A student once shared with the class the best advice about life he ever received. It was from his Father who told him before he came to Australia. In Punjabi, his Father told him, “Son, whatever situation you find yourself in Australia, never lose your temper. Never. Cos when you lose your temper, you will be no longer in be control of the situation. Be like COLD STEEL. When a steel bar is burning red and hot, it can be easily bent in any way by anyone!”

That was years ago. This former student of mine, Amrit Pal Singh, we still keep in touch once in a while.

Every time I talked to him on the phone, I think of his father’s advice.

What a golden piece of advice.

Everyone has a temper, that’s part of being a human.

But the key is that we must learn to keep it under our control. We can even lose it, but we should learn to be able to choose where and when we want to lose that temper for example while on a bench pushing barbells off your chest or when jogging alone in an empty stadium – not at the provocation and instigation, and whims and fancy of others.

Unless we are in the circus business, do not make a circus out of our own lives!!!

Written by Ken Soong co-author of Migrating to Australia Good Meh??? now selling in all major book stores across Malaysia and Singapore and Making It in Australia: Success Stories from Different Walks of Life – to be published in late 2014.

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