You want to trade in Bursa Malaysia. Your knowledge is limited. So you want to learn more. You can start with buying books on investment. There are not many choices of books written by Malaysians author in Malaysia context. But there are endless choices if you include those books written by foreign investment gurus.

Don’t feel like spending money on books? Hey, it is tax deductible up to RM1,000 every year. Ok! Books don’t excite you. You want something free. Or you want something that’s easily accessible, constantly updated and pops up within a few mouse clicks! Here they are — the list of online resources about investing in Bursa Malaysia.


Bursa Malaysia – The official home page of Bursa Malaysia. You can find information about listed companies, statistic, prices, indexes and historical data. There is also a list of brokers with ranking.

ShareInvestor Malaysia – real time prices, IPO performance, important fact sheet, charts, educational articles and webcasts.

The Star Online : Business – Market Watch – Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange – Financial news, real time quotes, financial reports, company announcements, IPO watch etc. There is a free service that lets you track your stock portfolio.

Bursa Malaysia Stock Information – There is a stock calculator that let you compute the commission and trading fees. Listed companies info is linked to Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. It has RSS subcription, which is a really good thing in Web 2.0 environment.

HotStocks | The Hottest Bursa Malaysia Stocks – collections of articles on local investment written by several authors. Most of the authors have their own personal investment blogs.

KLSETRACKER.COM – an independent equities research portal covering All Malaysian Listed Securities

Business Times Online – online financial news, stock watch, market data and IPO watch

A. A. Anthony Securities Sdn. Bhd. – provide company analysis downloadable in pdf format. – Directories of Bursa-Malaysia-related blogs, forums, online brokrages, and financial portals. – last updated in Sept 2007. Now is inactive.


Malaysia-Finance Blogspot – updated consistently by Salvatore Dali. The articles are insightful and thought-provoking. There are sexy lady pictures all within the blog posts. The images has nothing to do with the stock tips. But they are nice 🙂

Where is Ze Moola? – Stock Investing In Bursa Malaysia – updated almost daily with financial news and investing opinion. The blog has been around since 2005.

Trade Bursa Malaysia – find lots of short posts about the investing and financial world. You can have a real time chat with the blog author as long as he is online.

Trading In Bursa Malaysia – regular posting by Swifz since 2005.

TRADE SHARE IN BURSA MALAYSIA – the blog title is full of keywords! But the contents are great and full of technical analysis.

Technical Analysis on KLCI – very active chat box. The blog updates about once fortnightly, providing technical analysis on Bursa Malaysia.

SenseCents – Regularly updated by Smartbiz about market analysis, stock news and investment strategy.

TRADING MALAYSIA – Very professionally maintained blog about asset management and trading education. They have several blog post contributors and update regularly.

SS INVESTING – The blogger, KC (not me) is an active investor. He tells you what stocks to buy.

NextTrade – The blogger, Alex Lu is a remisier. Read his daily commentaries.

BOMOH SAHAM – Tauke saham is not very active in blog posting. However, the chat box is boiling hot.

Amateur Zen Trader – daily commentaries on composite index

Bursa88 – updated daily with articles scrapped from other financial portals. The chat box is active.

STOCTOUCH Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) Breaking Updates – only updated once or none in an entire month. Not very active

StockTube – Daily market commentaries, very insightful articles. This is one of my favourite.

山芭佬的投资组合( ST FUND) – Very rare Chinese investor who blogs in Chinese language.

沙伯盯讲股 – Suppersteam’s Chinese blog about investment in general

TANHIN — you see it and you don’t – another Chinese blog about investment

糊涂投资网 – the blogger shows you want he buys and why.

Bursa Malaysia Trader – Last updated on 5th July 2007. This blog used to provide daily commentaries.

Fusion Investor – The author, Seng enjoy investing in the stock market. Catch him at the chat box.

A Malaysian Turtle Investing Diary – the blogger update his portfolio and give commentaries on the market daily.

CHAP AYAM “THE STOCKAHOLIC” RESEARCH (KLSE) – by Tauke Saham with daily commentaries and portfolio monitoring.

Pirate of Batavia – by Bearissimo since Aug 2007

Talking Stock With The Doc – Doc Noble stays in Kuala Lumpur and blog about stock regularly.

Bursa Malaysia Company Research – Last updated on April 11,2006. Basically a dead blog.

Hot tips for Bursa Malaysia shares trading – last updated on 26 December, 2006. But the chat box is still active.

Alibaba and 40 thefts – last updated on 24th October, 2007. I wonder why the blogger is inactive for so many months.

Bursa Bull Trader – blog posts are not regular. You can ask the blogger question in the chat box.


Sahamas – over 826 members.

Malaysia Stock Market Forum – have over 7396 members. A good place for stock investing discussions. – Bursa Malaysia Stock Forum – over 1077 members Forum – Over 911 members.

Talk and Share : Malaysia Stock Market (KLSE Bursa) – by Leremy and Ben. I wrote a review about this website here.

TradeSignum Forum – forum frequently used by TradeSignum’s members

Stocks General Discussion – CariGold Forum – one section of the famous Carigold forum.

Tools – easy search box that display stock’s chart and historical data.

Sharesmyway KLSE Bursa Malaysia Live Stock Quotes Online – free portfolio monitoring tools

The Star Online : Business – News – free portfolio monitoring – provide technical chart tools, market analysis and financial news.


The following sites require subscription fees in order to access members-only information and reports/.

Bursa Tracker – wholly owned, managed and operated by A.A.Anthony Securities Sdn. Bhd. This portal provide real time technical analysis charting, live streaming quotes and online trading platform, and also real time stock analysis. – company research and reports for a yearly fees. It is hard to navigate or search. But the reports are awesome.

zoomFinance – provide chart commentaries and hand phone real time updates.

BizFun – RM90/3-months subscription fees to access historical data and EOD data of equities, derivatives, indices and world index.

MSOL :: Myshare Online Sdn Bhd – technical charting tools

P.I Capital – Trading Course – sign up for daily PI stocks and future newsletter ( RM2400/year)

Next View – NextVIEW offers premium service packages for users who need to access to Asian markets

KLSEdaily.COM brings you all KLSE data & klse EOD – RM168/year and RM100/renewal. Provides EOD data download.

Online Brokerage

Do you know any sites that should be included in this list? Contact me.

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    • Susan Nair

      KLCI TRADE: BUY 8000 SHARES OF DRBHCOM(1619) AT 2.18 WITH TARGET- 2.23 AND SL- 2.13

      KLCI TRADE: BUY 5000 SHARES IN PENTA(7160) AT 2.53 WITH TARGET- 2.60 AND SL- 2.48

      PM me for assistance on holdings or more stock tips or whatsapp me @@+60 11579 68067

    • belinda

      hello sir, i’m looking for company list in bursa malaysia (for KLCI & FBM Hijrah) but i dont find it anywhere,,, i just need information about how much stock for every sector. i kind of find it on factsheet on FTSE, but they just provide the data from 2015, while i need the company list from 2000,,, i really hope you can help me with the information, i’ll really appreciate it

      • KCLau

        You might need to contact Bursa Malaysia directly for the info.

    • sam

      Hi Mr Kclau,

      I’m fresh grad,interested in joining bursa malaysia junior talent program.

      Do u have any insights about this programme?

      Any tips for my interview?

      What are the hiring managers at bursa looking for?

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    • Andre Ooi

      You can add this in your brokers list.
      I use them and they are quite good with very competitive fees.

    • CH Tan

      Lau, a big surprise to see you also include my half-dead blog!
      anyhow good compilations of financial blogs,thanks

    • Adam Chua provide free daily share tips and technical analysis too

    • B-Lam

      How to get started in the share mkt. Very Fresh & with limited $$$. pls advise.

      Share $$$$$$$$

    • AltonDelmote

      Nice post. Really I liked it.


    • […] KCLau presents Everything you are looking for about Bursa Malaysia posted at KCLau’s Money Tips. A detailed look at resources around the Malaysian stock […]

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      thank for great info…

    • Penny Stock Alerts

      Thanks for the great and informative blog.

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      You miss my blog also

    • MalaysiaEconomic

      This is a good source for Bursa Malaysia knowledge-base.

    • KCLau

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    • alan

      Very Comprehensive Info & link.

      Well done!

    • KCLau

      Via iphone (爱疯)

    • Charms Jack stock analyst.

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    • TopForeignStocks

      Thanks for the great compilation of sites on Bursa Malaysia. It will use add a link sometime in my post so that others can benefit as well.

    • You miss out my blog!

    • KCLau

      Hope it will be helpful to you

    • Chad @ Sentient Money

      Those are some serious resources. I will have to check them out. Admittedly, I don't know much about the Malaysian business environment, but I'm always looking to find something before everyone else does.

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