Colbert Low, one of the earliest Bitcoin user in Malaysia, and also the founder, shared about this digital currency and how it may affect the way you keep your money online.

Bitcoin is a protocol. Some people call it magic Internet money, some call it e-cash, but what it is, is a global payment system. It’s the best of both worlds.

People nowadays like digital stuff like digital books, digital walls, and like Bitcoins, digital cash. Everything is digital because people don’t like to wait nowadays.

Imagine going out for lunch and you decided to split the bill between ten friends. One of these friends would say, “Oh, I have a RM 100. How many of you will split it?” If you have Bitcoins on our phone, you simply have to scan a QR code and instantly pay your friend back. It’s borderless and it’s much faster because it confirms in a few minutes.

An example of Bitcoin as a global payment system is, for example, sending money to your friend in, say, South America. It’s pretty easy. Go online to a website, send some Bitcoins, and receive confirmation in about one or two minutes. Compare this to going to Maybank, for instance, a TT will take about 24 to 48 hours to clear.

Bitcoin is said to be created by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto. Some people say he’s British, some say he’s Japanese – no one’s really sure. Some people even say he’s an alien.

Bitcoins are decentralized and are peer-to-peer. I’m sure normal people are put off by these terms, but techies love them. What do these words mean?

Bitcoins are Decentralized

Bitcoins are decentralized meaning, in contrast to Paypal or Western Union, Bitcoin servers are all around the world. We call these servers “Bitcoin nodes.” Anyone can install a Bitcoin Node. I can even install it on my RM 1000 laptop – Dell, or HP, or whatever and turn it in to a Bitcoin Node. These nodes are used specifically to confirm transactions and make sure that there are no fake transactions running in the system.

So, unlike Paypal, there is no central server, which makes it a really secure system. If you’re a tech guy you know that central servers can get DOS attacks, for example. This can cause you to go offline and lose business in a snap.

If you go to you can see all the nodes around the world. I think there is currently about 100 thousand nodes around the world.

Supply of Bitcoin

Let’s talk about Bitcoin and the supply of Bitcoin. You can, theoretically, reach a supply of 21 million Bitcoins. So, if you compare it to, let’s say, U.S. dollar or traditional currencies, they are not backed by gold. They came off of the system in the 70’s. This means that they can print as much money as they want.

With Bitcoin, there’s a limited supply of about 21 million. So, think of it as gold which is also limited in amount. Being limited, therefore, the value for each Bitcoin will rise and go higher on a yearly basis.

Bitcoin is a micro-currency

The great thing about Bitcoin is that it’s a micro-currency which you can divide in to eight decimals. So, say, you have one Bitcoin. You can divide this and add two more zeroes after the dot (.001). That is called a millibitcoin.

Say you divide the Bitcoin and add five zeroes. That becomes a microbitcoin. The smallest unit of Bitcoin is called a Satoshi. I don’t know why someone would call it Satoshi, but it sounds cool, I guess.

So, imagine, say, one Bitcoin is worth, for example, RM 1 million. Say you have some on your phone – how are you going to send it to our friend? You’re not going to send $1 million are you? What you do is you divide it.

Let’s say, I want to pay my friend RM 1. I just send him, maybe 0.000001 Bitcoin if the price is RM 1 million for one Bitcoin – currently, the price is about RM 400 (at the time Colbert shared about Bitcoin during the webinar in August 2013, the price is around RM400. But in December when this article is published, the price is around RM4000 = 10 times!). Your software or application can do a special calculation to send just RM 1.

Low Transaction Fee

One good thing about Bitcoin is the network fees/transaction fees. If you use Western Union, or Moneygram, or Maybank to do a TT the charges could be quite high. It could be RM 10, RM 20, or even 1%.

I have a friend in Canada who has a lumber business – timber. He sells to different people around the world. Sometimes, the bank will charge crazy fees like 1%. So, let’s say he supposedly gets $1 million in his account. The bank will charge 1%. That’s like $10,000 just for one transaction of selling/trading a ton of lumber. It’s pretty crazy. That’s the traditional payment system.

For Premium Webinar Members, you can watch the full explanation about Bitcoin, and how you can buy, sell and profit from it here:




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    • bkpintar

      Feels like the post was half-written…. What’s the conclusion? Should we buy bitcoin? Suitable for what kind of investor? Pros/cons?

    • Amirul Zamir

      Anyone need bitcoin book in malay version, pls msg me at +60123938249

    • Mosako nomimoto

      I know bitcoin year 2014 . Im study and study all fact of bitcoin .how bitcoin works .
      You can get all secure info from
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      Im print and liminate digital wallet address and keep safe ( this is cal # cool storage #

      Im always tell my friends about bitcoin.
      But only one believe to buy bitcoin from 100 people .

      So many negative think about this Bitcoin.

      Today 2017
      1 Bitcoin = RM 23,500
      Im always smile and sukor alhamdulillah.
      Study carefully
      Make a right action
      Whatever action you make today
      Will be help you in future
      Beleive your self

      • idris

        sound interesting may i know more about bitcoin thru your experience.

    • faiz adha

      how to make a prediction to this BITCOIN..when i put money without knowing the future could be a financial risk to me.. if u kindly can teach me or show me any videos or whatever so that i can learn how make a future prediction and pattern.. Thank you

      • KCLau

        I don’t know how to predict that. I think most people’s guesses are as good as betting in the casino.

      • Mosako nomimoto

        You shoud study bitcoin works carefully before ask this question.
        You shourt get the right and secure info from secure web site.
        Bitcoin is create to rise up the price
        Totally different from fiat money ( usd ringgit )
        Simple to understand
        Bitcoin fix supply and unlimated demand
        Fiat money haves infasi . Every year value of ringgit usd become more cheaper and cheaper.
        At the same time you can google web site
        #predict bitcoin year 2020,2050
        Bitcoin have more then 10 fact to rise up
        2 factor to drop

      • Mosako

        Nobody in this word can predict bitcoin price in future.
        Main factor why bitcoin rate rise
        Is fixed supply. Unlimited demand.
        Digital money design for rise the rate future
        Totally different from fiat money.

        • Prem

          Does banks in Malaysia allow us to do online transaction if we Wana purchase any of the cryptocurrency..which are the banks allow direct transaction to the platform? Because banks in Singapore don’t allow this.. can you advise?

      • mosako nomisomo

        You can read latest news
        From coindesk
        Or reddit

        But aleays keep in maind
        Nobody can’t predict actualy bitcoin price future.

        Main fact. Digital money always rise from down

        Limated suplly / fix supply like gold
        Unlimated demand year to year

        Design of digital money is anti infasi
        Design of fiat money is infasi

        10 year value of usd down
        Same wth ringgit to usd
        5 year value down more 147% ( 2013 to 2017)

        Digital money design for anti infasi
        Totally different design fiat money.

    • philip

      need someone to assist in creating wallets for alt coins such as siacoin, verge and digibyte. i am facing problems when downloading these wallets. anyone to assist? willing to meet and learn.


      • mosako nomisomo

        You csn do it your self

        Why need company from malaysia?????

    • kalai

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      be careful many fake company which are not listed in blockchain..

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      • kitty

        bitclub mining is in bnm alert list

        • Mosako nomimoto

          For more secure
          Buy bitcoin direct by LUNO
          Wirex. Blockchain

    • david

      Hi I am a canadian citizen here in penang on vacation. I would like to purchase some bitcoins to send overseas to another friend. Not much… around 300 to 400 usd. I have never used bitcoin before, nor am I that familiar with it. Can anyone advise where I can purchase a small amount of bitcoin here in Penang?

    • Wong

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      • Philip Yeoh

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    • ABA

      How to buy NEM(XEM) in Malaysia?

      • Mosako nomimoto

        More easy by NEM from singapore .
        More secure

    • Adan

      Hello KC,would like to check with u,iszit yayasan also invest in bitcoin?

    • CY


      Any bitcoin expert based in Penang? I’m interested to learn more, how to buy, trade, etc. Thanks

    • Summer

      Hi I’m interested to play bitcoin can give guidance? Thanks

      • James.T

        Hi Summer, would you mind sharing your contact details? I could explain to you in details about Bitcoin. Have a nice day 🙂

      • Mosako nomimoto

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    • samratbh03

      May i know what’s distinctive about BitCoin and M Coins?

    • JL dog

      Where do you think/estimate the tip price of bitcoin is at short terms since the price is surging so much

    • Muthuraman

      I’m interested on buying bitcoin. Please let me more details about it.

      • Sivadas

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        How its work?? same as bitcoin??

    • Sathya

      Good day all,

      As the Bitcoin price increased rapidly, most of this “investment companies” or also known as ponzi scheme have ceased their operation, causing losses to hundreds of people.

      Everyone should aware that high returns always comes with high risks.

      BITX is temporarily stops all deposits and withdrawals through Malaysian local banks.
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    • Alien

      Invest through Everything was good until recently Maybank close their account. At this moment, no trading is allowed, only coin transfer allowed.
      Anyone know what is going on?
      What about CoinHako and BitX? Reliable?


      • Mriganka

        Hi there,

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    • willie

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      Hi i would like to know whether by having this Bitcoin, will we be paid any interest monthly? Will i be paid any amount or interest per month for having this amount in my account? Someone told me that we will be paid an interest of 1% per day. 1 BTC after 1 month or 30 days = 1 BTC + 0.3 BTC = 1.3 BTC. Is it true? An expert would like to explain more on Bitcoin at Ampang.

    • tarinno sably rusidi

      Bitkingdom is a company own by community using bitcoin. Simply cll bitcoin bank community

    • RJ

      Would like know more about Bitcoin and how the investing works ? I.m from Penang and will be more interested if we can meet up ..Thanks

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        Hey RJ,
        Have u fpu

      • Anne

        Hey have you found anyone to explain how bitcoin works in Penang? Its very straight forward. Let me know if you further info.cheers

      • amirul

        please leave your num

    • Andy

      Did bitcoin and bitkingdom are same?

      • mosako nomisomo
    • zed

      I am interested in this bitcoin thing… I would like to learn more about it for it could be a great solution to my current fainancial problems

      • Kath

        Hey zed. Per bitcoin will cost you rm2550( it’s a good time to buy). You will also get your weekly interest which can varies from 90 to 120. It depends on the value of the bitcoin at that time. Interested can in touch with me

    • Kandasamy Karuppan

      Interested to know more about bitcoin investment in malaysia.

      • Mugain

        Can write to me.

        • Vinay

          I would to learn How to buy and sell bitcoin and a platform for jt

    • Sean

      Hi i would like to know whether by having this Bitcoin, will we be paid any interest monthly? Lets say i have an account with RM2000 worth of Bitcoin. Will i be paid any amount or interest per month for having this amount in my account?

      • KCLau

        Bitcoin is a commodity, no interest income I am afraid.

        • Sean

          Ok sir. Just for clarification as i came across a group whereby thye sell this Bitcoin as so called a online wallet for a value of RM2000 and given an interest of 1% per day. So you’ll earn a amount of RM600 for a month with 30days. Is it approved by Bank Negara for this so called business. Please advice me as i saw alot of them investing plenty of money on this thing.

          • KCLau

            I wouldn’t invest in any scheme that looks too good to be true. The return is insane and nobody can produce that return over the long term. Smell ponzi to me.

            • g

              A Ponzi scheme (also a Ponzi game or a Ponzi) is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources

              Bitcoin is a free software project with no central authority. Consequently, no one is in a position to make fraudulent representations about investment returns.
              Like other major currencies such as gold, United States dollar, euro, yen, etc. there is no guaranteed purchasing power and the exchange rate floats freely. This
              leads to volatility where owners of bitcoins can unpredictably make or lose money. Beyond speculation, Bitcoin is also a payment system with useful and
              competitive attributes that are being used by thousands of users and businesses.

          • Anne

            I am doing bitcoin and yes it depends on interest rate you are about to make from let’s say rm400 to 600 ( varies). It’s online mining which is done which is legal.

            • mosako nomisomo

              Buy 10 bitcoin
              Date 1/1/2017 USD 1,000
              Sale 10 Bitcoin
              Date 26/11/2017 USD 9,000

              Bitcoin profit is from quantity of Bitcoin your hoalding time different amount you buy and sale .

              Ini this above chase
              Proffit ia USD 8,000
              ( exluding fees by exchange bitcoin ttrading )

              Each exchange trading different rate fees
              Pls check this fees
              Before you make any transaction
              Buyer trasaction fees
              Sale trasaction fees

              Bitcoin ia not like a Bank.
              Totally no interest
              Like fix deposit.
              Bitcoin ia not a company
              Not belong to someone or company

              Be carefully ponzi compang, mining
              Use secure information bitcoin/ digital money and manupulite data tu ponzi
              High return!!!

              If you careless
              Your money GONE FOREvER

              Not becouse Bitcoin
              Becouse self mistake.

          • Devon Buy

            Hi Sean,

            Those programmes you see with guaranteed fixed monthly returns are usually always ponzi schemes. It is best to stay away from them as they don’t usually last long and the returns are dubious. If you’re interested in building returns in cryptocurrencies, I would recommend going into bitcoin mining. However, bitcoin mining has to be done in a pool at the right conditions in order for it to be profitable and sustainable. I have been mining for 9 months so far and it has been very profitable. If you would like to know how, just send me a message at 012-3060209. Thank you.

          • mosako nomisomo

            This not the way Bitcoin works
            This not the way you get bitcoin

            Advise. Not join this company.

            Bitcoin buy and sale DIRECT
            Your proffit 100% is yours.
            Just pay small exchange transaction fees

    • Kumiko

      May i know what’s different about BitCoin & M Coins?

      • KCLau

        I have no idea about M Coins.

      • Mosako

        Bitcoin is legal digital money
        List in
        All exchange trading digital money
        M coin not listed in
        Ranking exchange trading
        If not listed you. You know it real digital money or fake digital money

    • Diana

      I interest for this bitcoin, can i know more for this ?

      • Mosako

    • Foo Jee hai

      I want understand about Bitcoin,have any person can explain to us

    • Richard

      I would like to know more about bitcoin in Malaysia.
      Please let me know if we can meet in Solaris.

      • KCLau

        Richard, you can look for Colbert Low from Bitcoin Malaysia.

        • Zam

          Can bitcoin convert to cash ? And how can i and where can i cash it.

          • KCLau

            There are brokers in Malaysia that you can transfer your bitcoin to the wallet in this brokers. Then it can be withdrawn to your local bank.

            • amirul

              Which is the best platform to trade on bitcoin?

            • Aloysius

              Hi, can i know how to do that? Or is there any platform that we can do that? Because currently i have bitcoins in my wallet(Not support Malaysia), but idk how to transfer it to my Malaysia back account.

            • Aloysius

              Or where could i find those brokers?

            • Devon Buy

              Hi Aloysius,

              Go to and search for the exchange listed under Malaysia in this directory listing. Go with the Luno one as that is the one I personally use. You will be able to move fluidly between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies once your account is fully set up and running.

              If you need any help or guidance, please feel free to contact me at 012-3060209.

              All the best,

              DEVON BUY

      • Azman

        Hi Tichardhave u joined Bitcoin?

        • mosako nomisomo

          Bitcoin is totaly not ponzi or skim cepat kaya. No need to join.

          Bitcoin is currency. Like usd pound
          If you buy usd dollar we buy at money changer or bank.

          Bitcoin buy
          1. Online bitcoin exchange trading
          Like Blockchain, bitstamp, coinbase, luno

          2. ATM bitcoin michenin
          For safety proposed go to singapore
          ( bitcoin is legal currency by bank central of singapore (MAS).
          Malaysia expected to legal currency by Bank negara Malaysia by 31 december 2017. Just wait bank negara regulate or not this digital money.

          Macam biasa kita slow action. Terutama
          Melibatkan technolgy computer baru (blockchain technology).

          Kita selalu jadi # follower # not
          # creator #

          So kita bole anggap ATM bitcoin as exchange trading on line

          Paling selamat dan secure
          Buy bitcoin/ sale bitcoin dari ATM bitcoin

          Online. high risk
          Hacker just waiting trader mistake
          Then your money gone forever
          Need set out your note book a high security
          Very strong password
          Secure web site connection
          https:// good
          http:// bad connection

          For beginner
          Buy Bitcoin
          Sale Bitcoin
          At ATM bitcoin singapore.

          • HhaiqQ Lee

            Thanks dude!
            Sangat membantu!

          • Adan

            Dear Sir, i appreciate if you could assist me to provide list of ATM BTC in Singapore.

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