Many a time, I come across many people around us who has got great plans and ideas to start a business or venture, however, not many pursue further. Now, let’s discuss what causes no action. From my findings, there are a few major factors causing us not to step out.

Fear of Uncertainties

a) Fear of uncertainties, fear of unknown. Actually this is normal, is a basic instinct when we are unsure of the future happenings. The only way is to overcome it. Never let the fear conquer us. One way to increase our confidence level is to do more homework, research and prepare our self well. For example, we can ask for more opinions and check the experts, we can also ask ourself what if the worst happens, are we okay even the worst happens….Anyway it is good to be caution, however many think and think till they give up because the longer they take to decide, their passion will be gone with the wind. My mentor used to remind me, “doing won’t die, over thinking kill”.

We also need to have faith and believe in our self. How can we expect others to trust us if we do not even trust ourself and our great ideas. I also encourage friends here to mix with supportive and positive people, they need constant reminder that Fear is nothing, once you make the first step, you almost defeat it already!

No pain, no gain

B) Unwilling to make sacrifices and step out of comfort zone. There is a saying “No pain, no gain” we know it but we seldom practice it, why? They are mostly “lazy” to do more for their future. These people are usually short-sighted. I suggest friends here to mix with positive and goal-orientated friends. They probably need peers pressure to step out.

I encourage people to step out is because I saw many of them regretted for not taking action later when they looked back in life. Never let your dream die. Even if we failed in the venture, we will have lots of fulfillments and satisfaction to gain. Moreover, we accumulate experiences. Money can not buy experiences. Only by getting involved, getting our hands dirty that we learned the valuable lessons.

Instead of looking back years later and regret it, why not take the courage to try it, small step at a time … We only live once, live it to the fullest!

This is a guest post by a friend who wants to remain anonymous, who had already achieved financial independence.

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    • Author

      Hi Thinker,

      Yes I will share with you as long as you have the desire, attitude and commitment.
      I am a Singaporean and will only meet with serious ones only.

    • Thinker

      Thank for sharing your inspiring experience.
      I wish to start business but am a bit lost due to lack of experience.
      Is it OK if I can contact / meet you to know more about your experience?
      Thanks 🙂

    • Lai Chun Shen

      Thanks for your sharing. I like your quote ” Doing won’t die, over thinking kill”

      I think not only in business, we should also practise this in our life. We always have things to do in our life but because of fear, we give up the opportunities. 90% of the fear in our life is not true and as long as we can overcome the fear and push ourselves out of the comfort zone, we will definitely be successful.

    • seroja

      hi waiyan, i am in a kindergarten business which is falling down. and planning to close down next year, but reading ur blog a kind of inspire me , but i cannot afford to run on lose eyear.

    • Author

      Hi Dominic,

      Great for your sharing ! there are these beliefs I am sure you have already :
      1)Believe in the company(products, people etc)
      2)Believe in your partners
      3)Believe in your mentor
      and most important,
      4)Believe in yourself

      Consistency and persistence are important in all business. You can do it !

    • Dominic

      Wow, thank you for the article and everyone on their comments. Just by scrolling and reading this thread have gave lots of inspiration and wisdom for me to take heart. I’ve just started a networking business in which I have a lot passion and believe in it. It supposed to be a part time thing but in turns out to be so exciting that I have to declined several good job offers because they demanded too much of my time and wouldn’t be able to do my business. Now that I’m having time freedom, it’s time to pursue financial freedom. Many friends and even family members have been quite critical on my decision not to work and get a stable job and income. But however, I just can’t do that, I am ready to learn and make mistake, I really don’t want to regret for not trying to do things that I like and pursuing my dreams. Like you said, we lived only once, rite. Might as well try to live our life to the fullest rather than clinging on the meaningless comfort zone. Take care and take charge…


    • Azhar Othman

      Love the article and the comments. I had similar experience of failure in business.. fear of the unknown, fear of rejection and fear of failure. For self-starters and proactive people, it’s fairly easy to put those letdowns behind. For a person like me who was a bit uninitiated, pessimistic and easily give up, i turned to people who have made it for advice and guidance. I also read lots of inspirational and self-development books. The experience and the learning did help and I’m in a better position today than I was when I was just an employee. For those just starting up, just keep moving forward. It’s ok to fail but if you just sit down and do nothing, you have zero chance of success!

      Cheers, Azhar

      • Author

        Hi Azhar,

        Your sharing is sure to help those who prepare to start business. It also help those who went through what you have gone through but still living in bitterness …
        Thank you so much

    • Sarah Chin

      I am inspired by your story. Thanks for sharing. I am at this point in my life now where i have resigned from my post in an MNC as i wanted to have my own business. However, in order to start my business, i have to dig into my own savings and use 78% of it for capital (i should have saved more when working) and borrow the rest. I understand fully what u meant by “doing won’t die, over thinking kill” – because i am now thinking and thinking, going thru my projected P&L and cash flow on different scenarios like a mad woman who’s scared of losing that 78% and more if the business fails. Doing won’t die but losing all that savings seems so risky. I am 33 yo and i feel that failure is not an option here.
      What is your advise – how did u come up with capital for your business? Thanks!

      • Author

        Hi Sarah,

        Thanks for your encouragement. I am new in writing and I hope readers do understand and benefit from what I wrote…
        I am not a professional and whatever advises I suggest, I hope you can also exercise your wisdom and don’t follow blindly because I am learning also. Finally, whatever decision you made, it is your choice, deal ?
        It is normal to be scared, this is good sign so that you check your calculated risk and be prudent with the funds.You mentioned the business venture require almost 80% of your capital, may I ask how long can this capital last if there is no business at all ? Can you get a partner or good attitude ,trustworthy staffs to mend the shop and you keep the job ?
        Are you prepared to work 365 days a week, 15 hrs a day and not getting paid ?
        Finally, if you cannot accept failure, I afraid you are not in the right mindset to step out yet. Bitterness of failure will pull you down through your life, do you want to take that gamble? Or give yourself a little more time to adjust your mindset first.
        In reality, 80% of the business don’t make money for the first year(in Singapore), And what’s that statistic in Malaysia ?
        Of course, there are more actions to be required by you now is to get yourself prepare and ready if the worst strikes.For eg, you can draw out alternatives if the business plan does not work out, you can also study the possibility
        of having some partners or must it be this high costing business.Probably you have better ideas if you think hard enough about your options. I hope to see you start your business one day, hopefully not too long from now.( and hopefully I can be your 1st customer too) I also hope to see you gaining faith and confident before you embark on the entrepreneur’s journey.By the way, I don’t call someone an entrepreneur if he or she does not know how to goes through challenges in business, It is really more stormy days than sunny days for the start…
        Anyway, the above is just my opinion, again please exercise your wisdom.
        Good luck !

    • kelvin

      Great article!

      I personally think doing the business you familiar with will some how helps eliminate most fear and increase success rate due to know how and familiarity. Uncertainty and fear comes most when you unfamiliar of the business you venture which may led to higher risk.
      You are right, no pain no gain..lets move with the cheese!

    • Woon Lip Fuey

      Thank you, I just send something include contact number to your e-meal.
      Have a nice day.

    • Woon Lip Fuey

      “doing won’t die, over thinking kill”.
      “Fear is nothing, once you make the first step, you almost defeat it already!”
      I’m so great to hear that.
      I was just a student, for trying to meet some businesses, I had my business of selling sandwiches,burgers,ice-creams and some tapas.
      I also did supply sandwiches to canteen and cafe as the cake house did.
      However, I failed in the end..hehe..
      What I want to share is when I tryed to start up my business, I was so damn scare..
      My friends asked me do you think you afford to do this? Do you think you have such market?
      I though of it just a few minutes and after that I stoped it.
      I just went to some shops and without consideration, I bought some equipments for my business, because I know once I invest, I must make the business become real, otherwise It just waste my money.
      The whole process run with fear, untill the first day I put on my stall at the food court, then the fear is become decreasing. Untill my stall expanse to an outlet..
      However, I failed at all, and my result either, so I stop it because I can’t manage my time and attention in my study..its sad for me..
      But So what? When I think about those moment when I do business, I gained so much experience, especially I’m so great that I can defeat the fear.
      So I agree, fear is nothing, life is just one time, why don’t we pass it with fulfillment?
      So…now I do nothing and I realize I can’t do business again while I still study, now i’m quite wandering of my future, can you give me some advices? I wish to meet financial freedom in my future..
      Thank you..

      • Author

        Hi Lip Fuey,

        Thank you for sharing your powerful story. It is indeed what I went through when I started my 1st biz in ’90s. There are so much discourage but like you, I went ahead with my plan. After I begin the biz, what I did is to continue review for improvement, is tough isn’t it, but so what, life is never easy anyway…

        I am a Singaporean, doing biz here is so much tougher i believe because of high staffs cost, high rent and etc etc but when we set our mind and focus into doing, even when it turned out failure, is ok, as long as we tried our best.

        Thanks and you have a nice day too.

    • Richard

      Thanks for the great advice you all provided so far. I believe motivation and consistency is very important to us….also the mentor also play the important to role towards success…


    • desa

      plan your trade and trade your plan….

    • Lai Seng Choy

      Thanks for your advise, Zen.

      Well, I did it before. I even warned them discipline action will be carried out if they unable to complete the assignment within the time frame set. However, by the end of the day, they still failed to achieve. They replied that they had no idea on how to do and they willing to accept any action against them. When I asked for the reason for not asking when they faced problem, they just smiled at me.

      I strongly believe these are attitude problems. First, the company has been surrounded by these passive or negative thinking for years. Even some department heads have the same attitude as well. Second, these staffs actually have been working in the company for more than 25 years with the same attitude while, to them, I am a junior even though I am the HOD of them. Therefore, it needs time to make changes take place.

      • Author


        The world out there is filled of negative, and the law that say 90% of the people will remain where they are and only 5 to 10% can succeed in life is always true, I fully agree change takes time, especially for those attitudes and characters has been in a person probably since childhood days, and my mentor told me, even a stone soaked in color dye for a long time, the color may change too, not forgetting a human being. So is hard to change one person overnight, it takes time and a good ,positive environment to change

        Do not get impatient with people who refuse to change for the better, instead learn how to motivate and encourage them , although I myself when going through it feel disappointed with some of those always give themselves excuses(well, is not me that they are giving), is ok, I will only help people who want to help themselves and there are so many people out there. However, in the mist of it, I gain patient and experiences dealing with them, so sometimes it is really depend on how we look at things.

        I suggest you may be can arrange for some courses for them, do team building and review with them regular, Build dreams with them, show them they are working in a company that they can achieve great things, always show them a carrot, people are motivate to do things, they don’t like to be told to do things…Let them be open to you and build your trust with them

        And for you, set a good example to them is critical, show them you are concern about their future and not whether they deliver the job for you or not. Let them know they are doing for themselves and not you . Show compassion and love..I know you can do it, cheers

        • Lai Seng Choy

          Thanks. I am working hard on that direction as well and I hope everything will become better, sooner or later.

    • Lai Seng Choy

      People like to stay within their comfort zone and that is why many people only can do the same thing again and again, year by year, without any improvement.

      I always request my staffs to learn proactively in order to equip themselve to meet future challenge. However, most of the time, the reply I received were negative. They just gave as many excuses as they could just to escape from learning new things or exposure of new area of work. At the end of the day, I still have to settle most of the problems by myself. I am now still continue to couch them to have positive thinking and I hope the changes will come in one day.

      • Zen Foo


        Your staff give excuses probably because they don’t feel the need to change and learn new thing. How about you post the challenge? if they sense the urgency, then they will learn.


    • Zul

      Agree. Fear is very real and it cripples our goals even before we take our first step. Perhaps we are ‘too smart’ that we precondition ourselves not to start anything before looking at every inch and angle. As a result, we keep on giving excuses and left rotting in our comfort zone. Goodbye freedom.

    • Financial Samurai

      No pain no gain is right! Why people are so fearful of rejection is beyond me. Seek out rejection! I think you guys will enjoy reading this post “You’re Rejected! How I Use Rejection To Motivate Me Every Single Day.”

      Go out there and go for it everybody!

      Financial Samurai

    • KevinChong

      I am totally agree with you.Fear is always my most big problem to step out with a plan or idea too. It will make me more down and sad for the further to more action of step out.Because I have experienced learn start from failure in working and learn from any failure I have faced it before.Another that, is the confident ourselves, right ? Trust yourself is the start point of dream. Good phrase doing won’t die, over thinking kill, I love this phrase.

    • Zen Foo

      Hi Wai Yin,

      First of all, thanks for replying my email last time (if you still remember). We really need some one like you who has already done it to be the mentor. I have a few internet related ideas and i took action in drawing and writing out plans. Currently it is work in progress. I dont know if it will work but i will try my best to make it work as i have already invest time and money into it. Thanks again!


      • Author

        Hi Zen,

        I am so happy that you step out, do keep me inform of your good news. Please do not give up easier , the fruits take time to ripe too, right.

    • Chris

      hi wai yin,

      can i have your email addres pls? Thanks

    • waiyin


      Thanks for reading my posting.
      I am nobody, I started working after getting my Dip in Electrical Eng . With hard work I supposed, I was promoted to a manager and shortly after, I made a big move to venture into a business alone. Reason being, I can not see further advancement in the company which is a Japanese MNC which I worked for 7 years . I felt I have already hit the ceiling. My belief is that as long as I seek and do my best, there will be lots of opportunities for me.
      Doing business takes a lot of courage, esp if on our own. Need a lot of determination and commitment but I personally feel is worth it. It is through doing business that has pushed me to improve myself in life skills . Of course by having the right values and beliefs system helps. I started a laundry shop, a biz that many felt is a sun set biz but then, so what …Important thing is I am confident and there is not much investment required.
      I practised what some of the great leaders teaching, accumulate and protect what I have, and to be honest with you, it is simple to gain financial freedom , it is not that difficult as many thought. And that’s it, after 10 years of hard work and doing the right thing. Making right choices is important though.
      Right now, I have my time freedom to do what I enjoy, which is helping others to change their mind set. However, many a time, the people that I worked with thought there are some miracle formula but the truth is , the secrets ares all out there. If I can do it, I believe everyone can do it!
      I hope my sharing here helps. If you have further questions, please send to my email address as I am more of a private person . There is nothing special about I have achieved.
      Thank you

    • The 8th Voyager

      Hi Wai Yin,

      Would appreciate if you can share your real experience in achieving financial independence.

      What industry are you in? How you made it?

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