Ex-vice-president of a public listed company cum network marketer Tan Chin Hui shared about why he quit his job and prefer to build real assets that generate incomes in network marketing industry.

When I see “Network Marketing,” I see one thing: Network Marketing is an asset – like when you are investing in a property, or you’re investing in shares, or when you’re investing in a deposit.

Network marketing is not about the income, it’s about the assets that generate the income. Let’s talk about the assets we gain from Network Marketing.

The first asset is getting a Real World Business Education. Network Marketing offers you a great system that trains you on how to be an entrepreneur. It teaches you important entrepreneurial skills like people skills, selling skills, time management skills, and it also helps you learn how to have an Attitude of Success.

The second asset is that you gain a Profitable Path of Personal Development – you learn to be a winner. Network Marketing gives you the opportunity to face your fears, deal with them, overcome them, and bring out the winner inside you. The education system found in Network Marketing is what helps you get through fears like your fear of going out to talk to someone, which is one of the skills required to be an entrepreneur.

The third one is having a circle of friends who share your dreams and values. Do you know that most people, I believe, mix with people that they are familiar, people who are in the same quadrant, in the same category? For example, because I’m a manager, I actually always speak with other managers. You become the average of the people that you always mix with. So, get out of the E (employed) and S (Self-employed) quadrant, and to become an entrepreneur and be really wealthy and rich, you need to mix with the rich people.

I always tell my friends that in Network Marketing, you get the chance to mix with the really successful people, the really rich people. They have a lot of experiences in their own life or in their corporate life, and they join network marketing because that is one way to help you – by setting up your sponsor or your up-line. If your sponsors or your up-line are successful people, they will help you become successful as well. So, in Network Marketing you build a new circle of friends who share your dreams and value of success.

The fourth one is The Power of Your Own Network. We and even Robert Kiyosaki always says that the rich people find and build networks, and only the poor people are looking for job. Networks are very important in the 21st century.

Look at Starbucks, 7-11, and even McDonald. What they are doing is called “franchising,” network franchising. They are not like General Auto, General Electric, or Microsoft, who are companies that still have their businesses in the Industrial Age. The 21st century businesses are network marketing or network franchising businesses.

One thing, though, about the companies like Starbucks is you really have to spend a lot of money to get in to that. In network franchising, MLM, what they offer you is called “Personal Franchising.” A lot of people they think that because you can’t see a physical shop with personal franchising, it’s not a real business. That’s not true. The 21st century is not talking about the physical shop anymore; they are talking about Social Networking. In fact, did you know that a lot of people are making a lot of money in the social marketing business? That is the 21st century business.

Asset number five is that you can have a Duplicable and Fully Scalable Business. One thing about rich people getting richer is they know how to duplicate. The reason we can see a lot of shops like Starbucks or 7-11 is that they are actually doing the duplication.

I always like to use Old Town as an example. The original Old Town is actually in Ipoh. What the founder is doing is actually very traditional business – selling coffee and some stuff. But, what the son is doing – it’s actually the son’s idea – is duplicate the shop. Right now the Old Town shop has more than a hundred shops.

They have a business that is duplicable. When you are easily duplicable, that is when you are doing really well and becoming really scalable. One thing good about network marketing is you can have a global business because it offers a simple duplication model.

Asset number six is you learn Leadership skills. Leadership skill is what will make you rich and wealthy. If you look at any business, it talks about how good the products are and how good the services are. Those reflect the leadership in the company. So, doing network marketing polishes your leadership skill.

Asset number seven is having the Mechanism for Genuine Wealth Creations. Genuine wealth creation refers to the human asset. In network marketing, when you’re building your business, you are actually creating human assets. So, once you already have the human asset, this asset can then explode in to your different networks.

Finally, the last asset is having Big Dreams and the Capacity to Achieve them. If you have big dreams, I think, network marketing is one way that you can really achieve them because of the unlimited wealth that you can create by having access to a global business.

So, these are the eight assets we gain from Network Marketing that presents to us a way out of your current situation as an employee or even a small business owner.

Here is an important Chinese proverb I’d like to share with you: “If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.

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    3 replies to "Asset Building with Network Marketing"

    • Grace

      I was looking for a better explanation of business assets under the context of network marketing and I found your explanation stood up excellently. Thank you.

    • Suman sharma

      Hi, this is Suman Sharma, I am very impressed by the explanation of the meaning of the real asset. I like this proverb “If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.” In this proverb, it is said that to build the asset for 100 years, grow people which is the hardest part could you please teach the art of growing or duplicating people.

      Thank you

      • Anuj

        First you need to learn to get along with people. Everyone has their unique strengths… do not ever reject people cause they so not match your expectations; rather, look how their strengths can be of use

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