As each of you gets busy working and finding ways on how to increase your net worth, remember to pay attention to the assets that make you a unique person. I am referring to your ‘internal assets’. Your internal assets refer to your intelligence, creativity, generosity, persistence, patience, vision, compassion and all the other good qualities. Let us not forget your other skills like organizational skills, time management skills, persuasion skills, team work, etc.

However, you must discard any ‘internal liabilities’ that you are carrying within you. For example, anger, laziness, selfishness, small-mindedness, etc. These negative qualities will drag you down preventing you from achieving your life’s goals.

Your children's assets

Developing your internal assets is important. As a parent watching my young children grow, I want them to have an abundance of good internal assets. I do not tell them that I wish they would grow up to be a wealthy person with lots of money and material things. I am sure that is not what you tell your children either.

As parents, we concentrate on building our children’s character and internal assets which will ensure that they grow up to be successful and happy people. You can call this important process as building the foundation of their true wealth.

Do you agree that being wealthy also means being rich on the inside? It is not enough to be wealthy by having lots of money, properties or material things and poor in terms of internal assets. I call this having superficial wealth only. I believe we also need to be rich in internal assets to be a happy and well-rounded person.

If you know the story of “Scrooge”, then he is a perfect example of someone who is rich but totally lacking in internal assets.

So, do you want to be like Scrooge?

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