a word with you!

      • jj

        Trust me, you will lose all your investment. Seen it happening to many people, don’t be silly and expect someone else to trade forex and yield returns for you.

    • Suhaimi

      Investing in Gold might yield good return since the movement of the gold price has been keep on increasing tremendously last few years. Even during economic recession, gold investment return still yield positive despite negative share market.
      If you’re interested to gain some knowledge about gold investment, you can get it here…

      Be good & be smart in your financial planning.

    • Woon Lip Fuey

      If I have such huge amount of money, I’ll enjoy trading in share market..haha!!
      However, I’ll try to get some investment courses, to improve the knowledge and intelligent in investing. Its hard to get 5% monthly return in dividend or unit trust or else. When you are good in kinda knowledge of investment, you will find a good trading opportunity or have a portfolio or group to help you in investing.
      Not a tough question if you willing to spend some years to learn in investment by taking some courses. This is advise from Robert Kiyosaki when he faces such question from audience as yours.

    • kampunginvestor

      Very hard to get such Return of Investment (ROI) every month. I don’t think there is any in the market with such guaranteed returns unless like KCLau says, you do your own business but that is not guaranteed.

      I still prefer the equity market. Although it is not capital guaranteed but i love investments with higher risk.. High risk, high gain with a chance of high pain.. 🙂

    • HeadHunter

      bro, this guy is looking for a guranteed 3-5% per month. Tough call…i also want.

    • Sayeed

      Seriously if we are talking about 3% savings, maybe negotiating with bank on FD rates if your amount is huge may work..i really not sure. But if you are able to put into ASB then there is higher returns…5%?? maybe more??.
      But again, if you can invest in property, then the return can be much much more, hitting double digit or even double your investment. Is there a RISK, of course but minimal if you have done the homework. Do you need a lot of capital to go in ? , absolutely not – there are way property can be puchased with 0 downpayments !!

      • Laibin Eku

        Wow! rm0 downpayment? I would really love to know more about this. Please…

    • Tan Soon Vee

      Why don’t just keep the money on Amanah Saham Malaysia(ASM) which provides 3-5% return per annum?

    • Ivan Koo

      Is quite hard for us to find any guarantee return >10% p.a in the market.
      How come you wanna find a 60% (which 5%*12 mth) guarantee return in market?
      So jo ah? haha . .

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