Now seriously, what will happen to you and your family when (not ‘if’) your job walks right out of the door?????

In this Century, increasingly working for a salary in order to make a living is no longer a viable way to survive, much less thrive. Jim Rohn used to say, “Schooling help us make a living, education help us make a fortune.” Now, schooling cannot even guarantee us in being able to make a living.

So, today, even if we have a job and we could have been working this job for many years, there is no guarantee we will still have it next month or next year. Even if we are going to have it for the next five to ten years, we should start working on ourselves besides working on our job.

It is no longer either we work for a company or we start a company. Let’s face it, not everyone has the ability and resources to start a company. But that does not mean we must completely rely on working for someone. So, between the two ways, there is a third way.

The third way, working on ourselves, means seeing ourselves as a business entity. We are a product in the market place – the job market.

We need to have more than one skill. Right now, our current skill enables us to work in the current job. But do we have other skills? What else can we do to add value to our current company and other people? We must understand that we are not only serving our employer when we work.

Ultimately, we are serving the people who come to our employer for services provided by us. How we do we understand their needs?

High school history teacher, Yuan Teng Fei in China, gives very interesting and even entertaining presentations in his history classes. He put up video-recorded clips on the internet. Many students watched his clips to prepare for their examinations.

Today, besides teaching in high school, he also has his own history teaching programme on CCTV and his own books on history lessons.
He is able to see the fact that he is not only serving his schools, but ultimately all the students across China who need to pass their history examinations.

Who are you serving? What will happen to you if, or rather, WHEN you lose your job??? Will you be able to sing the Gloria Gaynor song confidently “I Will Survive”???

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