Premium Webinar Membership (PWM)

PWM members get access to the archive of all the weekly public webinar I conduct since 2012. You will learn directly from hundreds of financial experts. Members unlock 400+ financial training (sort of like the Netflix of Malaysia personal finance) and get to stream video recording, audio, download notes and spreadsheets.

Bursa Method

Bursa Method’s main trainer is Peter Lim, who invests all his money in the global stock market using value investing method. Value investing is buying good companies that are worth more than you pay. It is the safest way to invest in the stock market, highly preached by the world’s richest investor of all-time – Warren Buffett!

Property Method

Property Method is a complete online property investment course. It comes with the trademark Go-Finance Method, which is developed by Dr Ong KL to determine whether a property is worth investing and also worth financing. When a property is worth financing, it means the more you borrow, the higher the return on your capital.
The course is a 45-day program where you get to learn from planning your investment strategy to pyramiding your portfolio up to many folds.

Money Automation System

Money Automation System (MA$) is a 3-month course on planning your finance. This is a step-by-step training where KCLau shows you the personal money management system he uses from analysing money flow to automating every possible part of your finances towards financial freedom.

Dividend Vault

Dividend Vault contains 50+ stocks that Ian Tai compile and update regularly to guide you for constructing a stock portfolio that pays dividend regularly, consistently, and increases over time.

Invest Foreign Share (IFS)

IFS is conducted by the author and full-time investor PC Wong. He discusses his overseas stocks research and market updates twice every month through live webinars for paid members.

REIT Method

My partner, a licensed financial adviser CF Lieu teaches how to construct a portfolio of passive-income-generating Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)