Top Property Websites List in MalaysiaAnyone interested in investing in real estate should do thorough research and learn the ins and outs of property market before jumping in the business. Do a quick search on property topics and most likely you’ll find these websites mentioned below: (all traffic statistic is an estimate taken from Alexa in Oct 2014).

Update 22 April 2021

According to the media released here, PropertyGuru is currently the Malaysia’s No.1 property website, having a market share of 63% based on 6*month average from October 2020 to March 2021. PropertyGuru claimed to be the ‘Most Preferred’ property website, clocking a monthly average of over 12 million visits from January ’21 to March ’21.

Please note that this post was published in Oct 2014. A lot has changed since then. Please do your own research and due diligence to decide which website is the No.1 in your heart. We are not in the business of ranking websites. But if you want to update this page and make it more relevant to the current ranking, please send your version of article which might potentially replace this one to our support team.

1. (57) is Malaysia’s No.1 site on property listing and currently ranked No.57 relative to other Malaysian sites. It is ranked 9814 around the globe at the moment.

You can say on first look that it’s a very neat and intuitive website. With a pleasant design, the main aim of the site is to help buyers in purchasing their properties. It has very specific search options and also allows advanced search to help the users.

Key Features
Rich with property listings (for sale and for rent)
Rich blog content
Great search option
Tips and guide section for helping new buyers

The site is a real work of art and can greatly benefit potential investors in real estate.

2. (98) is one of the leading property sites of Malaysia. The website is ranked No. 98 in the country. The dazzling outlook and neat design of the website is bound to catch your eyes. The most exciting thing about this site is the Ask Guru section where experts answer all your questions related to property. All you have to do is just log in and ask questions.

The search options are excellent. For the participation of the users the site has a Guru Poll option. The users can provide their valuable opinions on different questions through this poll.

Key Features
Ask Guru section for assisting the users
Guru Poll
Well defined search options

3. (251)
Ranked 251 in Malaysia, is a very unique and popular real estate website. It keeps you updated on all the latest news of the properties. The website categorizes properties as per your requirement.

Key Features
Top Properties
Most Wanted Properties
Recently Updated Properties
Hot Properties for Sale
Hot Properties for Rent

This website also has a question-answer section to help out potential clients. (2556)
This is a moderate website on housing, which focuses mostly on blog posts and news. It is ranked #2556 in Malaysia. The site is quite well designed and does a good job educating the new buyers. It plays a big role featuring all the projects in Penang, one of the best place to stay in Malaysia.

Key Features
Feature the new development projects in Penang
Fast response from the founder Ken Lim in the comment section
Ken responses to your email if your request for information is reasonable

We’ve done a webinar session featuring the founder Ken Lim where he shares the hot projects most frequently visited and discussed on the site. For Premium Webinar Members, you can access the webinar here.

5. (4502)
The is currently ranked #4502 in Malaysia. The site mostly republish property related news from news portal like the Star and Bernama. It also feature new development projects. Without added elaboration, the site is just useful for getting updated with the recent real estate launches.

Key Features
Listing of new property development according to location and property types
It is free for developers and agents to have their projects to be featured there.

6. (5450)
It ranks #5450 in Malaysia. I love the way the blogger – Khai Yin – writes the content. It is simple and engaging. Some property investment advices are conveyed in a story-telling manner that you’ll most like find it amusing and informative.

The blog is rich in content and very well written. You can download your property valuation guide from the Freebie page. The most useful part of this site is the DealMatcher. It will help you to find the best possible property based on your requirements, by connecting you to the right agent.

Key Features
Comprehensive description
Great writing
Very helpful DealMatcher
Freebie for downloading property valuation guide
Area specific property guide – Mont Kiara

7. (7916) is a Malaysia real estate property talks & review website ranked at #7916. Their motto is “From Love Hate Passion to Buy Sell Rent – Home is my Family”.

The best part about this site is that the writers take a lot of effort to produce the content. They would visit the actual site, take pictures, label the photos and maps to really ensure that you get the “whole picture”. By reading their posting, you feel like you were actually there on site!

Let me salute you guys! Well done!

They also maintain the Propcafe forum, which is not as active as PropertyWTF…

This is a most active property forum in Malaysia. If you want to know what people are saying about certain project, just search it here or post it here. Many full time investors are hanging around here providing their insights.

Treat this site as a kopitiam where you can discuss various topics about real estate. You’ll get a sense of how the public is viewing the market.

9. (WARNING: This is an Advertisement)
This website is written by Dr. OngKL who is simply a genius. He completed his Ph.D at a very young age and now is one of the directors of GreenSouz Sdn.Bhd., an investment holding company.

I put up a warning there because I am the owner of this blog 🙂

Dr. OngKL is my university course mate. He is the top student in our batch, the only first-class honour graduate. After we both graduated, he went to get his Ph.D in engineering in Singapore and later we started this blog talking about real estate investment in Johor Bahru (REIJB), where he has several properties there beside Singapore.

The contents are exceptionally well written. There is provision for commenting below every post for the free participation and benefit of the users. However, the number of content of the blog is limited because he hasn’t been writing much. But we are slowly picking up again.

10. (7293) is a blog dedicated to thoughts about property, property investment and everything related to property. It’s mainly based on the writer’s experience in property investing and property development for the last 11 years. The blogger, Charles Tan believes that people invest in properties with a long term plan and everyone should do their homework before buying their own property.

The site always remains up to date with the latest news & publishes an average 1.8 articles per day. Charles is one of the most hard working blogger I know. Owing to his hard work and dedication, the website is gradually improving its ranking.

I have an interview published there. Check it out: Kopi and Property With KCLau.

11. (8496)
PropertyInMalaysia is the step by step guide for foreigners and Malaysian expatriates planning to purchase or rent property in Malaysia.

This website recognizes the increasing international interest in property here and contains a searchable database of properties for sale or rent. It only lists those properties which expats can buy or might wish to rent. Visitors can also discover the latest rules and regulations for foreigners wishing to buy property. There is also a special section for estate agents who target foreigners.

So far in this article we have tried to highlight the best sites for property investment in Malaysia. You are most welcomed to submit your own blog or recommend the ones that we have missed!

If you are looking for an organized and systematic way to learn about property investment, at the convenience of your home, which means you can learn online, check out our full-blown course Property Method.

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    32 replies to "The List of Top Property Websites & Blogs in Malaysia That You Should Never Miss"

    • Michael

      If you are looking to rent or buy property in an expat friendly area then Mont Kiara is a great community. There is now a site dedicated to property listings in Mont Kiara: – it’s only recently launched but is entirely centered around condos and landed properties in the area.

    • Arzley Sahebond

      When you said TOP, do you based on certain proper analysis research? Afraid it might mislead readers.

    • Trey

      Hi KC, We are from Roomz – we had a live webinar with you a couple of years ago, still remember Teo the Croatian?
      Roomz has just opened a new category – properties for rent, and it’s free to post. No matter you are an agent or a landlord who wants to post the ad for free, welcome to post at

    • micky

      You have discussed an interesting topic that everybody should know. Very well explained with examples. I have found a similar website Apartments for rent visit the site to know more about

    • John

      Hi KC, Hao Property is a property search website focus in Johor properties, it have distance filter, keywords searching, loan calculator and starting the property article as well.

    • Terence Lee

      Thanks KL for the great list. I think it still applies in year 2019. I often use PropertyGuru and for insights on new projects.

    • Kenneth Choong Wei meng

      I am from RHB Banking group. If anyone need financing help please call me at 0128030788

    • Johanna

      Here is the best website called Rent a home in Malaysia with zero deposit and better protection with Speedhome. More than thousands of rental house and condo options are available for all across Malaysia at Speedhome.

    • Johanna

      Previously, I always thought that the finding perfect home was a small probability event that would not happen to me. As a result, I had no clue how to deal with it after it happened. Search latest real estate property news, house, apartment, condo, flat for rent, buy or sell in Malaysia from speed home.

    • hana mohamad

      Dear Mr. KCLau
      Can you suggest to me the portals for do rental analysis on property in Malaysia? i just discover 1 site,
      this is for educational purpose

    • website designer

      You should add they have more than 250 projects to be develop soon… some area in Rantau, N9, Terrace house is only RM165K, Hot sales area in Brickfield sold out within 3 weeks. Coming soon Mont Kiara projects.

    • Danial

      Dear Mr KC,
      You chosed, #rank 57, as your top no.1. Just wonder wht happend to the sites which ranked #1, 2, 3,4…etc.
      Just curious.

    • mike

      thanks Lau, for highligthing these popular sites, especially iproperty & property guru. However, recently, i found a fairly informative article written about Forest Garden City in…. so much has been invested in this project & it will be great to hear your comments & i hope that you can share some guiding points wrt this project, based on your investment experience.

    • Jack

      i found this site search for new properties launches is very good too, check it out: im a property agent, and i got some inquiries from this free portal regarding the new projects im selling. Thumbs up!

    • Yong

      maybe can add in as they provide many informations regarding the property.


      think you can included some free listing site such as

      i think that most of the direct owner prefer such free listing website

    • Alen Khoo

      Dear readers of,

      Introducing another great platform (platform for House/Room rental in Malaysia).

      Visit it @, you might like it :).

      Featured Facebook & Google map & places integration, advanced search function and post management.

      It’s just launched 2017 Mid-May. Free for landlord, agent, tenant and everybody! 🙂

      Like it if you like –>

      Thanks KCLau!

      Many Thanks,
      Alen Khoo

    • Alex

      KC, have heard of It has all the bells and whistles of the large property portals but offers Free property listings for Private Owners.

      PropertyPages also offers agent packages with a content management system that allows any Agent or Agency to run their own property portal. Listings are then posted on up to 9 different platforms.


    • Mala

      Hey KC,

      Perhaps we may want to take look in where it gives insights of new properties which are below RM500K. It is especially good for 1st time young buyers; be it for investment or stay in…


    • Lauren Ng

      Lately I have found another property website called to search for Malaysian properties too. Looks not bad and they have quite a lot of listings, although not as famous as some of those listed here.

    • Conie Choo

      Great! As my Pillar property agency.

    • PropCafe.Net

      Thanks for your comment!

    • JP Tan

      Mr. KC Lau,
      I believe Mr. KC Lau has missed out a website on quality, investment graded development lands (especially in Penang).
      It is always ranked number 1 on the 1st. Page in google search if one just key in words like investment graded land in Penang.This website is yours truly & kindly please check it out. Thanks.

      • KCLau

        You’ve got a great website there JP.

    • Reid

      Lots of good property websites for both news and buying/selling. I actually like PropWall the best.

      • Lawrence Looi

        Strong agreed with what you said. It’s targeted niche market segment compared to other well known property portal

    • Francis

      Another site you may want to consider is Property Talk & Lifestyle Malaysia.

      • KCLau

        It is a good suggestion – actually a facebook group right?

    • Calvin Wang

      Nice job compiling these websites! ???? Appreciate it! 🙂 I’ve only visited iproperty and propertyguru before this.

    • willson

      although is not a proper property site, it should be consider a good portal to find seller or buyer also
      as i got my first house 15k below market price in

      • KCLau

        Good suggestion on .. I will add it in the list.

    • Ng chee wei

      Maybe can include as one of the properties survey cause in this wedsite it also sell properties

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