9 June 2014

Dear Movie Directors, Film Producers, Crew Members, Actors, Artists Composers, Musicians and Songwriters,


I am Ken Soong, a fellow Malaysian writing from Melbourne – came here since 2004. Last year my brother and I have written a book entitled Migrating to Australia Good Meh???

It is aimed at helping Malaysians make a more informed decision about migrating to Australia.

Almost every Malaysian has a friend, relative or family member living in Australia. Somehow the impression painted by Malaysians living in Australia (when returning to Malaysia on holiday) is that Australia offers a better future for our next generation. But is this the reality? Maybe it is. But we believe there are also many different versions of reality. This book offers the voice that has been missing in our public discourse for too long.

Almost every three weeks, we have headline news on the Australian media about big corporations relocating to Asia, downsizing, re-structuring, closing down and job-cutting exercises.

Also, recently, Australian government has made the decision to deregulate university fees. That means some time in 2017, local Australian students will pay a much high fee than now. Right now locals are paying three times lower than international students’ fee and also enjoy a student loan with interest rates 4% lower than market rate.  When this deregulation starts, local Australian university will surely raise their fees for local students as well. No more subsidies from the Australian government.

We left in 2004, burnt our bridges, sold our properties, left our careers in Malaysia only to realise that the only person who can give us a better future is ourselves and not any particular government in any particular country.

We are under no illusion that we can write a book and tell what others whether they should or should not migrate. We only want people to make a more informed decision and if want to migrate, please do not burn their bridges.

So, why am I writing you this letter? Just to offer you my humble suggestion that maybe you should do a movie or documentary regarding this matter. We just hope more Malaysians can see the value of their current situation and not always dreaming that one day they will be able to emigrate. I believe your production will contribute to our Malaysian society.

If I have the musical talent, I will write a song with lyrics that deliver a message that is almost similar to Made in Thailand by Carabao.

“Made in Thailand”, our land,
we’ve kept it since the ancient times, there’s been many good things.
Since the eras of Sukhothai, to Lopburi, Ayuthaya, Thonburi,
through to modern day Bangkok.
The city where people fall down the open drains (don’t blame them for it).

“Made in Thailand”, made in our own land,
the land of the meaningful songs and dances.
Foreigners secretly are admirers of Thai products, but Thais don’t see their worth.
Scared of being looked down upon, that liking Thai products isn’t fashionable.

If it’s “Made in Thailand”, who’s going to give the guarantee for them?
(I think someone should accept responsibility for this.)
“Made in Thailand”, and all it’s admirers understand.
That these are products produced by Thais, made by Thais.

The shirts, trousers, and jeans,
are sent abroad on planes, and then imported back.
It’s the Thais who gain face (but it’s the foreigners who get the money).

“Made in Thailand”, and when put up in the shops.
They put the “Made in Japan” labels upon them.
Then they sell well, sell for high prices
and the wearers then brag they’ve got imported clothes,
the latest fashions, from the magazines.

It wasn’t the foreigners who cheated us.
But it was us who cheated ourselves…oh….

Watch Made in Thailand and also Made In Thailand (Caucasion version)

Since I have neither musical talent nor movie-making skills, I hope people like your good self will take up this role. If you want a free copy of our book, please let me know and I will send you one.

Thanks and best regards,

Ken Soong


Ken Soong (khsoong@hotmail.com)

Migrating to Australia Good Meh??? (by Ken Soong & Michael Soong)

Published by Gerakbudaya Enterprise Sdn bhd

Retailing now at RM25 in MPH, Popular and all major book stores across Malaysia and Singapore

Upcoming book Making It in Australia: Stories of success from different walks of life

Written by Ken Soong, Ilja Thomas Gull and Michael Soong, to be published late 2014


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