Great Eastern Life Malaysia launched a new product early this year – MediCare 100. Most health plans in the market only cover the life assured up to age 70. Medicare 100 is designed to meet your changing health needs and protects you up to age 100. What’s more, your coverage will increase by 10% each year until a maximum of 200%*. This will help cushion the effects of inflation on the value of the plan.


For easy illustration, I will list down the main features, benefit and premium of a 30 years old male, non smoker eligible to purchase MediCare 100.

Benefit before age 70 next birthday

a) Hospital Room & Board (Limit per Day subject to a maximum of 180 days for insured benefits (a) & (b) – RM150
b) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (limit per day subject to a maximum of 180 days for insured benefits (a) & (b) – Reasonable and customary charges
c) Hospital Supplies & Services, Day Care Benefit, Surgical Expenses, Organ Transplant, Pre- & Post-Hospitalisation Treatment – Reasonable & customary charges, subject to co-insurance (10% of eligible medical expenses, max RM500)
d) Emergency Accident Outpatient Treatment – RM3000/year
e) Outpatient Cancer Treatment (per lifetime limit) – RM20,000/life time
f) Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment – RM40,000/life time
g) Annual Overall Limit – RM90,000
h) Lifetime Overall Limit – RM300,000
i) Government Hospital Daily Cash Allowance (per day) – RM50 per day max 120 days
j) Executive Second Opinion – In accordance with benefit provision in Executive Second Opinion
k) Supreme Assist (Emergency Assistance Services) – In accordance with benefit provision in Supreme Assist Agreement

Benefit on age 70 next birth day and above

Medical Care Benefit (hospital R&B, ICU, Hospital Supplies & Services, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy, Outpatient Surgery, Pre- & Post-Hosp treatment, Emergency Acc O/Patient Treatment, Traditional Medical Treatment, Dental & Vision Care, Medical Equipment-hearing aid, wheel chair, walking aid) —- As charged, subject to annual overall limit of 20% of current sum assured and lifetime overall limit of 100% of current sum assured

Home Care Benefit (requires assistance to perform any of the activities of Transfer, Mobility, Continence, Dressing, Bathing/Washing, Eating) —- Lump sum payment, subject to annual overall limit of 20% of current sum assured and lifetime overall limit of 100% of current sum assured

Benefits throughout the policy term

  • Original Sum Assured (Death, TPD, Terminal Illness & Maturity Benefit) – RM50,000
  • Max Current Sum Assured (Sum assured increases 10% every year until maximum of 100% after 10th year) – RM100,000

Premium charged on a 30-year-old male, non-smoker, occupation class 1&2 is RM2040.50/year payable until age 69 next birthday.

Surrender Value is available (please refer to ACTUAL Quotation from the Agent)
Maturity Benefit is payable upon age 100 at the amount of MAX Current Sum Assured


Download the details illustration for all age:medicare-100.xls

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    36 replies to "Great Eastern MediCare 100: Protected up to hundred years old"

    • Amdrew Tan

      My parent has Great Eastern medical card and recently stopped without notify us. We only realise when we did not receive annual statement like before. Went to counter to check and we were informed the policy lapsed when my parent reached 70. Bit I remember the policy suppose to cover up to 100?

      • KCLau

        The earlier medical cards only cover till 70.

    • MilL3nnium Falcon

      Good morning KC,

      My Dad is 75 and looking to buy medical insurance as his existing one will mature by 2019. Any good products that you can recommend for someone of his age?


      HT Tan

      • KCLau

        I am not aware of any medical policy that covers entry age >70.
        Try write in to the insurance companies to ask for more details.

    • Saleha

      I need a great eastern agent. A.s.a.p.
      I wish to apply the medical card for hospitalisation n surgical.

    • VIMALA

      i am looking for an insurance for 55 year old mother who is diabetic patient. Requesting you to please let me know which is suitable life &medical plan

    • Betty Kwek

      Currently I have a medical insurance policy n will mature soon. I m looking for a medical insurance to cover me till 80 years or more.

      Thank u.

      • KCLau

        Betty, please email me with your contact number if you need me to refer someone who can assist you. Thanks.


      i am looking for an insurance for 78 year old father who is hypertensive otherwise fit

    • Peggy How


      Do you have any insurance coverage for woman age above 70?

    • KS

      Wish to know what is the plan for woman age 67.

    • Vinod Annukaran

      I am looking for medical insurance for my parents;
      DAD – 75 years old suffering from COPD, hypertension
      MOM – 63 years old suffering from diabetes
      Requesting you to please let me know which is suitable medical plan

    • madam lechumy

      Hi sir, previously l have endowment policy with GE and already due on 2016.l M intended to purchase new great Eastern Medicare 100 yrs asap seems l don’t HV any much yrly am l hv to pay >DOB: 21/07/1963..h/p: 012-5512713.arrange agent to liase with me.thanks.

    • Lyhua

      I have existing medical AIA Excelcare and i would like to know whether in anyway i can add on a medical care insurance till age 100 years.

    • John Devaraj

      My name is John and I am interested to take up Medicare 100 for my mum aged 71 here I need to know is she eligible for a medical card for hospital and surgical plan it’s premium any exclusion and what is the waiting period to use the card pls advice sir & tq

    • Gopal Nair

      I’m interested in MediCare100 for both my in-laws. My father in law is 69 and my mother in law is 60. Please advise if they are qualified.

      • Richard Rozario

        I am 70 old and my wife is 63 years old
        Is there a policy that you could recommend

    • Michelle


      Can a 75 years old (birthday in April) enrol in this insurance?. Is there any with medical card issued?



      • KCLau

        Hi Michelle, I am afraid that this policy is no longer offered.
        You will need to talk to an insurance agent to find other alternatives. If you need my introduction, please email me with your mobile number.

    • Shalini

      HI KCLau!

      May i know the list of medical plans in GE which are not on shelf anymore?

    • Danny E Mopilin

      I am OAC-Assist, Holder( Policy no.H0002563) for 20 year years, i am 57 yr old. would like to get a medical insurance, i am a well managed diabetic patience. pls adv. my

      • Chan

        Hi sir. Do you get any insurance? Do you need me to give you some advice? Thanks.

    • mutalib

      I am 56, looking for a medical insurance (takaful preferably). can you advise pl

      • KCLau

        HI Mutalib,
        Please email your contact to to schedule an appointment with one of my trusted associates.

    • liow

      I am 53 year old. I am having diabetes for two year. what is the Medical plan for me to buy. the cheaper plain.

    • christine

      Hospital ROOM – per day RM150 & yearly claiming RM90,000. can I have this plan. How much to pay monthly. I am 49 year Lady (Medical plan)

    • tor

      i want to purchase medical insurance (hospitalization and surgical) and an agent recommended Great Medicare 2. There are how many types of medical insurance by Great Eastern ? What are the major differences between them?

      For Great Medicare 2, the Room and Board are rm150, 200, 300 & 400. If currently, rm150 is the cheapest R & B available at private hospitals, what happen if in 10 years time, the same R & B has become rm250 due to inflation and etc. The insurance company still pay only rm150 for R & B as per policy ?

      How the 20% co-insurance if upgrade R & B works? How to determine if there is an upgrade if in time to come, the cost of R & B will definitely be much higher than the current plan that i purchased.

      Is it true that the premium for Great Medicare 2 is fixed throughout the years if ILP ? OR the insurance company has the rights to request policy holders to pay higher premium in later years due to higher medical cost. IS the insurance company relying on the investment returns to off-set the higher medical cost? Meaning to say that if investment returns are lower than projected, one will need to top-up the premium?
      The premiums in the early years are usually higher compared to non-ILP medical insurance (stand alone medical insurance) to ‘smooth’ out the premium over the whole policy period ? (for stand alone medical insurance, premium will increase over the years).

      I am male, aged 31. my budget is about rm3K per year. I want to purchase medical insurance + life + CI + PA. What is your recommendation? Your comments are highly appreciated.

    • chee

      I think of changing my current Medicare100 insurance to supreme living care plus.
      How much will be my lost as my Medicare100 is coming to its 3rd.year?
      My current age is 54+ and my current Medicare100 sum insured is 50k without the great medicare rider.


      I have three children age 7, 8 and 10 years old. What type of policy should I buy ?
      By the way, I live in Kuantan.

      • KCLau

        Hi Sia,

        It depends on what is the purpose of the insurance. The basic need is medical and savings for education.
        Investment-linked plan can suit most of the needs.

    • malar

      I am looking to purchase a medical-health insurance for myself aged 25 years old this year 14th may.. I shall appreciate it if you can send me the relevant information for my consideration.

      • Rachel

        Hi Malar , Maybe i can help to give you a solution, drop me and email then i will provide you the way .


          Dear Malar! 1st all i would like to thank u for interested in medical-health insurance. Pls e-mail me u addresss and contact no. Thank u.

    • Tee

      I am looking to purchase a medical-health insurance for my daughter who is 21 years old. I shall appreciate it if you can send me the relevant information for my consideration.

      • frances foo

        Dear Tee,

        Can you give me your email address or tel number so that i can send you the relevant quotation?

        Please do not hesitate to email me at or contact me via 012-2800626 or 012-4860626.

        Since your daughter still young, she can puchase Prulady for lady disease such as SLE, servick cancer and etc.


        1st of all i would like to thank u for u interrested in medical-health insurance for u daughter. May i have u contact no? U full address pls ! Then i will contact u. Thank you.

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