Azizi Ali, The Millionaire Coach
Azizi Ali, The Millionaire Coach

This is a superb book. It’s easy to understand, simple and yet practical. Read it now because it will help you take control of your finances.

Top Money Tips for Malaysians is a personal finance book that’s packed with money tips and tricks especially for Malaysians.
Most personal finance books teach you how to get your financial matters in good shape through perseverance and hard work. This book is actually not one of those.
What you will learn here are simple and easy tricks that require minimum effort.

You will discover:

  • How to think in terms of “money” and “time”
  • How to get your first car free
  • How to manoeuvre your mortgage
  • How to gain the maximum from your insurance policies and many more money tips

By simply knowing these tricks, you can instantly put your money to work.

Content of the book

Smart Money Tips
1. Be a financial genius
2. Know what’s your time worth
3. Focus on increasing income
4. Get rich using excessive debt
5. Have a budget plan
6. Employ “Compound Interest” to work for you
7. Quickly evaluate an investment using the Rule of 72

Money-Making Tips

8. Earn passive income while surfing the Internet
9. Liquidate those junks in your house
10. Turn your passion into money making machine
11. Turn your credit cards from foes to friends
12. Learn the Essential Rules of Investing

Money-Saving Tips

13. Get your first car FREE
14. Enjoy tax relief for education purposes
15. Minimize Upfront Service Charges in Unit Trust investment
16. Manoeuvre your Mortgage
17. Upgrade your lifestyle while cutting down expenses

Money-Protection Tips

18. Five Basic Insurance Benefit You shouldn’t lack
19. Traditional plan vs. Investment-linked plan
20. Understand “Insurance Switching”
21. Investment Replacement Feature
22. Beware of the Worst Advice from Insurance Agents
23. Premium: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, or Yearly?
24. Minimum Effort to keep you Investment-linked policy in force.

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Where to buy?

1. BookPlanet Website

This book is published by True Wealth Sdn. Bhd (The best-selling author, Azizi Ali’s company). You can buy it from their website BookPlanet. The selling price is RM39.90.

Top Money Tips for Malaysia product page.

3. Major bookstores – Borders, MPH and Popular Bookstore
By December 2008, you shall be able to find this book in major bookstores such as Borders, MPH and Popular.

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