Hi folks who follow this blog. I need your help. But to our mutual benefit.

My name is Soon Heng. I started with BFM89.9, the Business Station not long
ago as a producer reponsible for two shows: “The Property Show” and “Ringgit & Sense”.

BFM Ringgit and Sense Show

For a while, these two shows focused more on the respective industries—real estate and financial institutions. But I’m now steering them to be more focused on consumer-issues and consumer-concerns. So instead of the building industry, more on homebuyers, homeowners and renters of either residential or commercial properties. Instead of banks, financial institutions and their intermediaries; more on individual investors; about employment issues which impact you and me.

The struggle with dealing with private individuals is ‘hearing from them and getting them to come on-air’ to talk about their issues. Yet this is so very important on two fronts:

  • First, consumers would know they are not alone.
  • Second, consumers might be able to get needed information and can gain much wisdom listening to someone else’s experiences
  • Third, the media—although controlled and regulated by the government—has a few more avenues to help find answers and solutions

I wonder if you can help
– let people—your friends and colleagues–know that I would like to hear from them about their issues in the two above areas; and
– point out to me specific issues you (or they) face
which I can then research and find ‘answers’. Or better still, find resolutions.

Both shows allow for listeners to write in with requests for information and we try to get expert advice from our panel. We also research financial tips to help you stretch your Ringgit, etc.

We certainly need stronger consumer education in a culture which is …well, you know the situation. We need to push for answers.

You can always write to me directly at soonheng@bfm.my or call 03.7629.5900

p.s. You can listen to BFM89.9, the Business Station live online at www.bfm.my, or go there to download podcasts of post-aired shows.)

These are the popular podcast at I’ve done:

The Property Show podcasts:

Ringgit & Sense podcasts:

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