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Why Financial Planner will be the Hottest Job in 2008?

It is now the beginning of the year. I have realized that the longer I stay in financial industry, doing business is easier than ever. As usual, I am now opening up vacancies to recruit new comers to join me and prosper in this industry.

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Hello guys, the topic of Malaysian Subprime part #2 is contributed by Wong, Jim, Isaac, Matt and myself. The following conversation will copy from my chat box. I am afraid that the chat box later will delete these interesting conversation as they dont keep the chat history for long, I decided to save this important and “Nobel Prize” theory in this blog so that it can be remembered when we are long gone.


Sometimes, I wish I am a robot with no emotion. I have done many trade in my life and 90% of the trade that I lost, I lost to my emotion. I lost to fear, greed, naive, ego and others…..


My speculation position for Airasia has been closed. Price Bought: RM 1.64 Price Sold: 1.59 Quantity: 400,000 Period: 2 Weeks Total Loss: RM 16,000 ++ (bokerage fee and commission not included)

The costly PF mistakes and blunders I have made, and why you should not repeat my mistakes – Part 3 « Father sez……

The purchase of our home is usually one of our biggest commitments. Hence the mortgage would be one of our biggest and longest liabilities. This liability has to be shopped for carefully, comparing rates and terms. If we are a good credit risk, we should make the Bank work for its money.

had written a great series of personal finance mistakes from his experience. It is worth your time to read all of them.

Mirror Mutual Fund Performance at Irwan’s

If you think mutual fund is not enough for you and you want to be more in charge of your investment, guess what is the best for you? Create your own mutual fund.

Insurance Buying Guide Part 1: Needs or Wants » Meshio.Com- Designing Lifestyles!

Here’s the honest truth. You don’t really “need” insurance. Yes, you heard me right, insurance coverage is not a need, but first let’s make sure our definition of need is the same. I define need as something that you must have to continue surviving; hence our real basic needs are purely physiological, for instance food, drinks and sleep. Check out the Maslow hierarchy below.

Updated My Will | Personal Money Tips

The first major make over for 2008 is I updated my Will. For a lot of people, writing a Will is something you procrastinate on. It is something to be taken care of someday in the future, when you have the time. I’m a little different in this aspect.

Talk and Share : Cost Averaging – Is this a good strategy?

After you have bought a stock and its share price drops, you buy more at a lower price. This brings the average price per share down. This is called averaging down. The exact opposite is averaging up.

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Public Bank To Launch A Wholesale Islamic Money Market Fund Next Week ::
Google Showing Interest To Invest In Malaysia ::
Belleview has Penang projects lined up
5.8% dividend for EPF


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