Hi, I’m Mr. Tan. I have the following questions: 

1. Bitcoin: 

As far as I know, I believe Bitcoin is still unrecognised in Malaysia. Can I open an account to ‘play’ Bitcoin as it is now sensationalised globally? 

2. eToro and Forex Trading Platforms: 

Are eToro, Forex4u and XM legitimate platforms to do Forex trading? I don’t see any webinars covering topics on Forex trading at What skills should I possess to trade Forex? 

Why am I writing this? 

This is because I see many people are just ‘buying blindly’ after watching ‘gurus’ on YouTube and on social media. So, what are your take on the above? 


To begin with, I would say that I’m not the right person to talk to when it comes to Bitcoin, eToro, and Forex trading activities. This is because I don’t have much knowledge about them. With that being said, I personally believe that there is a common trait that unites most, if not all, who are interested to dabble in any of the above and that trait is – The Love of Money. 

If you think about it, why do you think that people want to dabble into Bitcoins, stocks or Forex trading activities? Is it because they would love to own them for the long-term or is it because they are lured into the prospects of making faster money without much physical labour over the short-term? 

Revisiting Sunday School

This reminded me of the following lesson learnt in Sunday School years ago.

‘For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
And some people,
craving money, have wandered from the true faith
and pierced themselves with
many sorrows.’

Quoted from 1 Timothy 6:10 (NLT)

The first liner is a popular quote. 

I believe the second liner is less explained. 

For me, as a school kid, I wondered about its practicability. I thought to myself, ‘Is wanting more money evil or does it just apply to bad people who earn money through immoral means?’ 

Today, many years later, as I continue to learn and gain more experiences in investing, I’d realised that people who lost money in trading, gambling, speculating or participating in investment schemes are people who have some craving for money. That is why they had pierced themselves with many sorrows

Simply put, if you have your eyes on ‘money’, you will believe in ‘anything’ I say that will bring you money. This includes stocks, real estate, unit trusts, ETF, CFD, savings plan, gold, silver, Bitcoin, business franchises, lotteries, crystal balls, and so on and so forth. Thus, you are likely to be gullible and be prone to be conned or swayed when ‘investing’. 

How Not to ‘Invest’?

Back to Mr. Tan’s question. I believe the worst thing that you can do for yourself when investing is to watch ‘What is hot in the market?’ Do you know how many people, time and time again, have made unnecessary investment mistakes, as a result of buying out of ‘Hot Tips’? 

But, here is the thing. 

The same people who lost money from these mistakes are likely to repeat them again and again. Why? I believe the answer lies in having an addiction to having quick bucks, which is a love for money

So, if you wish to know, ‘What is the best way to make fast money from Bitcoin, stock trading or Forex trading activities?’, I won’t answer that question. Instead, I’ll encourage you to think again and reflect upon why the need for fast money. What is it that you are chasing for? Is this really what you want in life? 

Why Don’t We Cover More ‘Trading’ Webinars at

The answer is simple. Here, at, we are advocates of sound principles of investing as we are investors ourselves, not traders. We are passionate about investing and believe that investing is about building wealth sustainably for the long-term, not chasing the next ‘high’ for fast money. This also explains why we are reluctant to do webinars on trading, speculating and doggy investments. 

We want our community to view as a credible local platform to gain wisdom, insights, and education on financial matters. We envision that if we all, fellow Malaysians, can become savvier in finances, we could not only overcome life challenges that are related to money itself but also play a role in eradicating urban poverty and be a greater blessing to our local community and our nation. 

How Are We Different that Makes the Difference

If you noticed, we don’t offer simple answers to questions such as: ‘How should I invest in 2021?’ or ‘Can you tell me 3 stocks to buy that will double your initial capital over the next few months?’ or ‘Is this the right time to buy real estate?’ 

Personally, I believe offering simple quick-fix answers to them are irresponsible, a crutch to mastering the art of investing. We do not want people to depend on us for quick investment advice as that is not a progression, but a regression. 

Instead, we like you to think for yourself, be more aware of your financial status and have a better understanding of what you are investing before investing into any of them. Hence, at, we love to feature experts of different fields of personal finance on our webinars so that they could share their insights with us as we journey together towards attaining our financial aspirations. 

So, What if I’m Mr. Tan Today? 

What should I do next? 

Obviously, I didn’t answer most of the questions asked directly. Instead, I took a detour and explored the heart and the mindset of a person who wants to make fast money from Bitcoin, stock, or Forex trading activities. 

If you are Mr. Tan, you can do two things: 

1. Disagree 

If that is you, I believe you may not find the contents at helpful. You would most likely find ways to buy Bitcoin or do stock or Forex trading activities at other social media platforms. 

2. Reflect 

If what I wrote had struck a chord with you, that’s awesome. Here, let me hand you a small assignment. If you’d lost money previously from investing or trading into stocks, Forex, real estate … etc, find out the purposes of you going into any of them. Is it because of wanting to have fast money or any other reasons? But, if you are new to investing, I would suggest you take a step back and reflect the reasons for getting into any of these activities. 

Then, you may compare what you think about investing with the mindsets from successful investors like Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers, and Robert Kiyosaki. I think you will learn a lot about investing after you have made the comparisons. 

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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