Funny Munnee

Perhaps you are tired of all those thick and lengthy personal finance books. Or they no longer interest you. There’s a funny way, the better way, the thought-provocative way to deliver financial-related and business-related messages to you. Here it is: the birth of Funny Munnee. He is perhaps a financial idiot who thinks he is a genius. He sometimes does stupid things with his money. Through his mistakes, you are sure to pick up a tip or two, here and there. You’ll love Munnee no matter you enjoy reading or not. Must read for everyone who wants to understand the financial world and cares about his or her financial future.

  • Financial education illustrated via funny cartoons
  • Short articles on money matters
  • Learn from Munnee’s mistakes and improve your money management
  • Laugh to get rich!

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Top Money Tips for Malaysians

This is the newly updated and revised edition of the bestseller Top Money Tips for Malaysians. It generally explains the concept of money and shares valuable practical tricks and tips on money making, money saving as well as money protection.

Most personal finance books teach you how to get your financial matters in good shape through perseverance and hard-work. This book is actually not one of those. What you will learn here are simple and easy tricks that require minimum effort.

You will discover:

  • How to think in terms of ‘money’ and ‘time’
  • How to get your first car free
  • How to manoeuvre your mortgage
  • How to maximise the benefits from your insurance policies

and many more money tips

By simply knowing these tricks, you can instantly put your money to work.

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Tip-tip Kewangan Untuk Rakyat Malaysia

Buku ini adalah edisi terbaru hasil terjemahan daripada buku best-seller, Top Money Tips for Malaysians. Buku ini secara amnya menerangkan idea tentang wang dan berkongsi tip-tip praktikal bagaimana hendak menjana wang, membuat simpanan, dan menjamin keselamatan wang anda.

Kebanyakan buku kewangan peribadi mengajar anda bagaimana menguruskan hal-hal kewangan melalui usaha and kerja keras. Buku ini bukanlah satu daripadanya.

Apa yang akan anda pelajari daripada buku ini ialah tip-tip mudah yang memerlukan usaha yang minimum.

Andan akan mempelajari:

  • Bagaimana untuk berfikir daripada aspek ‘wang’ dan ‘masa’
  • Bagaimana untuk memiliki kereta pertama anda secara percuma
  • Bagaimana untuk menguruskan gadai janji anda
  • Bagaimana untuk memperolehi faedah maksimum daripada polisi insurans anda
  • Banyak lagi tip-tip kewangan lain.

Dengan hanya mengetahui tip-tip ini, anda boleh membuat wang anda bekerja dengan lebih cepat dan serta-merta.

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Teaching Your Kids About Money

It’s a new bedtime story for your children on how to raise them to become financially fit. Any parents and readers are guaranteed to have terrific ideas on what needs to be done to raise financially successful children. All of the financial ideas are relevant in building a solid foundation for a child or young person.

A new ‘bedtime story’ for your children on how to raise them financially fit!

After reading this book, it is guaranteed that any parents or readers will have some terrific ideas on what needs to be done to raise financially successful children. All the ideas and recommendations found in the book are relevant in building a solid financial foundation for a child or young person.

The benefits are endless, some of them are:

  • financial jargons for your children to learn up that were written in an easy to understand writing
  • ways to curb spending thirst out of your children from the early stage
  • two-way manual guide for both the parents and the children
  • strategies and tactics that are practical by parents to teach their children to grow financially fit

Get your copy to this hands-on manual guide to hitch-hike the financial parenting phase!

Parents, mentors, teachers, guardians, counselors, tutors, and educators will learn the key aspects to grooming a child or a young person to become a financially responsible adult.

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Top 93 Personal Finance FAQs in Malaysia

Do you have a burning question on personal finance? Have you ever given thought to what is the right insurance for yourself? How do you protect yourself financially against a possible recession? What are ETFs? What is REIT? How to fund your children's education? How to cope with inflation?

If your head spins with so many questions on managing your finances, worry no more. This book answers the top 93 frequently asked questions on personal finance, and does so comprehensively.

We will help you undertand and differentiate the four main areas of financial planning, namely:

  • Wealth protection
  • Wealth accumulation
  • Wealth management
  • Wealth distribution

You will learn how to apply this knowledge and take control over all areas of your personal finance, including:

  • Getting out of debts
  • Finding the right insurance package
  • Profiting from lucrative investments
  • Trimming the fat in your upside-down budget

Whether you are an adult or teenager, reading this book will make you wiser in managing money. As the saying goes,'knowledge is power'. Get all your personal finance questions answered, and take charge of your financial destiny!

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Money Tips for Doctors

Managing money is like managing a football team. You want to have the best Brazilian strikers to keep scoring for your team. So as in wealth accumulation - you want your cash to keep flowing into your account without you having to plough the field.

This is relatively easy when you have the right prescription to guide you through.

This book offers financial advice and strategies specifically prescribed for doctors and those in the health industry.

Discover ways to:

  • Make more money from your practice, by spending less time in your clinic.
  • Maximise the return rate of your portfolio without taking unnecessary risks
  • Protect the fortune like an Italian defender blocking every strike from your opponents
  • Secure yourself and your family with a guaranteed exit plan like a great Spanish midfielder who knows exactly when to pass the ball to the strikers or back to the defenders.
  • Live happier by spending your money in smarter ways
  • Have the right balance between work, play and family
  • Retire early and retire rich and have time to pursue your interest and dreams.

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