You probably won’t!

If you are novice in stock market investment and want to make money in this, you might have got some stock market tips. You might think that with the stock tips provided by some so-called insider, it will be safe to trade in stock market.

I just used to be trading based on rumors (which I thought as stock tips). I got tips several times. And every time I bought a stock based on tips, I lost money.

Regardless of where the tips came from – journalist, best friend, high position executive in a listed company or even multi-millionaire – I never managed to make money. Most of the time, the stock recommended are speculative stocks. The price is volatile. It moves up and down like roller coaster. As a result, I ended up as the lamb, eaten by big foxes.

There are different well known stock investment strategies like accepted “Buy and Hold method”, “Top – Down technique” and “Cherry Picking or Bottom- Down strategy”.

But from years, individuals have been attempting to uncover the best stock investment strategy. What individuals need to know in the matter of deciphering these procedures is that the best ones you can utilize are the ones that suit right to you and your trading method.

Because it’s you who is set to purchase and sell the shares, so, you need to determine you feel comfortable and sure about yourself, with your stock market strategy.

Here are some real tips I can give to you if you want to succeed in stock market:

  • Learn to Invest First – educate yourself how stock market works
  • Always have money to invest – meaning that you got to have positive surplus every time you got your paycheck.
  • Create Diversification in your stock market investment – but not too diversified until you are holding more than 10 stocks at a time. You won’t be able to monitor all of it.
  • Have a safe strategy for your investment – Warren Buffett say investor should never lose money.
  • Ask the right guru the right questions.

As you can notice, there are many strategies for stock market investments that can boost your chances of success in stock market.

Strategies that decrease risk in investments are always good one to start. I always recommend investor to learn about “Value Investing”, which is proven a safe method by the track record of Warren Buffett.



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      Novice investors tend to listen to tips or rumours to make their investment decision. It is very risky as they have no idea what they are doing and they can’t justify NOISES around. Most of them end up to be victims.

      To avoid this, we have to learn as much as possible and learn in smart way but not follow blindly. The correct mindset is the prerequisite on any investment. That is the reason why I have to reset the mindset of all my students before teaching them on successful stock investment techniques. When you have a correct mindset, believe me, you will know what to do under whatsoever circumstances.

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