Do You Have a Wedding Debt?

Getting married to your chosen partner may be one of your life’s milestones. It is expected to be a happy and joyous occasion for the couple and their families. A marriage signifies the beginning of a different phase in a person’s life. It is suppose to be great and exciting beginning to a new life with your loved one.

Most couples want to begin their married life auspiciously and free from the problems. However, it is not uncommon to hear about married couples who go into debt just to get married. Some of the possible reasons for this are:

#1: The couple is not ready financially

The couple may have just finished studying and have only worked for a few years. Financially, they may not be ready yet due to insufficient savings. They may have other obligations like a car loan, rental payments, etc.

#2: The couple wants a grand wedding

A wedding is supposed to be a once in a lifetime occasion. The couple may have no problem about spending whatever amount it takes to organize a special and a memorable wedding for themselves. They may decide to invite all their friends and relatives and hence need to accommodate a lot of people. They may decide to do their banquet at a four or five star hotel and choose one of the expensive packages like $1288 per table which does not include liquor charges.

In addition, the groom or bride may even decide to hold two separate banquets instead of just one.

#3: To satisfy the parent’s expectations

The parents of the couple may expect a grand wedding celebration even though the couple themselves wanted a simple one only. The parents may want to show off to the relatives or friends and therefore expect no less than a grand wedding feast.

#4: There is no proper planning

A couple may decide to get married thinking they have sufficient savings fund to cover all the necessary expenses. However, they may fall for the various marketing gimmicks giving them the promises of the perfect wedding. The couple may end up paying extras for the wedding photos, the banquet, wedding rings or jewellery, clothing, preliminary celebration, honeymoon, etc. If they had a budget in the beginning, they may end up being over budget in the end.

The above are common scenarios on how a couple can get into debt when they get married. There are several ways for them to acquire the money and some of the common route is to use their credit cards, borrow from their parents or relatives, borrow from friends, take out a personal loan, etc. Depending on how big is their wedding debt, it may take years for them to repay or settle it.

Do you have a friend or do you know someone who has a wedding debt? What is your best advice for them?
Do you agree to the idea of getting into debt just to get married?

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    April 27, 2009

    managing wedding cost can be a good exercise prior to real estate investment. don’t look at it as a one way out expenditure only, focus on the return instead be it qualitative or financial.

  • kampunginvestor

    May 5, 2009

    Don’t get marry if got no money. If not disaster is just round the corner. Unless shot gun then no choice. If not, avoid at all cost.

    My fren told me once his friend got married. The married couple didn’t calculate the wedding cost properly. Ang Pow + cash in hand + swipe credit card wasn’t enough to pay the wedding dinner.

    In the end, the bride’s uncle has to take out credit card to swipe for them. How would you feel if such thing happen to you?

    Ponder it my friends…

    • KCLau

      May 6, 2009

      A typical Chinese wedding costs RM10,000 (photo session, ang pow etc). And the dinner will easily cost more than RM10k. Normally the angpow from friends and family is enough to cover for the dinner. My wife wants everything to be perfect and we actually spent several months full time planning the wedding. Do you believe it? I attended 4 wedding photo session – twice outdoor & twice indoor!

  • Pokjat

    May 6, 2009

    I’m planning to get married soon.Also planning to apply for debt to pay for Kenduri cost.As we malay had to paid more, for dowry.Overall cost for wedding?It make me scared really..

  • MTV Networks

    July 1, 2009

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