For the past few days, this site was offline. If you are a royal reader you might have noticed that this website was suspended.

I also received some emails from readers and friends showing concern. Thanks for your support and I am glad to announce that KCLau’s Money Tips survives through the obstacle.

This site was brought down because of the recent rise in traffic. My shared hosting plan is no longer able cope with the current visitors traffic. The hosting service provider (MidPhase) suspended my account in order to keep the other clients on the same server unaffected.

I have no choice but to upgrade the hosting plan to VPS (Virtual Private Server) and this blog’s hosting fees shoot up seven folds!

But the upgrade and migration process was a painful experience. Firstly, my hosting service provider is located in USA. I only managed to exchange email with their billing department once a day because of the 15 hours time difference. They are sleeping when I shoot them the email. They replied when I was sleeping too!

Secondly, after they managed to charge my credit card, it takes another 30 hours to migrate my data.

Thirdly, my database was not migrated and I couldn’t get my WordPress blog to fetch the correct database.

Finally, I got it running on Wednesday midnight. But my server is so unstable that it kept hanging every few minutes!

After many emails communication and troubleshooting, I guess it is stable now. You might notice that the pages load a lot faster compared to the old time.

However, when a site is down consecutively for so many days, the mighty Google search engine had totally removed this site pages from their index. Try search “kclau”! Since I lost most of my search engine ranking, it is like starting over the blog fresh! Stay tuned and more information is going to be published here.

By the way, don’t miss out my interview in a debt community site.


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    7 replies to "Fresh start with a hosting plan upgrade"

    • Ed

      Oh I see. There are plugins to use to reduce CPU usage & if i am correct, setting gzip under options also helps.

      I agree with that Tezza said. So far my site hosted in the US have quite good support live support. Usually with 1 – 2 hrs they respond for more serious stuff.

    • Tezza

      Glad to see you back. There are many US based hosting companies who have 24 hr live chat support which might be something worth considering. Since emailig back and forth with the time difference can be a huge hassle should future problems occur.

    • ed

      Just wonder, how much bandwidth u r using that caused your account to be suspended? Most of the host have quite large amount.

      • KCLau

        @ Ed – The bottle neck is not the bandwidth. My account was suspended because they said my sites use too much of their CPU power.

    • FK

      wow! just for few days, already lost few search engine ranking! however all the best man, i know u will be back in the list in no time. i am reading the timothy ferris book right now, still trying to absorb it slowly, it is kinda hard.

    • yowchuan

      Good to see you back in action, bro!

      • KCLau

        @YowChuan, it is really a great learning experience to me.

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