On the recent online training, we had invited the co-founder of the first robo-advisor in Malaysia – Stashaway, to talk about their investment method. The best part I like about their service is the significantly lowered fees:

Annual Fund Management Fee of 0.2%-0.8% only, compared to the usual 1.0-1.5% charged by unit trust management companies.

No withdrawal fee, no minimum balance required, no transaction charge.

Want to learn how they invest your money to ensure growth while maintaining a minimum fee, check out the training:

Stashaway Webinar recording and notes

Too busy to watch the full session? Scan through the notes we prepared. You could see everything in 10 mins. Only available for paid Premium Webinar Members, please find the links below the video.

As a Premium Webinar Member (PWM), you get access to the full recording, video download, and the 11-page notes we put up.


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