All students, irrespective of race and religion who have secured a place to study for the foundation course in any of the public Universities, including UTAR, are eligible to apply for scholarships from Koon Yew Yin.

The scholarship provided will be sufficient to cover tuition fees and cost of living expenses for the one-year foundation course.

On successful completion of the foundation course, the students will be required to apply for the government PTPTN loan to complete the degree courses chosen by them.


  1. Scholarships will only be given to needy students whose parents are earning less than RM3,000 per month.
  2. All applicants must have at least 5 As in their SPM certificates.
  3. Scholarship recipients after completion of their degree courses are not required to compensate in any way for the financial support received. The only condition is that they will have to promise to help other poor students when they themselves are financially secure and in a position to help the unfortunate and needy.
  4. All applications should be sent to the address below with appropriate parents’ salary or pay vouchers or other evidence of income as well as offer letters from the universities. For students with parents engaged in self employment, a letter of reference from a school teacher or official on the financial status of the parents will be sufficient.
  5. The selection criteria is based on applicant’s financial need and not on academic achievement.


Contact by post to

Mrs Koon Yew Yin

65, Lingkaran Meru Valley,

Meru Valley Golf Resort,

30020 Ipoh


Or contact by email:

Note: I have given more than 250 scholarships to help poor students to complete their tertiary education. The attached photos taken during the recent Chinese New Year celebration, shows some of the graduates who benefitted from my scholarships.

This is how I want to spend my money effectively to create happiness. Just see how happy they all are. When they are happy, I am happy.

Remember, after you have made more money than you really require, you must not forget that you cannot take it away when you die. You must do charity and create happiness which is our ultimate aim in life.

Among these graduates, standing 3rd from the right is Wan Pui Yee with 9A1 and 2A2 in SPM and sitting 3rd from right is Andrew Tan with 10A1 in SPM. Both of them could not get scholarships from the Government. They would have gone to Singapore if I did not offer them my helping hand.

If you know of poor students who need financial help, please tell them to apply.


Personal finance author and trainer

    34 replies to "Koon Yew Yin Scholarships 2015 for Malaysia Public Universities Students"

    • Rashvenah Naidu A/P Chenchi Rao

      I’m going to pursue my degree in law.
      PTPTN only covers RM40k
      I need RM30k to top up my education fees.
      I will apply for the scholarship.
      N hopefully it’s granted.
      I hv heard Mr Koon’s talk during our recent GE14 campaign. He’s indeed a great man

    • Madhu

      Hi, I just finished my SPM and planning to do foundation in private university. My mother is a single parent and we staying with our grandparents. Am i eligible for scholarship?

    • Viveygen

      hi i have emailed my application.i need a financial assistance can i know i shortlisted

    • Dorothea Rani Schwartz

      Hi,I emailed for this scholarship two weeks ago.
      How do I know if I am shortlisted for the scholarship?

    • Good evening, sir/madam. I’m Kesavarttini d/o Subramaniam from Malaysia. I’m done with my first year MBBS at Management & Science University (MSU). My course costs about RM300k but PTPTN only covers RM150k. For the first year, I’m supposed to pay RM30k (sem 1) and RM30k (sem 2). I’ve settled sem1 payment and for the sem 2, ptptn covers RM15k and I need to pay remaining RM15k before first week of April 2016 in order to proceed with my second year of mbbs life. My mother is a single parent and she have to support my sister and brother too. I hope so you can help me as much as you can. Please do help me to make my dream to be a doctor true, sir/madam. Thank you
      contact detail: +60162983871 (Keshya)

      • KCLau

        Please send your application to Mr. Koon as detailed in the blog post above.

    • wai yen

      I get Utar full scholarship..
      I just apply to cover my living expenses during one year foundation

    • wai yen

      Hi I emailed to apply one month ago but have no reply
      Its that means my application failed? I really really need financial help..

    • m.mathuri

      i got 5as in my 2014 spm..i really need can i apply..can i have your contact no for further information..

      • KCLau

        Hi Mathuri, just try to apply by following the instruction listed above – sending in the required documents.

    • Theresa

      may I know mrs.koon provide any scholarship for 2015

      • KCLau

        I think so. Just submit the application to them.

    • Jules Joseph

      May God bless you for the kindness.

    • chitra

      i get 4A’s can i apply for this scholaship as well? I really need help though.

    • LalaH

      The application is only for public universities? how about private universities. Thank you.

    • LalaH

      Hi,the required documents can send by using e-mail or i must post to the address above? thank you.

      • KCLau

        Emailed and posted please.

    • […] This is a guest post contributed by Koon Yew Yin, who offered scholarship to the qualified without prejudice. Details for scholarship available here: Koon Yew Yin Scholarship. […]

    • HUI MEI

      Hello,may I ask do we need to hand on our personal details and SPM result ?
      And may I know is there any expired date for this scholarship ?


      What documents are needed for application?


      May I know if I want to apply the scholarship,I just need to send the required documents to the mailing address only??

    • Alice

      Hi,may i know the SPM result must have 5A’s?
      if i just get 2A’s and i studying in utar still in foundation ,can i get this scholarship?

    • Eling

      Hi, may i know how can i get the application form to submit together with other documents?

      • KCLau

        @Eling, there is no application form. You just need to follow the instruction above by sending in the required documents.

        • Eling

          Is it just submit my parents salary slip and offer letter from the university to the above address?
          If my father work as a fisherman, and have no employer, does i also need to get a letter reference from my school teacher?

          • KCLau

            @Eling, you need to prove that your parents are earning the income that meet the requirement. So the reference letter is required if no official payslip.

      • Kimberly Wong Zhi Khing

        I juat get 4 As in English, Bahasa Cina, Bahasa Melayu and Pendidikan Moral. But I am quite active in co-curricular activities. Is there any possible that I could apply?

    • Cyn myn

      May I knw hw to apply?

      • KCLau

        Just follow the instruction above – send mail or email to the contact above.

    • Yong

      Amazing! Hats off to you Mr. Koon. I like all your articles and it reveals so much about Malaysia. I look forward to more of your articles and your frank opinion about the “going-on” in this nation.

      I pray for your good health and that we will have more people like you rising up in this nation. Only then, true transformation can take place in Malaysia.

    • GOH

      i saw the word “irrespective of race and religion”, this Koon Yew Yin is not doing something the Malaysian government is doing man !!
      the Malaysian government is headed by our Prime Minister who is suppose to be our leader , we are suppose to look up to him for guidance , now looks like this Koon Yew Yin is not following him !! her scholarship should read ” for bumiputras only ‘! Malaysia boleh ! or should Najib learn from her instead ??? orang Cina jaga orang Cina orang Melayu jaga orang Melayu , leran from Najib man!!

    • driuchima emmanuel

      please help and give me chance to study as well .
      am a Ugandan aged 25th yrs but i stopped in senior four so i can join certificate coarse.
      My name is Drichima emmanuel hope to smile for your reply…………..

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