Here is a reply from one of my email subscribers, after she received my email about using credit card the smart way:
(she has pointed out many advantages and I think it is great to share it here with you)

YES with credit card there are so many advantages as well..besides disadvantages. Just like Knife..a kitchen is not complete without knife…but at the same time people misuse knife for robbery and stabbing someone…anything in this world has pros and cons…same goes for credit card..we may use that benefit us and as well create damage to us..I have a life experience that I have learnt, I was financial idiot (in your word) once..but I learnt from my mistakes. Now I have cut down my unnecessary expenses and living a better planned financial life.. with free advice from financial experts like you,life has become even more better and safe to leave with balance financial freedom…I have learnt with proper planning and mindset knowing the value money..anyone can have a better and balanced life…

Since I’m in credit card department for more than 3 years in my bank, I give you some tips on credit card advantages as long we does transaction with credit cards:

  • when travel, credit card provides full coverage of travel insurance for you and immediate family
  • instant redemption for spend and redeem promotions
  • IPP- installment payment plan..for example instead paying for Ogawa massage chair with RM 3-4K, just pay RM 45 monthly for 2 or 3 years. Isnt’ that good? You can have a good massage at home just by paying RM45!
  • more items can be purchase with IPP and pay less..this is good planning as well
  • balance transfer your credit card available balance to another bank…we have period of 6th to 12th months interest free period
  • if you’re movie lover…take Citibank for TGV or Golden Screen – EOn bank, no need to queue & reserve…ticket is there for you even you are late and get free movie tickets with certain amount of spending
  • pay your hospital bills when it’s emergency
  • when you are at overseas,  credit card is the best way as you can bring less cash…
  • enjoy privileges like golf clubs, gym with certain amoutt of discounts
  • dining privileges with discounts and offers
  • branded products comes with discounts (this one I like most)
  • insurance plans to cover for snatch thief and ATM withdrawal for ladies (certain banks only with lady card)
  • pay your school or tuition fee for those wants to further studies while working
  • your spending turn to miles for traveling with MAS
  • your spending turn to redemption of cash voucher and other exclusive redemptions
  • temporary increase when you’re traveling when you need extra fund and pay back once you’re back to Malaysia
  • discounts from 50-70% of hotels stay when you travel overseas…for or
  • on going and continuous promotion offered by banks depends on what credit card and type….

I love credit cards because of all above reason. Once I did overspent, you know right women and shopping can’t be resisted…but after I become a mother I started to control and plan my expenses..I use my extra funds for my child development and invest for her education. SO being a parent does make change to someone’s life…

that’s all from me…examples of merchant names given is only for purpose of sharing of knowledge with no intention. hope it helps…

let’s shine!



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    4 replies to "List of Credit Card Benefits You might have Missed"

    • karnine

      this is not a genuine reason to have a credit card. And how come Ogawa massage as low as 45 * 12mths * 3 yrs = 1620?? that’s very cheap..

    • Kerpal

      “when travel, credit card provides full coverage of travel insurance for you and immediate family”

      Is that automatic, or do we need to initiate it?

      • karnine

        yeah I also want to know this..

    • Netmask8


      Yes,not all credit card issuer company able to give great discounts/benefits. For me, i only maintained 2x credit cards( 1x each for Visa + MasterCard) since 18 years ago, which both are foreign-bank based here. Considering cancel all these credit cards and apply debit card, which I can manage my expenses more efficiently + effectively. Using credit card, you need to pay year Gov’s fee per 1x card.. Even with balance transfer, u need to apply new credit card + pay the Gov’s fee..For cinema, pay through bank online transaction + get ticket print out and enter cinema directly..Just a thought. Why not Debit Card ?

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