1. Affordability which translates to minimum wastage and increased savings.

2. Relatively high quality education taking cost into account. Value for money. If u think western unis are better, well many local lecturers graduated from western universities anyway. But trust me, western universities are more about hype than real substance.

3. All Malaysian universities are modeled after western universities. But because they are based in Malaysia, graduates get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Westernized but not too westernized.

4. You get to mix with students who are much harder working, higher scorers and more consistent performers. Why? Most students who got in especially those non bumiputras are from not well-to-do families. Hence they have better values, more self-discipline and stronger work ethics. Of course you also get to know some really good Malay students too.

To me, just point number four is a good enough justification for studying locally. If you think just by sending your less than enthusiastic child to study in Australia, he or she will get to mix with the best Australian students here, you could be disappointed.

5. Many academics in Australian universities who are Malaysians who graduated from Malaysian uni with a bachelor honors degree are doing really well in their postgrad and even post doctoral studies in Australia. That’s one good proof that local university grads are NOT inferior to western uni grads. Ranking does not prove anything. It only proves one thing – that the universities are being ranked by westerners themselves.

6. Have u heard of Timbuktu? That’s the world’s most state-of-the-art university and academic center many many many many centuries ago. It is a legit place in Africa. Today we all use this word as some kind of a joke, why? Because the English aren’t Africans that’s why! Don’t believe me, type ‘reflexology’ on the internet. Wiki will tell you it originated from England or some European place I cannot remember completely. But surely it did not say it comes from China or India!

And talking bout India, do u know how long India as a Civilization has ever existed? For more than 15000 years! The Brits went there and whitewashed everything as if India only has 5000 years of history. It’s in their textbook! Nothing goes back more than 5000 years!

Be mindful when choosing where to study. Our thoughts are more or less influenced by our west-means-best mentality.

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