Did you have any bad experience with vehicle insurance claim? Since almost every working adult in this country owns and drives a car, here is a story experienced by SC that may concern you as a vehicle owner. Read the full story here shared by SC in his own words.

In mid February, I was driving somewhere near Jelutong Express Way, when someone knocked the back of my car. I went down to take a look. The car boot is dented and lifted up, and hence cannot be closed. The bumper is still intact but is slightly lowered. Some scratches are seen on the body.

The other guy did not want to give me any information. The only thing I got is the number plate. Fine, so I went straight to the police station (he didn’t follow), lodged a report. The police told me if the other guy does not lodge a report, then my case will be forever hanging and there is no way I can claim his insurance (you don’t really believe the police to go after the culprit, do you? There are hundreds of accident cases…).

So I prayed that he find his conscience and make a report. The next day, anxious to know whether the other guy (hereafter known as 3rd party) has made a report, I called the police station, and very lucky of me, he did.

Knowing that I am now able to claim for 3rd party insurance, I brought my car to the ‘original brand’ service centre (please make this anonymous). The service centre person took over my car and said it should be fast. For the rest of the week (actually around 9 days), I had to borrow my parents’ car.

In the next few days, I went to the police station to bug the police officer assigned to my case to give me the investigation result (you need this for the claim). Finally got it (he is a kind policeman, in fact, since I got it quite smoothly). I gave this to the service centre person. The next document I need (besides my report, 3rd party report which you can buy at the police station and the investigation result) is the 3rd party insurance info. The service guy said it can be easily obtained from JPJ, but I need a letter of authorization from MSIG first.

So I called up MSIG to ask for that. Personally I walked over under the hot sun from my office to Menara MWE (MSIG office) to get that letter, which states that MSIG authorizes so and so to collect 3rd party insurance info from JPJ Seberang Jaya.

I took a half day leave and went over to JPJ Seberang Jaya. After the queues and waiting, to my disappointment, the JPJ person said since Dec 2008, they no longer issue such info to people in the branch office. All applications must be sent to Putrajaya. I called JPJ Putrajaya and the person said I need to send a letter with RM20 wang pos.

Not believing this (how come I never heard this before, and the service person never told me), I went back to the service centre and the service person also didn’t know about this. Even MSIG also don’t know. I emailed JPJ to ask and the answer I got is “only Insurance Company can apply for this, and they must write to Putrajaya directly (not to branch office in Penang). So now I got 2 conflicting info (one from this email, one from the earlier call to Putrajaya).

I called again JPJ Putrajaya and this time got routed to officer in charge, and the lady told me that the email is correct, that they only entertain insurance company. I asked, what if I buy 3rd party insurance where I cannot claim for OD-KFK (own damage, knock-for-knock, only for 1st party insurance where you claim through your own company) and no insurance company to help me apply for this JPJ info? The answer I got is both hilarious and outrageous – “Who asked you to buy 3rd party insurance?”

I have to call back MSIG and MSIG asserted that they never do this. Only workshops do all the JPJ paperwork. WTF! I bought their 1st party insurance and when come to claim, they don’t want to help me? What’s so secretive about 3rd party insurance info? It is just a company name + policy number. Why can’t it be made public? Our Datuk Ong Tee Keat has to work hard to restructure JPJ…. The next time if I am so unfortunate again, I will just go straight to those 3rd party workshops and forget the hassle (but have to live with the doubt that my car might have been ‘modified’)….

Summary of the Bad Experience

Shared by SC himself:

Can you believe my scenario???:

1) claim for OD-KFK requires 3rd party insurance info, i.e. the insurance of the car that knocked me.
2) Went to JPJ to inquire of 3rd party insurance info.
3) JPJ said cannot give; they only give to insurance company. They ask me to go back to the insurance company.
4) Went to MSIG, MSIG said they never do this.
5) Instead of solving my problem, they ask me to go hire someone from 3rd party workshop to do this for me, through ‘side doors’.
6) My situation is a dead lock (JPJ don’t want to deal with me, and MSIG don’t want to deal on my behalf). What is this country? So we cannot solve problems through front door and must go through the back door?

What I can say is – MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

Update 22 April 2009

After this posting, the Penang manager Mr Chia actually called up SC. SC told me that Mr.Chia already clarified that for OD-KFK claim (means you buy 1st party insurance, and the other guy who knocked you is at fault proven by the police investigation decision report), we actually do not need to get 3rd party insurance info.

SC said:

Strange dunno why my workshop never informed me about this. Anyway, my problem is no longer a problem. In conclusion, the next time you are a 1st party insurance policy holder, just get the police reports and the investigation decision report. All are easily obtainable from the police counter (with a catch, provided the investigating officer can complete the investigation on time).
I appreciate the promptness of the response from MSIG and Mr Chia, and I’m satisfied with the customer service from MSIG.

I guess this is the magic of blogs and internet. Without this, my problem probably will be swept under the carpet.

Do you have any bad experience you want to share? Contact me or feedback in the comment section below.

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    21 replies to "Bad Experience of Car Insurance Claim"

    • Edwin

      After reading all the comments, it still leaves me bewildered as to the complex Claim procedures the Ins companies make policy holders have to negotiate.

      I have had experience of Allianz and when I had my accident, police report vindicated me and fined the other driver. So I applied to Allianz for repairs..it would have only been around RM1k estimated. The authorised repair shop it wld take 5 days at least and I wld have to leave my car with them.. am a one car person and that won’t do. My regular repair shop was just across road from authorised shop so I went to ask them and they said it cld be done within 3 days.. to allow paint to dry properly. So I went through the motions talking to Allianz to do this.. after much negotiations it was approved and they wld only agree up to a certain value – I could live with that. Had to fill-in loads of forms and await adjuster from Allianz.. all this took a few weeks. Then when I really decided to go ahead, planned to be without car for a few days i approached Allianz to proceed, I was passed to another dept and a whole new set of forms was sent to me.. for similar information that they already had.. I was not happy to do it all again when they had all the information already when I originally filed the initial claim.. I don’t know how Malaysians can put up with this.. I decided not to go ahead with repairs as I felt I cld live with the damage..

      I have now decided not to renew with Allianz, as they don’t seem to care and I am looking around for a company that has better claims record..Anyone have any comments on AIG?

    • Thiban

      My Name is Parthiban. On 4th of August 2011 i met with an accident in KM345 PLUS Highway. I lodged a report in Tapah Police Station. My car was towed to Kheen Mun Motor Workshop Sdn. Bhd. in Ipoh. I waited for my car to be repaired for 4 months.

      In December 2011 I started to taking things in my own hands and start chasing the workshop. According to the workshop they have already submitted the technical report to the insurance company by 15th of August 2011 which is 10 days from the day of the accident but the Insurance company has not arranged for an adjuster to check on the vehicle till December 2011.

      I called up Am Insurance claims departments on 8th of December 2011 and inquired Miss Yusmalela Kahar on the status and the cause of delay in my claims. According to her she cant proceed with the claims until she has the accident scene pictures. On 9th of December 2011at 12.37pm i emailed Miss Yusmalela the five pictures of the accident scene. Uppon receiving the pictures Miss Yusmalela promised me to expedite the claims ASAP.

      On 8th of January 2012 i received a phone call from the accident claims dept Am Insurance informing me my file has been forwarded to the Total Lost Claims Dept and the value is set at 62,000. Am Insurance officer also gave me some contact details to the Total Lost Claims Dept (Tel:03-4047 800, Contact Person Puan Nora Ext: 8278 and Cik Maria Ext:4749). The very same day Kheen Mun Workshop from Ipoh called me informing about the Total Lost Claim.

      I Called Puan Norah on 9th January 2012 to confirm the case and to inquire on the duration needed for her to process my case. She told me she will need one or two weeks the most to settle the case and then she will call and update me. I waited patiently and called Puan Norah on 10th of February 2012 to which she responded saying your case JUST reached our dept on 8th January 2012 and u have to wait its on my boss’s desk and i’ll call u back in two days. She never called.

      Its 21st of march 2012 today. Its has been 7months and 17 days I’m still waiting for my claims to go through. I can’t buy any new car due to the delay in claim processing by Insurance company as I’m still paying for my damaged vehicle loan for the past 7 months. I’m a business man whom need to travel on daily basis to meet my clients and customers.

      How long will it take for an Insurance company to process any claims. According to Bank Negara 14 days to process. Please help me out here.

      Vehicle No : WMV 7685
      Model : SSANGYONG REXTON RX270xdi A
      Police Report No : K002108/2011
      Insurance Company : AMG Insurance
      Policy No : V3559998 CVP Motor Private Car
      Insured : 03345586 GVK (N) Sons (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
      Inception : 05 / 08 / 2010
      Effective : 20 / 04 / 2011
      Expiry : 19 / 10 / 2011

    • adam kishen

      kereta saya hilang 2hari lalu(27/01/2012)

      Wira SE (black a/b) wpd 7792
      hilang dekat luar kelana puteri condominium, kelana jaya.
      laporan polis telah di buat.
      any info please let me know (019-2511737). thanks

      *there ia a big knock on back passanger door.

    • nurul

      Hi KC,

      I faced the same problem like yours and my car already repaired but i received a letter for my insurance examiner wanting me to give him a JPJ search for 3 rd party car info. wouldn’t it be their responsible to get everytg done. I paid lots of money to them and when it comes to claiming-they seat back n relax. by the way my insurance is MAA and a comprehensive. What should i do?? Do i have to go to JPJ to get it and ended up just wasting my time??

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    • Yan

      Yesterday, my sister was parking her car in parking lot. A lorry in front of her had banged her’s car twice when reverse. Luckily that time, she wasn’t in the car. One of the shop owner saw this accident and quickly call my sister come out. My sister got shocked- a girl first time facing this incredible happens. The driver said don’t report and wish to settle. By at the end, he rejected to pay any maintenance bill. My sister had lodge a report on the same day. The police said if the guy didn’t come to report, my sister can’t claim to his insurance. The next day, the guy called up to my sister and said that he had asked his friend and he will not going to report cause his lorry was not much damage. In fact my sister’s car is more serious (Viva) after bang by lorry. And he said this will not affect when he renew his lorry road tax soon.
      It is fair? We have the lorry driver information such as office address, contact number, name and no plate. The police can’t do anything on it? Is this will not affect to his road tax? My sister can’t claim for her own car insurance too after she call to the AIG ? Kindly please advice. Thanks.

      • Anoy

        Hey KCLau, any suggestion for this case? Please do reply.

        • Aftab Ahmad

          This is a very bad legal problem of Malaysia which needed to be sorted out by government.

    • Tedan

      Insurance companies will really find a lot reasons or alibis that will make your claims unacceptable… In the part of the insured, we must see to it that a good step by step procedure in making the claims must be observe with all the required documents at hand…

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    • MSIG Customer Service

      From: MSIG Insurance

      We have read SC’s entry and of his frustrating experience in processing his insurance claim especially since the accident was not his fault.

      Regarding the issue of obtaining the 3rd party insurance details from JPJ, we would appreciate if SC can contact MSIG directly as we need to have more details from him/her before we can assist further. SC, please contact Ms. J. Lee of our TPPD Dept at MSIG HQ. Our customer service hotline is 1-800-88-MSIG (6744).

      • KCLau

        It is great to know that MSIG is taking very quick action to respond to this post. Very good customer service indeed.

    • mtsen.com

      i m actually a bit confused even after reading a few times, sorry … I think lately I get very dump that a lot of stuff I read can’t get digested … is the car who bang you bought 3rd party insurance from MSIG ?

      if yes then JPJ should have the record when that guy renew his road tax. so if that is the one you need to get but have problem then complain through JPJ route – bug datuk Ong is a good option … 🙂

      the main concept is that you can ask the guy who bang you to pay your car fix, you can’t claim his insurance on his behalf. The police report enable you to ask the offender to pay you. It is up to him to pay by his own money or get from ‘his’ insurance company.

      ‘original’ service center doesn’t really matter here, what matter is approved service center by the insurance company of the guy who bang you, then they will do all the claims internally.

      again, sorry if none of the above describe your situation.

      one thing I like about technology is that when things like this happen, its best to take photos on

      1) the 2 cars accidental
      2) the damage area
      3) his car plate number
      4) his road tax sticker

      and then the harder ones like

      5) offender’s picture
      6) offender’s IC

      • KCLau


        Thanks for your insights.

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