*Overly Cheap is not good, but too expensive is not too good as well.*

Water Purifiers has become one of those expensive necessities which you Must have these days in your houses! Companies charge extremely high for their water purifiers as it usually comes with those extra services they provide after the sale! This is why we want You to Choose wisely and not make the wrong decision.

We all know we must purify our water before we drink it right? But the problem is choosing the right water purifier.

It is a tricky choice to make without a guide, and this is why this article is very important. In this post, you will get to see why you need one of three of Malaysia’s top water purifier and nothing less.
First off, why does our water need purification? Because of Impurities.

Impurities which needs to be eliminated include:
• toxic metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, etc.).
• Additive (chlorine, chloramine, fluoride)
• by products of chlorination (trihalomethanes or THM)
• organic compounds including VOC (fuels, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, herbicides,)
• Bacteria and viruses (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.).
• Radioactive substances such as radon and uranium.
If you are using municipal water, you will find that the contaminants tend to be:
• fluoride
• chloramines
• chlorine
• THM (trihalomethanes)
• volatile organic compounds- VOC

If you use water from a well, the most common contaminants you will find include:
• VOC (volatile organic compounds)
• Bacteria and viruses
• Particles such as dirt, pieces of leaves, etc
• Radioactive substances

The effectiveness of different types of water filters

1. Pitcher filters:
The Pitcher style filter, like Brita filters, are economic units, which have made them quite popular. But in the long run, it is actually one of the more expensive options. Filter cartridges require regular replacement – the cost per 40 gallons is RM 21-50 per or RM 290- RM 690 per 750 gallons.

Almost all the pitcher style filters which is known use the GAC or ‘granulated activated carbon’ as a medium for filtration. Typically, the GAC is a coconut shell which has been heated to quite a high temperature in the absence of oxygen and then granulated. These filters remove some chlorine and hydrogen sulfides – which have a rotten egg odor but are not effective in VOC, metal, pesticides or fluoride removal. In general, they are not very effective for water filters

2. Faucet filter:
The filters that are connected to kitchen faucet are similar to the pitcher filter, but they are better at filtration than the pitcher style filter. However, they have the same problems – which are cheap but do not eliminate many contaminants. You would replace filters at every 100 liters at Rm 60- Rm 120 each or replace Rm 420- Rm 580 for 700 gallons.

This is why this post is very important, so you would see the best and quite affordable water filters. the best water filters. These filters are excellent in removing chlorine, byproducts of chlorine, volatile organic compounds, fluoride, pesticides, particulates and also pharmaceuticals. These filters use filter materials which are readily available”.

The Best three water filters in Malaysia

Aqua KENT Water filter:
There are many risks to health and diseases that one can contract from dirty water. And the great need for water purification has stimulated the development of many water filtration systems around the world. With this modern facility, families can filter water in their homes.

Aqua Kent Water Purifier is a system that can meet both your needs and your budget in order to protect your family and kids from waterborne diseases. If you anticipate a water filtering system to buy, either for personal or professional use, it is advised to check that the Filter system is top notch and Kent water purifier makes the difference.

Aqua Kent water purifier against other brands

There are many different brands of filtering and purifying systems. When Kent was introduced into the Malaysian market, it was the price factor which led many people to go for the Kent brand as it had advanced cleaning system at a good price. When people saw Kent’s superior filtering abilities, the number of customers kept rising – those who love Kent have reported that as against other brands when it comes to water purification and filtration systems, it is far ahead. Visit www.aquakentro.com.my for more info.

Kent water purifier is available in several models with a superior performance to other brands. Aqua Kent Water Filters are capable of purifying water from various sources including municipal tap, overhead storage tanks and bore wells. Using Mineral RO Technology, 0.0001microns of chemicals such as arsenic and fluoride is removed while retaining essential Minerals, which are important for health.

For the Kent Grand Plus and the Under Counter Kent Excell, this is done by their famous Tds Controller which allow Minerals to be retained in your water while removing the rest! For the Kent Maxx and Kent Ultra the UV (Ultra Violet) Light kills all viruses and bacterias along with the carbon and sediment filtration to remove chlorine and larger particles.

It also includes an alkaline filter to allow for the water to be mild-alkaline which is good for the immune system. And therefore With Aqua Kent, you get 100 percent pure water with essential Minerals.

Cost Considerations Kent Water Purifier

There are several types of Kent filters and all of them are made with the latest technologies. Although there are some slight differences in terms of models, cost, features, and looks, you can be sure of the best quality from the various Kent models.

You can choose among the best models such as, Kent Grand+, pearl, Maxx, Under Counter Kent excel and Jem and the Kent supreme. The filtered water is free from contamination and impurities but the essential minerals remain – this is a healthier way to drinking clean water without compromise.

Product Price Ranging from RM500 – RM2000. Rental contract for 2.5years only.

Coway water filter

The Villaem CHP-O8AR has a stronger filtration performance, but low energy consumption and is also a water temperature controllable. The night mode sensor reduces power consumption when detecting a dim light environment.

It uses amazing Reverse osmosis and has an amazing six steps filter system
Coway Alkaline Water Purifiers uses the best technology available in this era. The first alkaline ionizing water having a cold-chiller temperature. Combines hybrid and nano purifier, this is the first of its kind. The first alkaline water purifier has a modern design. If a doctor recommends then this is the product as it has an upper alkaline water PH8 and above.


The Advanced Composite Filter SF which has a 3-step Filtration System Provides Quality purified Water. It has a direct connection to the faucet which provides 4 liters of water a minute without storage tank giving you speedy water consistently. It has a non-electric direct drinking system to get access immediately especially during those parch moments. The SF filter has the function to remove chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dissolved inorganic impurities and other harmful contaminants.

Easy to use

It is easy to install and easy to maintain. When the filters need to be changed, there’s an indicator to indicate. The compact size and elegant design make it easy to place almost anywhere.
Cost Considerations for Coway
It has an Easy installation with tap adapter kit and no additional plumbing work is required. However filter changes are steep as their filters are expensive.
Product Price ranging from RM2400 – RM4400 . Rental contract for 5.5years only.

Cuckoo water purifier

What we generally require from a water filter is simple- clean and healthy water.

All the water filter purifier from Cuckoo uses the latest filter technology, which doesn’t only give you clean but also a healthy water. Filtered water from the cuckoo seems to be good as well.

In addition, the water filter provides some mild-alkaline water which is useful and safe for the internal system of the body. The slightly alkaline water is healthy as drinking water. It is generated by electrolysis from water ionizers.

The alkaline water contains molecular hydrogen which is produced from the negative electrode (cathode). There are many names for this water, including alkaline water, ionized water, alkaline ionized water, cathodic water, Kangen water, water electrolytes and many others.

Cost Considerations Cuckoo Water Purifier

Cuckoo also combines cost effectiveness with a utility function and is very easy to use and assemble. There is no prior knowledge of the use of this water purifier.

All the above water purifiers have the best technology and you do not need to break the bank to purchase. You do not need to sacrifice your health because of cost.

Product Price ranging from RM2500 – RM4999. Rental contract for 5 years.

There you have it ! Now before you get out there, don’t just buy the most famous brand. Just because its expensive doesn’t mean that it has the best filtration system. Research wisely and then Get your perfect one!
Hope this helps!

About the author :
You can call me xpheonix. A Graduate with the highest scores in the English language. With my skills and knowledge, I have built a passion to research about the latest trends and help provide the Malaysian society with the Real Facts! There are many out there to cheat you, but I will make sure you don’t get cheated!

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    63 replies to "Spend Your Cash Wisely When Choosing Those Expensive Water Filters"

    • Kazoku

      Thank You for sharing such a wonderful blog.

      Choose a water purifier system as per your budget and requirements. The best water purifier should have a high capacity, be easy to use, and have filters that are durable.

    • izz

      just found this article recently. might be useful for those who want to buy any water cooler for school or hostel. https://cleteomichael.blogspot.com/2022/06/aqua-kent-kini-penapis-air-nombor-1.html

    • izz

      Aqua Kent now is one of the leading brand in water filter. feel free to visit this article too. https://cleteomichael.blogspot.com/2022/07/penapisair-pilihan-utama-rakyat.html

    • fyza

      good content from author. here are some info about aqua kent. feel free to take look https://noratiqah22.blogspot.com/2022/06/3-pilihan-dispenser-air-tanpa-tangki.html

    • Nur Zieha

      Thanks for sharing such useful tips. This is a great and helpful article. This article also good to refer if you want to do some survey on water filter https://fazillahasyikin.blogspot.com/2022/06/best-industrial-water-filter-in-malaysia.html

    • Foo

      Regarding Aqua Kent RO, it is actually an Indian company called Kent RO as per certification listing in Aqua Kent website (https://www.aquakentro.com.my/about). You can verify it on NSF website (https://info.nsf.org/Certified/Common/Company.asp?CompanyName=Kent+RO).

      Can Aqua Kent RO explain this?

    • Arin

      There is a difference between POE (point of entry) and POU (point of use) filters, in terms of their function. I would think the big difference is the POE filter output is generally not intended as drinking water, but for all other uses such as dish or clothes washing, bathroom.

    • Rizz

      Could you please comment on these three filters
      1. Aquaphor Crystal Eco
      2. fresca Disruptor
      3. 3M DWS 2500


    • Lady G

      Cuckoo is the worst. I am a cash buyer of cuckoo water purifier. They start charging me yearly maintenance fee rm500 so early. Not after 5 years like the rest who bought it for monthly instalments. Not fair for cash buyers like me. Customer service is too bad after they get what they want. First of all they never inform me that i need to pay yearly fee early if i buy cash. In fact they never mentioned about the maintenance fee at all during the time i bought it. If i knows it earlier definitely i will not buy this cuckoo or i might choose monthly instalments which the monthly maintenance fee is only after 5 years i think. Terrible staff too. Keep bugging.

    • Kar Yee

      Thanks for sharing, I’ve learned something new too 🙂 For a proper water treatment system, there must have filtration + disinfection, without one of it, the water cannot be consider a clean drinking water + minerals. The water purifier I am using now is eSpring water purifier is the best, it is World No. 1 water treatment in the world. You might not heard of the brand before, you should do some research about it. It has sold over 5 million worldwide since launched. A water purifier cant kill bacteria without UV light. It reduces more than 140 potential health contaminants, UV light destroys more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and also ‘smart’ electronic monitor. It also has NSF and also 3rd party certificated. Before considering to invest in any water purifier, can check on https://www.nsf.org/certified-products-systems, to check whether those contaminants that stated is certified by NSF or not.

    • Catherine

      Hi all I believe water purification should be in stages. After some search found Some are combining 2 stages in 1 filter to make their units compact thus this requiring regular servicing . With the increasing amount of pollution in water buying a water purifier is a necessity to prevent diseases most important is that it can remove dissolve impurities and comes with a TDS controller to retain minerals . So far i found this is available only in aqua kent water purifiers which helps in removing impurities present in water to make it safe for consumption. It also has NSF and WQA certifications and are tested products which makes it better .Thank you

    • JonLim

      I actually bought an Aqua Kent outdoor filter and RO water dispenser after reading this blog post and some others back in December (nice comparison btw). Posting a mini-review/feedback here since this blog post introduces my to Aqua Kent. 🙂

      So far, the filters themselves are good. Although I had to go through a couple of returns when the indoor units sent to me had some defects. The customer service reps were excellent though and helped me with replacements each time (sent through post since I am not in Klang Valley).

      Finally I collected the 3rd indoor unit which I have been using till now when I went to PJ in December and so far haven’t had any issues.

      So in summary, if you are in Klang Valley, it should be okay to purchase some Aqua Kent filters. If you’re not in Klang Valley, may want to consider if the cheaper price is worth the possible extra hassle of returning defective units through post. I am still happy with my purchase though. 🙂

    • Saratha

      Thank you! My 5 year maintenance of the Diamond filteration is over, and I’m no longer eligible for the yearly free service. Im wondering how to proceed, and your article and readers comments have helped greatly. If I do replace my system with another, what can I do with the casing and water dispenser I have right now??

    • Nirsha

      This is a good review and best comparison I’ve read so far. However, I personally found a new brand called Nihoma. They have this new product called the Water Bar Pro. I did my own comparison and found this has better advantages in terms of energy consumption and its tankless. Its a Malaysian brand but manufactured in Korea. You might want to check on this product and review on it as well. I think you might find it interesting.

    • Hiyabeh

      When it comes to price + quality I personally prefer this american brand called aquasana. It’s not yet well known in Malaysia but it is getting tons of 5 star reviews already on lazada. We bought our first unit a couple of months ago and we are very happy with their product. We also tested the water filtered with their AQ5300+ which we bought and the water quality is, as they say, as good as bottled mineral water sold in stores. Before buying, I compared their prices with other brands that claim to have similar quality and I found that this aquasana brand is so so much more affordable. I definitely recommend aquasana for you guys to consider.https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/aquasana/

    • Adruja

      I’ve come to understand that COWAY & CUCKOO or any indoor water dispenser filtering system will broke down after a certain years due to no proper outdoor water filtration system.
      Ya la, due to Malaysia water piping system kan quite rusty and will affecting your house water purity too. So if you want to install indoor water dispenser, better install together with outdoor water filter. The indoor unit cannot solely filtered all the rusty water & other containment, require additional help from outdoor unit too.

    • SH Leong

      Why would you want to buy an expensive RO water system? Isn’t RO water a terrible water since the RO makes the water so sterile and taste like plastic and devoid of the goodness of natural water? I’ll stick to conventional filters that removes only the harmful contaminants and impurities. You should give the gravity water purifiers a serious look. It’s simple and works awesome. No fuss free standing system and low maintenance.

    • Paul Cheng

      I’ve used quite many premium water filter systems and the latest I have used is the Berkey Water Purifier filter system. The water is clean and tastes great. I’ve use it for 3 years and so far I only had to change the filter only once. The filter replacement is very economical compared to the previous water systems. I like it so much I bought two more Berkey systems. One for my office and one for my wife’s office. Now we both can enjoy the Berkey purified water at home and at the office. It makes a lot of sense to use a gravity type water filter. Because you don’t need electricity or piping connection, you can practically put a system anywhere you want. Recently I purchased two more travel size Berkey for my children to bring to college. I bought the Berkey from a Malaysia direct distributor online at their web store.

      • Grace

        Hi, which direct distributor did you buy it from? Also wondering where the unclean water goes in the berkey system? Thanks

      • Danny William Eber

        Hi, mind to share where did you buy your unit In Malaysia? Thanks

    • Ron


      judging from this idea of this link, It’s not cheap either. I think the Aqua Kent cheapest range is about RM 600++ but it came with 4 filter cartridge . And it came with a boiler . See here. https://www.aquakentro.com.my/Water-Purifiers?product_id=252

      The DIY method might not be the ideal solution if 4 additional cartridges were installed, it will be probably around RM 600 too.

    • Yew Suan

      Pls advice why some ppl say RO water is too clean & is bad for long term use. Someone pls advice as i am looking to buy Aqua Kebt but it is also RO water. Thk you

      • Trisha

        Trisha Verma
        Trisha Verma, Health & fitness Specialist
        Kuala Lumpur

        Hi Kent RO Water is not just safe but also healthy to drink.
        Actually Kent uses Mineral RO technology in their RO + UV + UF water purifier which retains all natural essential minerals and its double purification technology reduces dissolved impurities from the water making it completely pure and healthy. In fact, KENT’s Mineral RO Technology is the most awarded & certified technology to make drinking water 100% safe. To retain the essential minerals in RO purified water, Kent uses TDS Controller with their water purifiers.

        I am using Kent water purifier since long and I am much satisfied with their product and after sales service. So you can use it without any worries.

    • K Li, Penang

      Tqvm KC and the rest for the informative feedbacks and recommendations on water filters in our market. I have just moved and decided to have a water filter in our new home this time It is to cater for a household of 6 with especially young children as well as elderly. Hence, kindly advise on the current best brand to be considered (as the last post was on November 2018). I am looking at machine with RO, affordable (value for money) & most importantly after sales service (parts availability & servicing). Your advice & opinion is highly appreciated.

    • I have Cuckoo

      Avoid Cuckoo if you are not a big family utilizing the water filter. The service team is annoying and keep bugging you to renew the contract for warranty. Otherwise they will threaten you the filter is expensive, the parts are expensive etc. I received weekly reminder his text and emails which I didn’t signed up for. Pls Lodge your company to Personal Data Protection Commissioner MCMC if you face the same issue like me

    • vimal

      beware toxic fluoride – only distillation, some R/O, and special fluoride filters can remove
      normal filters cannot remove

    • Zaid omar

      Hi, i believe all companies are using similar technologies and it goes down to the price issue. Personally i think those with after sale services are merely ways to add the cost for consumers.

      • Ning

        Fluoride is not contaminants! It’s purposely incorporated into our water system to fight against dental caries! What a waste if water filter removes fluoride!

    • Shah

      Tx KC Lau for ur invaluable insight on water filter options. I was at midvalley this afternoon looking for an affordable system tht purifies as well as dispenses hot and cold water. These convenient features are present in the products u reviewed with a wide range of price option . Tx again

    • Raj

      Hi KC Lau. Thanks for the sharing……Both the cuckoo and coway have leasing models options… I find useful as the full maintenance is done by them….hence worry free. In my opining this is good from a financial standpoint as you don’t have to come up with cash upfront and automatically lock in the inclusive maintenance cost which could go up due to inflation… The down side is that you may not have the option of early termination with some plans
      In your opinion, is this a good option to considers and is a longer tenure ( they have multiple tenure options, up to 7 years) a better bet? Or do you think a shorter tenure, say 5 years better? Thanks for your kind feedback

      • KCLau

        There are pros and cons. I would personally go for the lowest monthly commitment. What I need is clean water, not the machine.

    • Janak

      Good sharing on the top 3 water filter in Malaysia but how about other water filters – example like “Sugawa o water purifier” or “Nash water filter”…?

      Seems like they had explanation why cuckoo, Conway and others have their marketing gimmick and sales.

      Can share ya?

    • KC Gan

      Thanks, KC. It’s a very informative and helpful posting. I share with you a bad experience i have with Filken JB. I bought one sets (outdoor and indoor dispenser) of Filken Filters in a home expo. They delivered the next day. Before installing, i noted that the boxes are from some other companies. Then, i realized their units are different from Filken website. There is no word labeled Filken on the units as i saw during the home expo. I called the saleman and he insisted that although different, but what was inside is original Filken. How do trust them?

      • KCLau

        I have no experience with Filken though. Thanks for sharing and alert other consumers.

    • Alex

      Just be aware that although you buy the water filters, when Conwy decides it does not want to stock parts they ask you to throw out the still perfectly good old one and buy another. So you need to consider that they have a :life’s max 7 yrs before Coway push you to buy a new one

    • Rowena Ong

      hi, did you review 3M water filter? If no, can you pls review it?

    • Nelvin

      Thanks KCLau for the unbiased reviews. Learned that there are more than just coway/cuckoo for good water filters, and special thanks to Steve Lye too on the most economical way to safer drinking water.
      I’ve tried water from Diamond, Amway, RX too. All good, but quite expensive.
      Currently on Puremate. Cheap, but taste horrible, and substandard aftersales service. Thinking to change to a more decent ones now that kids are around.

      • MC

        Hi nelvin, u may try for coway, Im using coway for 4yrs & afterthis, i work as the agent under Coway HQ.
        Find me now!!!
        Call / whatsapp / facebook
        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CowayMC/ or cowaymcsalesandservices
        Whatsapp : https://wa.me/60134049073
        Call : 013-404 9073 MC

      • MC

        Thanks KC for the sharing too.

    • Tan

      Thank you for your water filters reviews. Have been looking for a good water filter like PUR brand but not available here.

    • Steve Lye

      What rubbish! These 3 recommended filters are all expensive filters and I must really be “Cuckoo” to pay thousands to install the Cuckoo Brand. My filter cartridge is genuine UK made and of superior quality and can filter all of the above mentioned and best of all it only costs me RM233.20 to install – DIY. It is lightweight and fully portable – meaning I can easily detach it and bring it with me anywhere as it has 3 different types of tap fittings. Filter Cartridge needs to replaced only once per year and the daily usage is only 29.5 sen (RM108/365). I kid you not – Breakdown of costs below. BTW – I introduced 2 friends to install the same and they are both very happy with it.

      1) Filter Housing – RM118
      2) UK Made Filter Cartridge – RM108
      3) Tap Connector – RM6
      4) Blossom Key – RM1.20

      Total = RM233.20

      • KCLau

        Hi Steve, mind to share a tutorial on how to do this? I believe many will thank you for this kind gesture.

        • Steve Lye

          Let me think about how to do the tutorial.

          • Steve Lye

            Since I can’t post pictures in this blog I have shared it online instead – here is the link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HNfApkQgYpqivJ7B3

            • KCLau

              Hi Steve, thanks for sharing the picture.

            • Orga


            • Mama

              Hi steve, may i know where do u buy that genuine filter and what brand is it?

            • Tan

              i use this type of ceramic filter as pre-filter before it enter to my 4 cartridges filter system

              and for your information, ceramic filter cannot remove chemical contaminants

          • Lim.y


            Can this remove flouride that causes cancer.I believe only an RO system can remove flouride in water.

      • rubik2003

        Hi Steve, where can I get this water filter/parts? Any hardware store?

      • Ahmootha Ramachandran

        will appreciate advice where to purchase pls.

    • Roger Lim

      Where did you see the Berkey in Malaysia? I saw it in the in USA website. Is the Malaysia dealer at http://www.berkeywater.my
      I was looking for more water reviews before I purchase one.

      • James Ong

        Yes, I bought the Berkey water purifier from the Berkey Water Asia Store https://www.berkeywater.my after I saw the top reviews about the best water filters in Malaysia. I’m sure among the top water filters, the Berkey ranks very high in terms of portability and affordability. The reason I’m buying Berkey is because the replacement filter cost is very cheap compared to the others. You should look at the reviews before buying it. I know I’m getting a good reliable water purifier because it is made in USA, and the quality is very high standard.

        • Eve

          Any idea how many micron does the Berkey filters?

    • Linda Tan

      Nice review of the water filters in Malaysia. I’ve read some reviews of the best water filter and I am actually quite convinced that the gravity type water purifier is best for my household drinking water needs as it actually doesn’t require many complicating plumbing or electrical connections. I am talking about the Berkey water filter which I am planning to buy after looking over many kinds of water filters. The Berkey water filter actually delivers drinking water over the counter on your kitchen table top. I’ve tried also the other well-known “best” brands water filter in Malaysia but having actually tried it at my friend’s house who has a Berkey water filter, I was convinced it would be the best water filter for me and it has excellent reviews and is also one of the cheapest in the market. The filter really lasts for a long time, some 40,000 liters and that to me is awesome. No need to spend on expensive filters and very low running cost. I hope you can give the Berkey a review sometime soon. I saw the Berkey at a Malaysia website https://www.berkeywater.my

    • James Ding

      Excellent review. I’ve read some best reviews of Berkey water filters from USA. It’s sold through its Malaysia website Berkey Water Asia Store https://www.berkeywater.my
      I recently bought one travel size Berkey and it was easy and portable to bring along my travel from hotels to remote work sites like oil rigs. My work colleagues love the great tasting water from the Berkey. I bought another counter top berkey water filter and it’s been efficient andeconomical. For me this is possibly the best gravity water purifier in Malaysia.

    • Koosay

      Really amazing Read. I Loved it. Saved me alot of Money because of this article. If I didnt find this article on time , I would have bought those expensive coway and cuckoo filters. Not worth buying those big brands just because they are famous. The Aqua Kent water filters have all the same features but got some even better technology added into it. Appreciate your good article on this Mr.KC.

    • Zef

      I chanced upon this website while searching for water filters in the Malaysian market. No doubt water filtration systems can be costly but having the right knowledge and being financially savvy is essential. This article has given me an insight into what product is relevant to my needs. I checked out the websites provided in the article and aquakent filters are affordable and has state of the art technology. Great read! Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

    • maria

      Very informative! Will definitely spread the word around so that my fellow friends in Malaysia can make the best decision when it comes to purifying their water!

    • Amm

      Very good article on water filters really and eye opener on the importance of water filters. AquaKent is a good filter as i am using it and there are hardly any issues with it

    • Katie'67

      Thank you so much for this article!I myself just recently had my old filters changed to Aqua kents under counter model. It has really reasonable prices for such high end systems.

    • Lily

      Great article on this. I had also realised that these famous brands actually charge us 3x the price just because they are famous. I’ve been a big Fan of this website. Reading this article really helped me alot! Thank you so much kclau. In my opinion I will definitely go for Aqua Kent http://www.aquakentro.com.my . They have alot of good feedbacks and also pricing is wayy better then the rest. Thanks once again!

      • Max

        I agree to your statement! Great article btw. Thanks!!

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